A lunch date….😉

Dear Diary 😊

It’s not a secret that I m “back on track ” at Tinder again😉….well that’s the way it is when I want to meet a boyfriend😊🎈and as you know- it don’t seems that Jeff is very much interest in me….but okay- it is a bit sad, but that’s the way it is😊

I want to meet some one special,- and at the moment it seems that online dating is the solution for finding some one- ehm….a last I think so…but- let me tell you a little bit of my dates first😅


I choose this because I’m a bit lazy, and I can’t pay for an profile on other onlinedate pages. It’s easy to use, but it’s a bit boring- but it doesn’t matter. It has been boring any way- the online page is not the issue here.

There are different kind of men no matter what kind of one line consept I had choosen😅….and yes if course women- but I m not looking for women😅.

It is still a bit depressed because it seems that when you had passed a certain age many thing can be a challenge- like finding a lovely partner and boyfriend 💛

I’m trying to be not to critics, trying to “like” and “nope” with an open mind 😊But it’s not easy- when I have for example pressed 10 “likes”- there are still no “matches” for me…. and if I m lucky and get one “match” after 20 “likes”,- he maybe not take contact with me, or if I contact him- he may not bother to answare me😅

Well, well- it’s just to try again😉….so after a while I did get in contact with a Swedish man. He seems to be a nice guy, and invited me on a lunch🥗🍵….to an vegetarian resturant. I’m not a vegetarian- but Okay,- it can be cool to try something new😊

I didnt have any vegan food pic- but this is a fresh vegan pic anyway😊

Dress up- show up- be open minded 😊

I did dressed up, I did showed up with an so open mind I possible could have😊But before that……

…..before the date we did have short “chat up ” on the phone,- and I actually did like his voice, and he was really easy to talk with. Seems like a nice man…..also on his pic at Tinder 😉. But around 30 min before we should meet he did text me🙄….hm….???….His “plan” was to take one workout hour at the gym, take a shower, shaving and dressing up at the gym before he should meet me. BUT- the gym has burned down during the night,- so he hoped I could excuse him for not been dressed up. Okay- that was not a problem for me- but- shouldn’t he knew about this fire at the gym a bit earlier than 30 min before our meeting? When the plan was to workout for 1 hour? And then this showering and shavingthing?🤔 The time, hour, minutes didn’t “fit” together- and- it hasn’t been any fire in any gym- I did check it up😄any way- thing can happen, life happens……and I did dressed up and I did showed up- and so did he- but not dressed up😃

Me- dressed up😊

The lunch-date……

He was a nice man, did look Okay, pleasant conversations- it was a nice lunch. We had easy conversations , and had different things to talk about. The 2 hours went fast…..but- when I come home from the lunch and should just take a short “up date” on my different sosial media’s I did find out that he had told me an other name????? And that his adult children was not over 20 year and adult,- but 14 and 16 year! But why tell me an other name? Why not use the correct name?🤔

Later he called me- we had a okay chat- I didn’t say anything about his other name- just used the name he had “given” me. He talked about “to be honest “, that he had delate his Tinder account (because of me….) and wanted me to do the same- nope! I told him- we can meet again,- but I m are NOT in a relationship with you- you can’t make any decision for me!

I just wanted to meet him again and confront him about the name and some other “small” lies😅…..I m a “bad” woman😅….no- I’m not- but I wanted to see him when he explained a couple of things for me😉

And- there was something- but I can’t tell you what it was or is- but something with him reminded me to much about my ex- boyfriend …. and I m NOT going back on that road again😎

We had a 2.lunch-date,- that one was okay. He did “explain ” the name and things some an “honest but stupid “- mistakes. Fine for me- I’m not going into anything with him anyway😊

Nice man- and I actually hope he will find a sweet woman who eat vegan food, do yoga, and can please him in many good ways in life. But that woman is not me💛

Nice date- nice experience for me- free food 😊😉

My painting- we are all colourfull balloons- with different ways to live our lifes💛

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