I want your money, honey….

Dear Diary!

I totally forgot to tell you about this Thomas-Tinder…..(from…Florida/USA)…..the first one I did chat with on Tinder….for three- four months ago . What a man- and not in the fantastic handsome , good looking way😉. He did send me some photo- normal looking man. We also did chat a bit, and had some calls on WhatsUp a couple of times. He seems okay, a bit strange- but we are all different. He was a bit “bossy” at the same time he was a bit needy, and intensive.

Anyway- we did planned to meet up. But just some days before we should meet he needed to travel to Istanbul/Turkey. In a hurry, some workthings- but he was going to come back to Spain before our planned meeting🙄

1. How did he get an visa to Turkey in just one day? He was an american….they are not the most poppis people in Turkey….

Of course some one stole his bag on the airport in Istanbul with his passport, money, credit cards ect….

2. How did he manage to check in to the hotel in Istanbul without his passport and credit card?

He had some lame explain for this- I don’t even remember them.

And then- the only person in the hole world he could ask for help was me😅…..for money help. “Please send me some money to food. You will get them back when I m back. Please help me to pay the hotel- you will get them back when I m in Spain again”.

In front he had told me that he didn’t have many friends, no sister and brothers, no parents. Divorced. By own choice- was a man on his own. People in generally was not to trust. Bla- bla- bla…..

But – he did feel close to me😅 and he was very fast to tell me that he loved me, and missed me- even before we had meet. I couldn’t response on that- something that made him a bit frustrated. …..and yepp…..a “nice” thing to use against me later😉

But I m not falling in love with a woice, photo and some nice words. And it’s a bit difficult for me to miss some one I never had met. He seems like I nice man- but I didn’t know him. How could I? After just some photo and a few conversatins?

Well- I couldn’t send any money to him and I wouldn’t send him any money. 💲💱✉ Then he responed with that I didn’t got a heart💔so what😅????… I heard that before from my ex…so it didn’t hurt me. I know I have a good, big heart❤😉. The next was I didn’t care about people “in need”. Hmmmm…..well I do- but it didn’t mean I can send money “here and there and every where “. And it just conntinue with s lost of things and Words- love, trust, God, heart, feel for people I need ect ect ect.

The story goes on and on and on…..He was weak, because he could not eat proberly- could I “just” send 50 euro to food? Told him that “just” 50 euro was not “just” 50 euro for me. His phone started to be broken- so he had problem to keep in contact with me. Did I have an extra phone I could send him? Nope- no extra phone in my home!

I don’t remember all any longer- but this story about Thomas is not uniq- unfortunately 😔The sad thing is- many men and women does send money to “theier” onlinedates- and they loosing a lots……many loose all rhey have build up….theier homes…. Not just theier money, but also the trust in other people, and the believe in real love.

Unfortunately- online dating is in general a nice way to meet some one, some one to fall in love with. But there is also a lots of scam and frauds and lies…..not just men, but also women. The women us not better then men.

Why? I think many broken heart is easy to use- use to get money. Use nice words- words that “we want to hear”. Words that make us feel importen for an other person.

For some reason this Thomas suddenly was in Nigeria after a while- he need to work there- earn money to pay back to other people- and asked me again for help.

I have blocked him now- he can’t contact me any more. For me it was in a way fun to just see how fare he would go- and I did never send him any money …nothing at all… he tried to find “new solutions ” to “push” my “money honey ” botton…..unfortunately for him- I don’t have a botton like that any more😉

Normally this scam- person also want you to transfer money to Western Union and “banks” like that.

Now at days- this is it a good snd safe system to send monye throu…..

– they “catch up” a scam easy. Was not like that some years ago- unfortunately for many souls…😔 🙄

Hmmm…..online- many good things are on online this days- unfortunately its also easier to do scams in so many different ways 😔

I hope more and more women and men stop sending money to their unknowing love they never ever have met!!!! It’s proberly the easiest way to get that kind of scam away from online- DO NOT EVER SEND MONEY to some one you dont know- no matter what theier story is…..sad or criticly…🙄😊

Unfortunately there will still be s lots of men and women that are going to send money to theier online honey…..And in the most situations- there is no honey…. they just want your money….

Enough about this – just little life story to learn something from😊💛…..at least I did learn something about me self❣ ….And that’s just a lessin for just me at the moment😊

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