Changes is on the way…..

….oh yes,- a lots of different changes is on the way in my life at the moment 😊 They are more or less good changes ,I think. But it’s a bit scary anyway.

I have been through changes in my life before. A lots actually…..but I haven’t been thinking so much about them then. Not like I do now. Maybe because I am older now? I didn’t think so much through the different changes. Maybe I was better to “flow with the waves” when I was younger? Or maybe I have learned? That changes can be a bit tough when they are “moving your life around”- even they normally became very good after.

I had learn that your life can change in just one second, and that’s so true❤️The challenge is to learn to live with the new changes💚and that takes not just one second❣️


Yellow for hope and good luck ❤️

I am a mam to three beautiful children, or ….they are not children any more. They are young adults. I didn’t think very much about the changes in my life when I was going to became a mam. And it went more or less very well…..I think😂🤪😊

I have taken a couple of educations. Hard work, learn a lot. I like to learn , and I finish it in my own good way.

I have changes works a couple of times-scary…but so nice and good. Learned a lot, meet a lots of nice person.

Moved a bit,- I don’t like to move to much….but it’s has also been good experience. And imagen I did move to a new country. Just me and two of my children- that was a really scary thing to do. But ….wow…..after 4,5year in Spain 🇪🇸….we are still here. Now all four of us- my three children and me❤️

So fare so good! But it’s has been a bit of some “travels” when I m starting thinking about it all🤔💚 So maybe that’s why I m a bit “scary”???? I m older and wiser???? Learned a bit more about my self?

Anyway- my new changes in my life at the moment aren’t so much scarier then the different changes I already has been through 😊…..I at least choose to think that😂

So what is going on in my life at the moment?😉

Not to much- but a bit. Not to serous- but still it is for me.

1: I need to start at the gym 🤔. I have promise my daughter that….because we needed to give the Pizza cat back…and then she asked my to nicely about the gym. Okay- I need to admit that I need to start at the gym. I’m getting a bit older…so it’s in a way necessary to keep my health “up going” and be a fit fashion women 😉. And my home nurse work- it can be some have and strange lift there now and then. And it can be a bit wise to keep my health and muscles “up to date”😊But my challenge is- I don’t like the gym!!!!! I feel I don’t “fit” in together with all the shaped up bodybuilding body’s and fancy pancy clothes.


So now I need to find this thing back again😂

2: Painting my home inside and outside. It’s necessary. It’s not scary. It’s just a bit hard work. But it will be nice when I m finish😊



Ready and … …it’s a bit of “bobbles and hooks” here 😂


And also started with our kitchen. It’s going to be so nice and cool when I m finish here 😍

3: oh…..and this one is a bit though. I need to lean to be me🤗. My children is moving out….little by little…. The first one was so sad. I did cry for four days. But I did still have two more at home. And then the one in the middle moved out. Okay- I did survive that too. But now…. I know I m getting closer to the day when my last one is moving out. Oh my oh my! What do I do? Who to learn to live as just me? Hmmmmm……well maybe “change”number 4 can be a “ solution “?🔮

4: Tinder! The app! The love life app💕❣️ Find a boyfriend! Maybe that’s the solution? Well…. I m “on”…..and it’s a bit fun, a bit confusing and very boring 🙄… we see….I let you know what’s happen😉😂

5: New job, new work, new opportunities 💕💚💻📖🔮Scary, fun, hard work!😊 ohhhh…’s goung to be so nice, I choose to believe that💚❤️💚

And to the end for to day:

its 3 things you should keep in private:

1. Your lovelife 💕

2. Your incomes 💶

3. Your next move 😉

……and yes….. I m going to keep it all close to my and private,- but also still sharing the fun parts, ups and downs and happy turns with you😊🌞

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