A Sunday with a bit knitting and a bit painting ☀️

Dear Diary ☀️💧☔

It is a rainy day to day, and I have actually time to relax and just time to do nothing or anything. Its weeks since I had a day like this, and it feels so nice, at the same time so strange. I m actually not sure what to do😅 Im not use to “days off”, and have no idea what to do😊

But its always something to do😊I have been watching a bit TV together with Emma, and then I did starting cleaning up in my knitting things and found a lots of knitting handbags👜👛🛍👝


I really like to knitting. Its realxing and its creative, and I can watch the TV or a movie at the same time, and also be sosial with my friends.

My next project is to knitting a blanket to a couple in Norway- they have helping me and my children very much out after we moved to Spain,- and they deserve something nice, warm and cosy ☀️💛. But before I m starting on a new project, I need to make space and place for new yarns.

I have a lots of knitting handbags at the moment, and I do actually like some of them😋. So I did it in the easy way. 1. For the handbags I want to keep and use my self 2. Handbags I can give as gift 3. Handbags I can give to the second hand shop- hopefully they can earn a euro or two on them.

Three groups with “homemade” handbags 😄

Painting- a travel in colors

Oh my,- I did have time to paint to day as well. I havent had time to paint since last year😔To paint is like travel in to the colors and forget time and place😍Thats also why I havent use time on painting,- I know when I m in a travel with colors, and I know I forget the time,- something thats not the smartes thing to do in busy days😅

To paint make me happy and relaxed too, to play with the painting, the colors and just see whats happen on the canvases🖼🎨 what my brushes are creating.

Some of my paintings🎨

A great Sunday

Im a bit ready for a new week after this lovely and relaxing Sunday,- at the same time I dont want it to end😄. I dont know when a Sunday like this will pop- up again☀️ It has been so great to play with the colors, and I m also so ready for new knitting projects😊

I really enjoyed this day, and tomorrow its back to “school”- and a new work 📚and also be a teacher for my own students when I m finish with my own workstudies📚

Thanks for a great energy given day💖

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