I get pocket money by my son 🥰😅

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Today it was my “pocket money” day, my “weekly payday” – and I feel so rich 😅. Once a week I’m meeting my oldest son and get my weekly “pocket money ” now at days 💰. So you can say the “pocket money” situation has “turned” a bit around since my kids was children and it was actually me that payed them pocket money every week 😅.

I don’t feel like a child, but I should wish I didn’t needed to ask him for “help” to get my “pocket money” every week. At the same time,- it’s actually a tiny “money saving” situation for me this “pocket money” situation I’m in at the moment 💵.

It’s my “pocket money” pay day today 😜. “Payed by” my oldest son to me. And of course I’m happy- I got both money for the week and see and hug my oldest son 🥰😅

Hopefully I’m soon finish with this weekly pay day done by my son to me 😅. At the same time,- I get to see him, hug him and talk with him every week 🥰.

But why do I get pocket money from my oldest son now at days? Well,- I’m actually waiting for my Visa card that’s haven’t “showed up” in my mailbox or my door yet 📭.

I order the first one in the beginning of August, and then I, or more correctly, we,- my oldest son and me, also did started this “weekly pocket money” day. I transfer money from my account to his, and he take them out from the ATM to me 💳. Lucky for me we are living in Spain and the use of money and cash is still “normal”, and not just “plastic money” a la credit card. If not,- what should I do then? How to pay for the food? Or buy necessary things in the store? With a plastic card I haven’t received yet?

Anyway,- I ordered, like I mention, the first card in the beginning of August and it should arrived to my mailbox or to my door a week after, but never showed up.

Then it was to cancel “the old one” and try again, order a new one, dobbel check the adress and cross fingers 🤞. And in the meantime,- and in the meantime ask my son if he can take out a specific amount for me, and wait until he says yes,- lucky for me he always says yes 😁. Then I transfer to his bank account and meet him to get my weekly pocket money 😅.

For some reasons this second card haven’t “showed up” either 😳. Hopefully a third time will help? And I will have my own, new Visa card in a couple of days? And in the meantime I still will need to get my weekly pocket money “payd” from my son to me 😊💰.

Of course it’s not the most ideal situation for me, or my son, to do it this way,- special if something happens and I really should needed to buy or pay anything from my card. But so fare so good.

On the other hand,- I actually do save money by using no card and get pocket money from my son. I “ask” for a specific amount I know will be more then enough for food and other necessary things during the week, and that’s the money I have to and can use during the week. So I need to think “wisely” about my “shopping”, what I need and what’s necessary.

Of course he would help me and “give” me more pocket money if I need, it’s just for me to transfer to his account, but so fare so good. I have manage the specific amount I have to use.

I think carefully about what I need of food, drink, toiletries, pharmacy goods and other things, and plan my shopping round that. And in general I do the food shopping and other shopping once a week. In general all the different shopping the same day.

Actually, it’s not much more different then the way I in general always has planned the shopping.  The only difference is that I am even more aware now for how and what to use my money on because I just have the cash that I have for the current week. And then it’s not so “easy” to just use a bit extra money “here and there” during the days 😊.

My third card will arrive to my door in just a couple of days, I hope 🤞, and this time I actually think it will come too. Why and what’s happen with the two first one,- I have no idea, but I know no one can have any “joy” of them because it’s only me that can activate the card in a specific way 😊.

So soon my “weekly pocket money day” it’s over and I can use my plastic money again 😊. But I will probably continue to use cash as well. I like to use cash, I feel I have a much better overview of money consumption when I use and pay with cash 💰. I don’t know how about you, but that’s the way it is for me 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon 😊

A happy me together with my oldest son 😊 ( and my money for the week 😅)

The situation when it comes to “pocket money” in my home is turned a bit around at the moment 💰. Instead of me giving “pocket money” to my children, I now at days get “pocket money” from my oldest son instead 😊. Isn’t that a great situation? 😁

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Let’s the time be growing and flowering ⏳🕰🥀

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

In between my jobs I have also managed to paint a painting on a canvas to Natasja’s birthday 🎁. And also got the pleasure to be invited to her birthday party, and celebrate her together with her friends 😊🎈🎉.

I called the painting “Let’s the time be growing and flowering ” ⏳🥀. And it’s more then one reason for both the title as well as the illustration in the painting.

