21.birthday 🎉🎈❤

Dear Diary ❤

I’m so sorry- it has been some busy days and days with a lots of thoughts. I know I should share them with you- sometime it just help “to write them off me”. – but….it’s the “same old same old”,- and I get tired off repiting my self. I have been “here” many times before, I should been use to it now- but I’m not. Normally solutions comes up- but at the moment there is no one. I was also in the bank to day- but they couldn’t help me. So- it seems that the best solution for you and me is to get really “online”- even it scars my a lot🙄……but I’m a bit tired off have it this way now. Working as much as I can- still it’s never enough- and I don’t buy things, just what’s nessecery . I don’t like shopping! But enough winning- let’s talk about something nice and happy insted 😊


Yesterday was Fabian’s 21.birthday🎉🎈🎉. Wow! Imagen that- he is allready 21 year, live together with Millie, his girlfriend in a really cozy apartment 😊Work fulltime in a job he like. He has been working there over 2,5 year. Got goid friends- enjoying his life- and that’s good to know for a mammi- heart❤

The time goes so fast! I still remember the day he was born. It feels that “it was just around the corner” – but it’s 21 years ago🙂Where did the time go?🙄. We have a lots of good memories together- and we did refresh some memories yesterday😅…..mostly nice, good, great and funny memories- and a couple off challenge memories. But that’s a part off the life.

He is a fantastic young man❤His heart is big and his young mind and soul are so wise. I’m so proud off him❤😍and also my 2 other children❤😍The love I feel for them is impossible to describe- it feels like my heart sometimes can explode off love to them all 3❤

My son in the middle is allready 21 years old- I wish him all the best in his life❤

Rose from our patio- garden🌹

A nice little birthdayparty🎈🎈🎈

Yesterday I did bake Fabian’s cake- chocolatecake🎂🍰. But in muffinsforms- he wanted to have it like that,- and it was his day,and his choice 😊. When he loved home I came to his room in the morning with cake, coca cola, gifts, candles and of course birthdaysong🎵🎶🎤. That time is over- now he create his own birthday party in his own home😊

It was Emma and me, and also Johan (my oldest son) and Sally ( his girlfriend 😊🎂🎉 We are a small family- it has more or less always been me and my 3 children- so we are very close together❤and have a great time togheter 😍. We had have our disagreements- something that’s naturally. And we has been out for “an cold winter night and two “- but it made us stronger together ❤and we had have a lots of “sunny days” in our life☀️❤🌞

It was a really nice afternoon yesterday❤a bit strange to be invited to my sons first bithdayparty in his own home- but also really really nice❤😍I like to spend time with my children 😍

Chocolate cake/muffins and the birthdaygift🎈🎂


One off my friends is working in UK, but she lives in Spain,- and now she is back home for some weeks 😊 I’m going to meet her tomorrow, and the plan is to go to a bar with a live-band with coversongs from Brian Adams, Queen, Bon Jovi and some more🎵🎶😊good good music from the days when I/ we was young😅I’m looking forward to see her again-at the same time I don’t feel very moody to “go out”😔….to many thoughts that’s around in my head and mind at the moment 🙄At the same time- maybe it will do me good? To get my mind on something else for a couple of hours🙂…..I want to meet my friends- but at the moment I had prefer to just visit her in her home……well….try my best to “dress up and show up” tomorrow.

I will try to remember to take some photos from tomorrows evening and show them to you- and try to do my very best to not “back out”….and go out tomorrow- I know it will do me good 😉😊

Sleep well- my dear Diary 🌙🌟( and cross fingers for me please …..it’s some “ruff ” days at the moment)💛

The eveningsky can be so colourfull and nice here💛

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