2019- bring it in💛Let’s do it💖

Dear Diary 💛

A new year- a good start💛

It has happen differents things in November and December I should told you about- but we can take that things on a boring and quite day this year. Because that day will also comes😊

I can colour up and down my self as I want- and do the same with the days,- and at the same time other happenings in life are making differents colour too. 😊

A tiny remember list for my self this year is:

12 Steps of Selfs Care- its so easy to live it, and still so easy to forget. But one thing is for sure- it will make my ( and properly other people ) life easier and better💛

1: If it feels wrong it is wrong

2: Say exactly what you mean, but in a good way

3: Don’t be a people pleasure

4: Trust your insticts

5: Never speak bad about your self ( or others)

6: Never give up your dreams

7: Don’t be afraid to say NO

8: Don’t be afraid to say YES

9: Be kibd to your self

10: Let go of what you can’t controll

11: Stay away from drama and negstivity

12: LOVE 💖

Hopefully I will manage to remeber this and use it during my days😊💛

We can colour up and down our days💛

To day😊

It has been a really nice start on this new year. I did work for some hours, then had a work out hour- and then just enjoying the day. Long time since I had a “slow motion” day😊.

I should been on a date this evening with danish Thomas,- but he got ill. I have been meeting him one time before,- and I enjoyed his company that time. Maybe we are going to have a lunch date tomorrow if he is better😊

I was alone this Christmas,- my 3. Christmas alone,- but this time it was fine. I didn’t cry or anything. I actually did dressed up in a red dress and did some work, open some gift from my family and just did have a good day 💖

I was also alone yesterday, the New Year Evening🎉by my one choice. I could had spend it with some norwegian friends, or Thomas or even spanish Bernardo – but I wanted to be alone. I did some work, drank a glass of cava with Emma before she went out with her friends and then I went to bed. I have been really tired lately….💤⭐🌛 ….hopefully that will change this year when different things in life slowly changes😊


I m not sure about the “dating rules “. At the moment I have been meeting spanish Bernardo and danish Thomas- but just for nice conversation and a nice good nights kiss on the kick- nothing seriously.

I dont feel very much for this spanish man- he is very nice. Its nothing “wrong” with him- but I don’t feel any “sparkling “. I like him, he is nice to be with,- but thats it. And Thomas- I like him a bit better,- but he is going to Bali soon and be there for a while.

So- its just to see what’s happen I think.. .. swedish Henrik is also of interessed…. he is also a very nice man. But there is absolutely no romantic feelings from me.

I think I need to feel some “sparkling”, and some “butterflies in my stomach” to get in a relationship with a man- and a bit more 💖

So lets see what will happen this year- if I will meet “the special one ” for me💖

A red rose from my patio- a symbol for love❤

Wishes and goals for 2019

I have some ( or actually many😅) wishes and goals for this year. Some Im allready working on and some needs to come little by little😊….and some will maybe not be an reality this year at a- but at least I can try to work for it💛😊

– continue with my workout 3 to 5 times a week🤸‍♀️

– work to move out Mr.cigaretts of my life- and it is allready less and less of them every day 🚭

– ny blog- my Dear Diary- get it out “there “…..📋….and get some “in” from it….?💱📚….abd dibt be scared to be “out there ” online.

– the economy in Norway/ my company in Norway

– the economy in Spain and my company in Spain

– Change to Spanish driving license 🚗.

– try to learn more and more spanish 📚

– students/writing – find a solution thats gives income at the same time as it gives me some days of😍to the beach or a nice lunch, dinner ect.😊 spebd time with my family and friebds.

– new work from 7. Jan.- I need to take it so I get “on the trake” again. It will be okay ( hope for an other job- I need to “go” where the money is).💱

– meet a nice boyfriend 😍

– family and friends- more time with them all❤

– trip to Norway, reorginaze different things there✈

– more than enough off💱💱💱 so I don’t need count every cent every month💛and more freedom, days of to painting ect and life❤

– buy “my” car🚗

– buy “our” home 🏠💛

– and things like hairdresser, dentist😊

And probably some more,’ but I don’t remember them at the moment 😅

Step by step, little by little and I will be there ❤

Wealth, health, magic, love, joy, happiness❤

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