“Let’s the time be growing and flowering”- size 40*40 cm. Art.nr : LSA 084

It’s a clock because for some reason Natasja really likes clocks. And it’s mainly in pink, also because she loves the colour pink, and the flowers,- well,- she actually like them too 😅. And if you look a bit closely at the painting you can see that some of the numbers, four of them to be correctly, are painted in an other colour. Can you imagine why? And what the numbers stands for? It’s not very difficult 😊.

But it’s more “behind” this painting then just the colours and illustrations painted just because Natasja likes it. In my mind when I painted the painting this is also about “the time”, the time we have,- every second, minute, hour, day (and so on). The times goes no matter what, it doesn’t stand still or stops, even it can feels like that sometimes.

So let’s try to create a tiny good and positive memory in our time, the hour or the day 🧡. Then the time will get another value then just be ” the time”. Because it’s important to value the time we have,- and we do not know how much time we have.

If you look a bit closer one more time at the painting you will see that theres one big a large pointer on the number 12, and 12 smaller pointer.  One refers to each number, one refers to each hour. Each hour in a day ⏳. It’s for the same reason,- the value of the time. Our value we give our time, our day 🌹. Can you see the time is actually sparkling in the watch?

The time changes also, all the time. It can be small changes and it can be big changes. It can even be some challenges, as well, in our time, our day. Challenges are sometimes some hard knowledge to learn by, but not always. And the time gives us knowledge as well, all the time, even when we don’t notice it 😊. The changes does it to, but maybe in a different way?

In my imagination this watch also is a kind of dream catcher. Not all and everyone can see that, but I can- and it’s a dream catcher to Natasja. A dream catcher that will send out all her good dreams, wishes and goals, and create them to reality in it’s own way in her life, in their life 🏵. Because it’s not always our dreams, wishes and goals comes through in the way we did or does have in our imagination, in our mind- just because that probably wasn’t the best for us to have it quite that way or that moment- but in some or another way they actually comes through- it’s just difficult to see it,- because we did had another image about how it should be 🧡.

The flowers are growing and flowering around the clock, the watch, the time. They are growing and flowering around the watch the way I really wish the time, the changes, the challenges, the knowledge, the different opportunities, the different experiences will be flowering and growing in a positive, exciting and marvelous way and direction for and in Natasja’s life, and of course also, her husband, Klaus too 🧡. In all their era in their life, not just for their cafe Case Barella, but in every era,- like love, their home, their health and so much more 🧡.

And to the end,- the flowers are growing around the watch, like they are taking care of the time. Can you see that? It’s because I really hope and wish that there will be growing and flowering so much great things in their life as well as I really hope and wish that they will take good care about the time, the memories, the knowledge, the experiences, the opportunities they have, and I also know they will get in their future 🧡.

This is the way I see the painting, this is what I did try to paint into the painting,- but it’s not sure you see it? Maybe you see something else and something different from this? Just because we see things in life differently 😊🧡. And also because we can’t see the whole picture at the same time, we see different things and parts, and little by little we put them together to a picture that in it’s own way makes sense for us, our mind and soul and thoughts, our time- and what we see and feel 😊.

We will always use and understand the time differently, but it doesn’t matter as long as the time in some or another way gives value in our life 🧡.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you- it’s your time 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

See you soon 😊

Some parts of the painting,- maybe a dream catcher or maybe just some arrows?

I have manage to paint a painting inbetween busy days,- and I have called it “Let’s the time be growing and flowering” ⏳🥀. And it’s a reason for that- we use our time differently, we fill up our time with different things too, and we understand the time differently as well ⏳. Even this painting will we see and understand differently 😊.

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There was a tiny little thought behind each gift 🎁😊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Yesterday I was invited to a birthday party,- and not to anyone (for me at least ), – but to Natasja 🥰. And it was a very nice and cozy birthday party in her and her husband’s cafe- Casa Barella 🥀.

For me she is a very special friend, and a special friend needs also some special thoughts behind the gifts 🥰.

My birthday gift to Natasja 🎁

Natasja like pink, and for some reason she likes clocks, or maybe it’s just “the time” she like? 😊 I know she likes both the clocks and the time, but in two different ways ⏳. And she like wine too 🍷. And she likes flowers as well 🥀. So I tried to “create” a birthday gift to her that’s in a way gave her those things she like 🎁.

It became a pink flower plant called Cala 🥀. Why? Because it was pink and because she lives in La Cala as well has her (their) dream is there, in La Cala- their own cozy cafe- Casa Barella 🍵.

