A new date did cxl🤔

Dear Diary!

I should had been on a (Tinder-) date this evening,- but its cxl, and the reason,- because I didnt wanted to have sex with him! But,- HEY!!! How stupid is there possible to be???🙄Grown up man, closely age 50…🙄 Of course I dont want to have sex with a man I have never met, or even talk with, or don’t even know if he “turns me on”! I have no! relation at the moment to want to have sex with him. I have seen 2 photos of his face, and havd had some nice chattes. Yes,- I did have a positive impression of him,- if I havent, I havent said yes to met him,- but thats not the same as to be horny on him and wabt to jump to bed with him😅.

He wanted to order an hotelroom and meet me there this evening, and wanted me to stay over the nigth. I said “No thank you!”

Im just not “build” that way, and I m also to old for that kind of “game”. I actually need to be horny on a man,- “live” , before I want to have sex with him. And,- I dont get horny by an ordinary face- photo and some textes. We didnt even flirt on the texting.So yes! Wow! What is going on in many mens mind?🙄🤔 I know they have 2 “heads” and one can take more space than the other one,- but hey! Any way??? Are it really so easy for a man? Dont a man- want a woman to “get turned on”- just because of him? I need to edmit,- its not “everything” in thus dating- world I do understand 🤔

I m a bit sceptical and critical when it comes to men on online dating,- but I m trying, my very best, to be as open minded as I can😊….but this is nit first time a “offer” like thus is “poping- up”.

An orchid can be a symbol of different things


It doesn’t matter if I m on Tinder or any other online dating page or chattes. Its the same all over. I have a bit “experience” with online dating,- and that is not because I have been on Tinder “forever”,- but because my chatting job is online- dating, an imagination. Its dates thats never going to happen, but it seems that it doesnt matter for the men as long as they can have an imagination about it and also a place to send photos of theier dicks. Dicks in different forms and shapes 🙄. Do they actually think it is so sharming ?🙄🤔 and sexy? And “turning on all female machines”?🤔I call the men “needy” because many, many of them are “needy”. They want mistress but still be married, and they want sex for one night. Of course I know this is not the way all men are like,- there are a lots of decent, honest men😊.

But also private I have got some diffenernt photos,- but insted of “post” them I posting a nuce flower 😊

A flower that can creat an imagination 😉

One- night stand and bad sex

Im tired of one- night stands, empty and meaningsless sex, bad sex. Im to old and I know my body so well that to use time on “empty fumbling under the duvet” its not so interesting. I know that normally the first time I have sex with an new man its not the “best sex” ever,- and it can be a bit “com- si com- sa”. He don’t know my body, I dont know his. I dont know what “bottuns” to “push” – visa versa. Not every man likes the same thing, not every woman enjoying the same things. And,- something I like one man doing with me, dont necessarily is going to be great when a other one is doing it.

So,- thats some of the reason why I don’t understand this one night stand in my age….

Im not the “best” lover/ mistress in the world,- but I know what I like, what turns me on ect. And I also know that the sex is getting better and better when we learn to know eachothers bodies . Its like learning to play an instrument,- a touchy and sensitive instrument. The sensuality in it.

Its a reason why me and my neighbour, Rafael, did meet for closely 3 years…..

So,- when I do understand that a meeting or date is about “to get me in bed”,- Im loosing totally interesse for the man…..and to be honest, I get a bit disappointed ….

Im to old for “fumbling” and “quick fix” without to much joy,- then I actually choose to use my time on something more fun and other things😊Its no point to use to much time on a man Im not going to see again anyway.

Maybe Im the cynical one now?😅 But thats the way it is,- from my perspective 😊

I don’t saying I m correct, this is my meaning, my experience, my impression and what is getting importen for me as older I get…..in a dating- situation,- and a emotional relationship💗

Im not “jumping into bed” with a man I dont think I m going to meet again…..its feels like “waist of time”….

The sensuality

The romance…..

I have had some one- night stands in my life…..when I was young….,- thats why I m so finish with it. I lije to enjoy!!! I also know that I will probably have a couple of “fumbling under the duvet” again, its just the eag it is…..but hopefully not to many…..

Im just wondering ,- after today,- where is the romance? The flirting? The crush? The sensual tensions? To fall in love? Sweet feelings? Are there any “chemistry” and “sparkling” ? Any possibility to just get to know eachother and see whats happen and where “the roads goes “? Or,- is it the bed that is the “goal” for so many mens????🤔🙄

Or,- is it the way has been now???? To meet up, have sex, find a new one, do the same again, and again, and again…..with new one every time ? And thats it??? The “new dating”?

I know,- deep inside my,- that it is not totally like this,- but this online- dating can “create” a bit negative impression….unfortunately!

And I just did get a bit disappointed to day…..again…

The romance, sweet feeling, a bit “sparkling”💓

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