Dress up, show up😊

Dear Diary 😊

I met 2 of my friends yesterday- both is from Norway, both lives in Spain,-and we had a really nice and fun evening with good music and good chats😊

We did visit an English bar with live music🎶. It was not very much people,- but that’s not always the must importen as long as you have a great time with your friends💛

I didn’t felt for “dress up and show up”- yesterday……and that is something I need to work with and learn after beeing a mammi for soon 25 years!….learn this “me” thing in the mammiandme😉

I could actually just meet my friends home yesterday – my home or one of theier home. But it’s nice to do something “different” from the normal days now and then. So I did “dress up and showed up”- and are happy for that😊It does something good with you, your mind to put on some nice clothes, some make up, fix your hair and show up with an good additude…..and some good friends😊

Me- ready to show up😊

The Bar🎶🍺

We went to an English Bar with some live music,- music from the -70′,-80′ and -90’s🎵🎤🎶. Good music from the time we was young and teenagers. It was not many people at the bar,- but as long as we had a great time togheter that the most important 😊. And the high season is over now, it’s not many tourists left here now,- and probably all the rain that has come down is an other reason why people choose to stay home? Ìts quiet “everywhere” at the moment- bars, restaurants, cafees ect. But it can be nice to “go out”when it’s not to many people around also😊

The people that was at the bar seems to have a fun time. The bar had a cool and shabby style. I like the style and I like the music -I did like this place. I have never been there before, but maybe I will visits it again an other day 😊

From the bar🎶🎤🎵

The music🎵🎶

I love the music they did play yesterday😍 Its a lots of good music-and it is something with the music you listen to when you was young😉 ,- a lots of good memories 😊Music we did dance to, make out a little bit with the boy you had a “chrush” on😉

And music make something with your mind- special to listen to music you like. It can change your mood- it can make you happy- just to listen to it. It often create a good feeling inside you. (must of the times).

The music that was played yesterday was from Bon Jovi, Eagles, Dr.Hook, Eric Clapton, Queen and many more😊And a couple did also dance to the music- they was actually quite cool.

I didn’t dance yesterday,- but maybe I has dance a dance or 3 if Jeff has been there? With him? I love to dance- it makes me happy……I don’t care if I’m good or not- it’s just gun to dance to music you like👠🎶

Not the best filming- I m practicing 😅😊

The cool couple that did take a little dance on the floor🎶👠👞

…little by little I hope I will be better to create nice film”snuts”- but the only way to do it is to practice 😊and trying…😊

Coca Cola🥃

I didn’t drink any alcohol yesterday,- it’s a kind of luxury to drink coca cola from a glass bottle too😊The coca taste so much better than from plastic bottles 😊And I more or less normally don’t drink alcohol- just in special event or happenings- event and happenings that is special for me🍷🍸🍹🍾🥂….so I can enjoy a glass of wine or 3,- but normally I prefer non- alcohol drinks🥃( this is a coca with ice😊)

I can have a really great time without alcohol 😄and is also good to be able to drive home when I want to go home, and the next day is a bit better when the alcohol has not been to much “around in my body and brain”😊

My coca cola from yesterday- I just remember a bit to late to take a picture😊….I had 2 small coca cola 🥃and a super good time with friends, good music and great chats😊

Show up😊

I m glad I did dressed up and showed up yesterday 💛I did feel good, did put on some nice clothes, some make up and a happy smile in the face😄 It was good to see my friends again, a lots of good talk and laughters, and good music 🎵🎶. Good evening 💛

And tomorrow evening I’m going to “dress up and show up” again😊I’m going to meet a danish friend of Me- and looking forward to that 😊

Now- it’s time to go to the store- shop some food for the weekend. Me and Emma are going to have a film- and game-evening this Saturday 😊

Me- yesterday- dressed up to meet my friends💛

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