Then it was a pink wine, still because she likes both pink and wine 🍷. And I did put two snack bowls together with the wine. One in the same green colours that’s are in the cafe, and of course, one in the colour of pink. The wine bottle I put in a paper bag with the text “success and successfulness”,- just because she is a success,- even she does think so herself. And I wish them all the best success for their cozy cafe 🥰.

Of course she also got a birthday card with pink flowers- Rose’s to be more correctly. Still because of the colour pink, and because she is a strong and elegant woman, like the roses are 🌹.

And to the end,- I did paint a painting to her in the colours she loves so much with the illustrations she also like very much,- the clock and the time, and some flowers too ⏳🥀. I’m going to tell you a bit more about this painting in my next post,- because it’s “just” not only a painting 🎨.

Unfortunately the painting was drying a bit to slow after my mind 😳. So I couldn’t wrap it in wrapping paper 😅. Then it was just to try my best to bring it with me on the train and in the taxi without any paper, as well as avoid that any people got in “touch” with the painting. Both so the illustrations was intact as well as to avoid that people got oil painting on their clothes 🎨.

It all went well,- but I need to admit I felt s bit stupid on the train, walking around in my highest heels 👠, and to be honest, not quite my longest dress either 😅, and a bit no to dry painting 🖼. And the dress- it was a gift from Natasja so it felt like a suitable dress to use it. It’s a very nice dress, it’s the safe colour black, it’s short (I need to admit I like it short…or very long- nothing in between), and it was also a special event and evening,- a birthday party, and it was from Natasja 😊.

Me dressed up for Natasja’s birthday party 🎁 My high heels and my short dress- but I actually felt a bit pretty 😊.

Hopefully Natasja liked the gifts, most of them she in some or another way can “use”. About the painting is another thing,- but then it’s just to hide it away 😊.

Beautiful flowers and delicious food 🥰.

It was a great party and celebration- just the way like Natasja is 🥰. The food was, of course, made by the chef in the cafe, and tasted delicious 🥰. I think we got 5 or 7 different flavor dishes.  I do not quite remember because there was so much good food, and so many exciting flavors.

I’m very grateful for the invitation and I had a fantastic evening together with Natasja, her lovely husband, Klaus, and her/ their friends 🥰.

So inbetween my jobs I do something else too, now and then 😅😘.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡 Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡.

See you soon 😊.

Look at this cozy cafe in La Cala- Casa Barella- ready and decorated to a celebration for my lovely and fantastic friend Natasja on her birthday 🎁

I was in a great birthday party this weekend 🎈. I did try my best to give the gift some thoughts 🎁. I even did dressed up in a short, nice, black dress and high heels 👠. Want to take a look? 😁 And I had a not very dry painting under my arms on the train too 😅. It was a great party with tasty food for a fantastic bestfriend 🥰.

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The blue ocean on some glassbottles 🏝🌊

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

In between my work I have manage to paint a bit. I need to paint a bit to get a tiny little bit of a kind of a timeout, get my mind and thoughts away, just let my head in it’s own way relax and rest a bit🎨. But it, unfortunately, haven’t been so much time for the painting either as I wanted, but I did manage to paint some glassbottles with the blue ocean on 🏝🌊.

So why did it became the blue ocean? Because the bottles or bottle was to Irene, my oldest son’s girlfriend 😊. She has helped me with a couple of things and I wanted to give her something personal as a “Thank you” for the help- gift 🧡.

I did ask her what her favourite colour was and her favourite images or illustrations was. And it was blue and the ocean 🌊.

I was actually not sure how to do that one,- but in some way I did manage it 😅.

I did paint three different bottles, and she could choose all three if she wanted, or just one, or actually non if she didn’t like anyone of them 😊. I don’t expect “all and everyone” to like my glassbottles even I like them 😊.

Three different glassbottles with the “touch” of blue and ocean in some or another way 🌊🏝

Irene did choose the one in the middle, the one with the waves,- and to be honest I actually did though so too. That one was the most difficult to paint, even that one has “less” kind of “illustrations” and colours on. But in some way I needed to try to get the waves “move” a bit, give them a kind of “life”. And to manage that I needed to paint a couple of times before the painting was to dry, , and also use different colours of the blue combination 🌊.

An othe direction from the photos I did send to Irene when the bottles was finish.

Of course Irene did see all the bottles “live” before she did choose one, but at the same time she already have did up her mind after the different photos I did send her 😊. And of course she got the stinght light too put inside her bottle 💡. It’s just me that forgot to take some good photos from the glassbottles this time 😳.

