Work out🤸‍♀️🏋️‍♀️

Dear Diary 🙂

I has been really good to do my regular work out the last six months, except from March. That month was a bit “woopsy” in different areas 😅But yesterday I went “back on track ” again and it felt so great “to move” my body again🤸‍♀️🏋️‍♀️ I prefer to do my work out 3 to 5 days a week, and at least one hour per time. Last month was a bit difficult to put in my “ordinary ” work out sessions in my “new” work schedule,- but now I can continue like I have done😊 I did have long nice walk for around 2 hours and more or less 10 kilometres the last week last month.👟. Its work out that too😊

In about some months this weight is my goal🏋️‍♀️

My work out- “space”

I manage to do all my ordinary exercises yesterday, but it was a bit hard to manage the weights in the end,- to be honest😅and the yoga aswell. I thought I was going to fall apart😅.

I have made a “work out room” in our guestroom. Im going to move “it” out in the patioet in a couple of weeks, when it is a bit warmer, and when guestes are coming, and ate going to use the guestroom.

I dont feel very comfortable at the gym,- “everyone ” looks so nice and fit, welldressed and with “stachy” hair, and a lots of make up. My hair is up in a boring practacal top, and if I have used make- up at the gym, I can promise you that it all has been “squised” around in my face so I probably would look more like a sweey pandabear😅🐼. And my clothes,- old fashion, practical and comfortable to do work out in😊🤸‍♀️not new and “fancy pancy” at all.

But since I want to work out, and also have some old, but still, function “working out”-fitness I did create my one “working out” space, and are very happy with that.

I take 30 minutes on my step/ walking machine, do different weights exercise and do some yoga at the end. My exercises works for my and my body, and little by little I push in some more exercises when I feel my body can handle more.

I did start with 15 minutes walk/ steps and some easier exercises in the beginning,- and also around 30 to 45 minutes per time, and 3 times a week 🏋️‍♀️🤸‍♀️😊 Little by little, step by step Im getting stronger 😊,- and starting doing more exercises and for a longer time.

A “shacky” me in the corner,- after my “work out” session😅

Thinking and preparing 🤸‍♀️🏋️‍♀️

When I was young, and before I became a mammi, I did swim for one hour 3-4 mornings in a indoors- pool, and I also bicycled to work and back home, 5 days a week. When I became a mammi my daily rutines change a bit, and it was a bit less time for “me”,- something that is normally🤗,- and more time to take care of and follow up my children. It was theier school, football, ballet and carate,🥋⚽️👗 – and it is a limit how much you can “squise” into 24 hours. I was theier “supporters” and “taxi- driver”, and of course mammi 😊,- and I m happy for that now,- even it was some very busy years.

Now I can start focus on “me” again,- and I has been thinking about starting to do work out for a while,- but its this “to start”, “how to start?”, “where to start?”😊. I did think for a while, as I was “preparing ” my brain, and suddenly I was just “ready” to do “my” work out in “my work out- space”😊. The mind is a strange and strong thing🤔😊and a great thing💛

We did have the weights and step/ walk machine for maybe 2-3 years before I actually was “ready” do use it😊,- but for me it was necessary to think it through an easy thing as starting “work with my body ” again/ work out/ keep my body healthy💛. Think, preper my brain, think, motivate, think a bit more, give my self an imagination in my head how it was going to be- to work out😊. And it worked, my imagination,- now I m enjoing to work out, the great feeling after, the energy, feel “fresh ” in a way,- and I m really looking forward to it is a bit warmer out side and in our out-side pool, so I can put in some swimming into my “exercises ” as well 🏊‍♀️

Looking forward to swim again🏊‍♀️

The motivation

The motivation to start work out again has come from different places,- not just from a wish, thoughts and imagination 😊.

When I was working in homenursery I did see that the people that has been worked out regularly also got well much much sooner then they that didnt have been working out at all. They also live longer and theier brain was “fresher”, also in very high age.

Natasja, my good friend, js not a “work- out- person” at all. But still she works out every day, and she is in good shape, fresh, and handle stress much better then before. Her daily work out is at her cafe. She and her husband, Klaus, did buy a cafe for more or less 1, 5 years ago. And they are lifting chairs, tables, really heavy umbrellas and a lots of differents gods for the cafe ,- every day,- and they are inso good shape now…with out thinking about that they are actually working out every day😊.

And an other motivation is,- I want to put on more weight on my body, and muscles are normally more heavy then fat.

And of course it is healthy to move your body in some or another way💛

My goal- to move my body in a healthy and happy direction 🤸‍♀️😊

I have, at the moment, found my way to work out, (but I still also hope I can learn to dance bachata with “some one special” one day, and put that “into” my work out too👠👞). At the moment I m very happy with my work out ad it is, its working for me and my body,- and that what is most important for me💛. Whats work for me is not sure works for someone else,- as for example Natasja,- she has her own way to keep her body fit and her body “in moving”. There are for example exercises I cant do, because then I m actually loosing weight,- and that is NOT one of my goals to do work out😅I really dont need to be more “skinny ” than Im already are.

My goal is to have a healthy body and mind, get well soon in case of illness, hopefully live a long and healthy life, keep my brain “fresh ” and feel good with my self,- in my way 💛

Im not an fitness- instructor,- but I know,- To move your body does something good and positive with all parts of you, your body as well as your mind and brain💛. So of course I recommend “everyone” to “move theier” body and do some exercises 🤸‍♀️😊,- in some or another way. Its many different ways to mive your body,- for example,- 10 minutes up and down your stairs every day, your daily trips with your dog, dansing, move your legs up and down when you are sitting in the sofa, take a short, slowly bicycling- trip in your own tempo 🚴‍♂️. Find small and easy exercises that works for you!!!! ,- and little by little you can add some more to your work out, and little by little you will feel and see the positive effects work out has for your body, brain and mind😊💛

Its a happy soul in a happy body💛☀️

Nice bicycles for a cozy pikinkk- trip😊-photo is taken in Porto Banus/Marbella

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