The crazy little cat🤪

Last night Emma was sleeping over in a friends home,- but is was a bit difficult for her cat, Pizza, to understand that😊……and obviously he did miss her during the night because he actually did try to climb up the wall to get in to her bedroom.


So-as you can see,- it’ a “nice climptrip” from the ground and up the her room. And it didn’t end to well….,- all is good with the cat. But he “literally “ fell from the wall and into the flowers and some others stuff with a really big “crash “…….03.30 in the night😂 I actually thought it was someone trying to get into our house,- but it was just the cat🦁


This was one of my “nice stuff” in our patio…..well….it doesn’t look like this any more🙄


Now it looks like this……😞…..and I have no idea how far the cat did fall…..but probably a bit….because of the ground looks like this now:



A bit “work” to swipe up😋

Any way- Pizza is still alive, and I don’t think he is going to choose the “wall” anymore😂

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