A Sunday with a little bit of “this and that”😊

Dear Diary 😊

Sometimes I m suprise over what I can “put” in a day- like this Sunday. It was an effective day with a little bit of “this and that”😊. Some work, some baking, some fixing around in our home, and a really nice visit to my danish friend, Natasja 😊


I like to cook and bake- somethings I can make really good and tasty food and cakes, other things is not always “my best in the kitchen”🙂But my chocolatecake and my applecake- I know those are really good and so tasty,- and with my Norwegian recipes🍏🍎

So I made an Norwegian applecake to Natasja and her husband,Klaus, today,- and also one for my self,- that I did put in the fridge. So can I enjoy a bite now and then- special when Emma is in Norway now in the middle of November, for her highschool exams.

My Norwegian cakes is tasty,- and I know people likes them😊 Klaus really loves my applecake- so he was very happy when I did bring the cake with me on Sunday😊

And I like to bring something with me know and then when I m visiting my friends💜

I like to have strawberries together with my cake- other like cream or vanilla ice cream. But I did bring with me some strawberries to the cake. I really like strawberries- in the jam, on ice cream on my bread, and ….yeah….on lots of different things😊Its so fresh and tasty🙂

Apples, applecake and some strawberries 💜

A little present 🎁

Natasja had birthday last week- but both,- she and me was busy with work,- so I didn’t manage to visit her. But I did bring with me a little present to her on Sunday. She loves the colour pink- really! So I gave her some knitted handbags in pink- just for fun🙂a couple of earrings- in pink,- but the real gift was a bracelet with a dream catcher💜. She had have a heavy year- and I really hope the next year will be much easier for her. That the dream catcher can catch her good dreams- and she will got a nice and relaxing year with a lots of joy and happiness 💜

The present🎁

A nice Sunday ☀️

It was a nice Sunday- with a couple of different things filled up in 😊

A really nice evening with Natasja. Good talks and a lots of laughter 😊Good food- homemade chilli con care🥗. I did drive- so I had a nice, fresh glass of orange juice 🍊…..and I like that most of my friends respect the fact that I dont always drink wine or alcohol- but I also have some “friends” that dont want to spend time with me if I dont join them with a glass of wine……but them we can talk about an other day😉

It’s great to have good friends💜I prefer few and close friends- that also respect my choices in my life. ….insted of a lots of friends that is just up for some gossip chats.

My love my friends, they are so precious for me💜..like my family💖…and I m so greatfull for everyone of them I have in my life❤

Some snacks and homemade chilli con care🥗

A nice end on a bit “woopsi ” week😊

The small thing in life is actually the big things that create the life❤

Me- enjoying the Sunday and the time with my close friend💜

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