Irene’s bottle in her glass cabinets in her home 😊. Taken by my son or Irene- I’m not sure😊 Not the best photo,- but better then no photo at all 😊

I’m going to paint some more glassbottles with waves on,- even it was a bit difficult to get the correct “touch” of the waves, it was fun to paint, and I did like the results of the painted waves too 😊. And maybe next time when I’m visiting Irene I will remember to take a better photo of her glassbottle with the waves too, and show you 😊

So even it has been some busy days and weeks lately because of a lots of work, I do manage something else in between working, eating and sleeping, and sometimes even socializing 😅. And little by little I will manage more things too,- it’s just not easy to turn around into a new routine or change the routines I have,- but I’m working on it. Step by step 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog 🧡.

See you soon I hope 😊.

An other different direction from the glassbottles with blue ocean in some or another way 🌊🏝.

In between busy days I have manage to paint some glassbottles with the “touch” of blue and the ocean in some or another way 🏝🌊. To paint the waves and give them some kind of “life” was not the easiest painting I have done,- but still really fun. And I’m going to paint some more glassbottles “touched” by the ocean and the waves one day … very soon I hope 🌊🏝😊.

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Then we try the dating again 😊🥂

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

Two months after the planned date with my earlier neighbour we actually managed to have a date 😊. The date was delayed because he got the coronavirus and then became sick with Covid19 😔. But now he’s “back in business” again and healthy and feel well. And yes,- he got his two vaccines ling before he was infected by the coronavirus- in case you wonder 😊.

I’m actually not sure if I should call it a date or a meeting, because I have knew my “date” for seven years now, and we have in a way “dated” a bit before too. Four years ago we “dated” in our own way for around three years 😊. So we do know each other a bit.

To be honest,- I’m actually not sure what “dating” means,- but the way I do understand “dating” is when two people like or are interested in other each meet up and spend time together as well as do things together. In my mind a date doesn’t necessary means that we goes out for a drink or a dinner, but spend time together in some or another way 😊. But I think we can have different understanding for what a date is.

Me dressed up for a date- and this time no sickness and Covid19- so my date did showed up 😊

Since we do know each other, my date and me, we decided to have the date in my home,- with barbecue and red wine mixed with coca cola, because my date like the red wine best that way 🍷. And to be honest ,- the wine do taste good mixed with some coca cola. It’s not to bad at all 😊.

We had a very nice and cozy evening together. It was good to see him again, and very nice to talk with him too,- even we now and than can have some communication “challenges” because of the language, and maybe also because we are a woman and a man too 😊.

I like that we have different things to talk about and even some similar interests as well. He likes to paint and create too, and he likes to fish too. And he is a bit handyman as well, and can fix different things in- and outside the home. I like that.

I haven’t been fishing since I lived in Norway, and I did like to fish and I have now and then missed to stand there with the fishing rod, the sea, the silence, and maybe even some fishing luck too 🐟. And it’s a fishing pier very close to my home, a place where we can stand and fishing, and I actually want to go there and just be there and fish. Try to get a fish or two, but it’s nice to be together with someone else that have the same interests as my self. Like maybe my earlier neighbour. We see what’s happen. Maybe I’m going to go to the pier on my own too one day, I just need to get both fishing equipment and a fishing rod first 🐟😊.

My “date” also like to spend some time on the beach under the sun, like me, and maybe the best,- he actually like to spend time together with me, at the same time as he has actually respect for this need I have for use my own time, to be alone. Maybe because he actually also like to use his time in the same way?😊

We have decided to meet up now and then,- but what’s more that will happen I don’t know. I’m not stressing anything, and to be honest I Iike it this way,- that we meet up now and then and just spend some time together. Not stressing anything anywhere 😊.

And,- I’m still not in this “relationship” corner in my life,- so this kind of “deal” or agreement we have suits me actually very well 😊. And I’m very relaxed to “this” together with my earlier neighbour 😊.

But at least there was someone that manage to go on a kind of date with me 😅. And it was a really nice and cozy evening too,- and I’m looking forward to meet and see him again 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for using your time and dropping by my blog today 🧡

See you soon I hope 😊

Creating a cozy atmosphere at my terrace for a nice and cozy meeting, or maybe some will call it a date 😊

I’m still not in the “dating- corner” in my life, or “relationship- corner” either,- but I did say yes to meet up on a kind of date together with someone I have knew for some years 😊🥀. And it was a nice and cozy evening that’s probably is going to be repited 😊🥀.

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