5 Years ago…13.08.13…

Dear Diary!

(some small thoughts….)

To day it’s 5 year since me and my two youngest moved to Spain….but at that time I didn’t know we was going to stay here so long. The plan was just for 10 months….but for some differents reason it’s suddenly been 5 years. Maybe it was (and is) the life, the destiny that want it to be this way?

The beach in Caravajal an early morning.

Some years it has been! Good and happy things, a lots of differents experience, and some tears, bad days and hard work. But all in all- it has been a lots of happiness, smiles and joy💛

I have no idea how long we are going to stay here. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, next week, next month or the next year.

What I also know is that I have learned a lot during this 5 years, and I really like to live in Spain, and I did find my self again here. I in a way “lost my self” the 2 last year I was living in Norway, and was a bit lost at least the 2 first year in Spain as well. But little by little “me” is back again- and I actually like her 😘😉- me💛

I also know I’m step by step working with my different goals in life, my dreams and I will also proberly reach many off them…after a while.

“Thing takes time- and it’s importen to use the time thing takes “😊☀️🌛

( a white rose for hope and joy- new beginnings)

Has the years in Spain become like I thought they should be?

No- not at all! The plan was to work,live, learn for 10 months….together with a norwegian boyfriend….(that just disepered.,,,) and then move back to Norway. But in just the 3 first weeks in Spain many thing did changed. Plans and things had a bad happit to do that sometimes😅and it’s not all plans/ changes in life we can plan in front. That’s life!

I still want to learn to dance the sensual dance bachata together with a man I really really like😍And I still need to learn a lots more spanish! And then….well I think I want to just try to “flow on the waves” at the same time I’m working with my different other goals I have in my life and in my work😊

(Dreams are like colourful clouds)

Work ….and money…..

I did work as an teacher the 10 first month at a school. But the contract was just for 10 months so when they was over- there was no more work for me😔. Then the challenge was- I actually didn’t have any money to move back to Norway, and no place to stay or live there. Because…..things happen in life- and we are not always to good to preper that. Or can control them- this things, this changes, other peoples decisions that also can affect you and your life…..that’s the way life is sometimes. So- I needed to find a solution to live in Spain in sted….until I had the money I need to move back to Norway.

I started to work as freelance writer….again. I did it for some years in Norway- and I really liked it. But I also needed to support my two children so I got an fulltimejob for an travel company. Teamtravelers to Turkey. But that IS did make a lots of trouble around the world, and people stopped booking trips to Turkey🙄….and I lost my job. But did at least worked there over 2 years….so I did got some money from the Spanish goverment for a while,- and I started to work as an assistent nurse for an English homecare company. I did nearly worked full time there for 2 years, but it’s a bit unstable income since people has a bad happit to die🕯. So I have during this last 4 years also had Spanish students that I have been teaching Norwegian….in English…private….and worked up a kind of good resume as an freelance writer. So at the moment I write, teach and nursery.

It has mostly been money from month to month- but we has made it any way. Food on the table and a place to live.

Now!….I can start to work with my dreams- the childrens is bigger, just one month home left to feed😉…I m still fare away from beening a “rich bitch”- still a long way to go to the economy is “back in business” and I will have more than enough 😊 I m never going to be a bitch- and in so many ways I m so so rich- but it would be nice to be on + every month and not on 0😆

My lovelife….💕😉

Well….that’s not much to talk about 😅. After this Norwegian boyfriend just disepered 5 years ago I actually haven’t felt for beeing in a relationship or have a new boyfriend🙄…..yup….after about 3 weeks in Spain that “bird” was long gone or to be honest- he did never showed uo- just sended me an email😥🤤- and I was left with a couple bad experience when it comes to relationship. Why??? That’s an other story for an other dag!!!!

It has been some “flings” in my life during the last 5 tears, but nothing serious. And when it seems to be seriously I actually did run off! I became afraid- not for getting hurt,- but how a new boyfriend maybe could behavi. Bad memories is not the best – but they are on the way away from my life and mind now😊. So I m ready for a boyfriend and a seriously relationship- that’s also one of the reason why I’m at Tinder😉

I have meet one man who I really, really like. He is from Texas, but live part time in Spain. He is in USA at the moment, maybe he will be back in the middle off September, but I’m not sure. We keeps in thouch by texting at the moment….for the last 6 weeks….Because he did travel back to USA in the beginning off July. I do really like him- buy-in not sure if he like me at the same way. Maybe he is just “keeping me warm” so he has someone to “enjoy” when he is back in Spain? 😔 I want to text him, but I already has texted him sometimes…..and get answare- nice answare. But I have no idea what’s going on, what’s going to happen or maybe I even don’t hear from him or see hun again😔We just meet up 4 times the last 2 weeks he was in Spain before he needed to travel back to USA. So….at the moment I just has to wait and see what’s going to happen…..hopefully it goes the way I want, wish and hope❤…..we see….

( a red rose from our patio)

I have no idea where the road will bring me, but I’m going to follow it, meet and take the turns and sbibgs that shows up. And just do my very best 💕…..and let’s see where I m from 5 years from to day😊

Some thoughts to day- more will come other days😊

See you soon my dear Diary❤

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