Ai…yesterday was a day with the monthly “periode”- system🙄

Dear Diary 💛

Some days just feels like flossing in the toilet,- like yesterday. And I don’t like days like that. Days that just diseper without beeing used to any thing in a way. The monthly “periode”- system can be a challenge sometimes….for me (and of course other womens). Ugh!!! 🙄 Its pain here and there, and I feel just like “Ugh!”. It’s like is no space for anything in my stomach- no food, no sweeties- nothing! Nada!

( don’t even this is nice and tasty on periode- days. Everything is just cramps-cramps-cramps😶)

I just want to be in peace on my sofa, in front of the tv…..But at the same time I don’t like the feeling that a day just “flow down the toilet”- but yesterday really did. Nothing to do about that- but I can do something with this day insted then😊☀️💛

(flossing….a day….away… yesterday…😔)

And on top of it I did get an painful mirgen- felt like 100 knifes was in my head….so I could just forget the tv also …..😔…a really useless day yesterday…..

Why does it need to be like that? And it’s actually worse when I’m not using the pills. So….even when my “lovelife” is not much to talk about at the moment,- I’m going to use the pills again. Just so I don’t need to have it like this next time the periode”system” is shaking around in my body…. and…well….in case this nice Texas man (George)…is jumping back in my life😉 That would be nice😊😍.

By the way- I was just thinking- there are 1000 of differents slots,- but so fare I haven’t write about any slots where the tema is the chemical periods system. That could be interested. There are a lots of slots with history tema- why not with other “education” tema then?🎮🎲🕹🖲 An idea for the slots producers 😊

Well ….. today is a new day and so fare so good💛 Me and my youngest has been at the pool to day. I did ask her if the thread from the tampo “hangs and throats” from my bikini. Is has happen before and I didn’t feel very comfortable then😅….wonder why?😉

And do you know what she said? “OH! That’s explain EVERYTHING!” I did ask her:” explain what?????” “Your groupy mood the last days”- she answare. “Hmmmm…..has I been groupy and moody?” 😅 The strange thing is- I’m not always award about that- that I can be a bit moody the days before my periode. And….to be honest- normal I m not- ( ….ahhh….okay…maybe just a tiny little bit…but not much…😉😊)…but ….again- this use of p.pills has an positive effect also on my mood/ moody days in front/ before my periode get started. So one more reason to continue with then. ( I did stop for a while because George is not in the country at the moment any way, and I thought my body could have a rest for extra hormones for a while- but okay- obviously not 😅).

(Yupp…on the road again…But soon it’s over and the days feels normal again/ at least I feel “normal” again….after this periode- and before the next one😅)

By the way – it has been a nice day to day at the pool, together with my daughter 😊and the thread was in my bikini not outside😅phu!😊

See you soon my dear Diary 💛

Our nice, good, cool pool😊😍

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