Every day is a little “journey” 😊

Every day has it’s own little story to tell, and a little journey in our life

…..even a ordinary day is a little travel and has it’s own history 📖

Our story’s in life is every day, ups and downs, with good and bad happenings. Even a really ordinary day has a little story to tell if we take a good look❤️

This day has been an ordinary for me. Work, a meeting, being a mum…..and I can make small or big stories of it all….if I want 😀…..but to day I m not going to that.

To day I just want to say:

”It’s always something good in a day, in a totally ordinary day, but sometimes we just need to look really good after the good things,and keep them thigh even when it’s just small things”

B34DC3D2-1B1D-44DE-A33B-CDE2FAB5FF89.jpegMy diary will be about “ordinary” days, ups and downs, work and my children, different things, thoughts and experiences, travels and happenings in my life……how we have survived here in spain with more or less “nada” at the same thing we have a lot❤️…..and last, but at least- my “travel” to find “me” in rhis mammiandme- relation 😍

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