Days goes by….💛

It’s some days.. actually weeks since I has been written in my diary 😔 It has been some busy weeks.

First my daughter broke her ankle and just some days after my son broke his hand.

My daughter is getting better. My son has still some challenges with his hand.

And in “all” this my plan was to start dating☺ and if course also work📚

This Tinder is a capitel of its on. And this Thom…as…was his name- I m going to tell you that story tomorrow. It’s need it’s own place. For a reminder to womens…(and also men). 🙄

I’m still on Tinder-but it’s like playing a game with your own self- feelings. I just want to meet a boyfriend….not play around. But it’s a like a game….you are “spinning” around with the “nope “/”like”- button. Chat with some one for some minutes, a day, a week and woops” the contact is for some reason gone. Proberly because the man find something/some one that seems a bit more interested than me.

I have meet a man- at Tinder- actually 3 times now- the same one, an American with the name Jeff.

But….and it is a “but” ……I really like him…but how much does he likes me? Am I some one he just “kill some time ” together with until some one better is coming up? Time will show- I hope it is not like that, but that he actually like me for me and for real 💕Time will show- I will let you know what’s happen 😊I have a bit better time now when I m not “running” to the hospital with my children 💛

Plans- my plans….the are growing but by but, little by little- and I will try to be better on my updating at my diary and life around here😊

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