2018…it is so over🎉🎈😊

Dear Diary 💛

2018 its so over and it feels so good💛. It has been a good year,- actually the best in 7 years 🙄. Still with some challenges and the year of “delays”- in so many areas in life😅

But- Thank you 2018 for the lessons 💛

Cava with Emma New Years Eve🎉

Short summary of the 2018

The year of delays – so absolutely 😅

Money, salary, answares, people, work, and so on- and of course planes✈🛬🛩 2018 was the year we has been at the airport most times so fare for the last 5 years😊and thats because we has had a lots lovely guestes last year 💛 but it also means a lots of delated planes😅

It has been a challenge year- and a year with happiness and joy💛

The donky in Mijas= symbol for slow motion 😅money leak= need to work on that😊web= get it when you wait

My children

EMMA= “my butterfly”: Done high schools exams, and are soon finish with high school. Got her first real job in a cafe in La Cala, new international friends, been on the catwalk and also manage to break her leg😔

FABIAN= ” my flower power child”: Still like his job, enjoing time with his friend, moved together with his girlfriend, a good to spend time with his mammi😍and did he break his hand😔

JOHAN=”my drama-king”: moved together with his spanish girlfriend, a bit culture challenges- hopefully they will work through it. Still streaming and work online from home. Are a dreamer- and I hope he will manage to work for his dreams and reach them all💛

Broken arm and leg, drama, catwalk and the love

Me- and still the mammi💛

I didnt manage to write so much in you, my diary, as my plan was in 2018😔I need to work with that in 2019💛 But I manage to get down in work in the nursery work and up on writing work- my dreams is to just work with textes and live of that. I manage to buy gifts and presents to all my closest this year- to birthdays and christmas🎄And I have started dating again- don’t think so much about Jeff any longer 🤗meeting men- boring men, stupid men and very very sweet and interesting men😍

And I have manage to be able to workout between 3 to 5 days every week for the last 2 months- a goal I have had for a very ling time🏋️‍♂️🤸‍♀️😊

So- on the road again- 2019- bring it on!💖

And 2018- Thank you so much for the lessons 💖

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