Dogs and ballons🎈🐶

Dear Diary!

Oh my! Our neighbour’s dogs are a serious “pain in the ass”!!! They are barking and barking and barking….every single moment 😥🙄 Its like a tiny little move get them starts to bark, and they dont stop- like forever. I dont understand why no-one has complained yet? Or is it just “my problem”?😅 I dont think so, I actually know its not just me problem, but the owners seems to not care at all😣

I seriously don’t understand why some people have dogs, just to let them stand out on the balcony all day long- and bark! What is the point? And why have a dog or two- our neighbours has two- when you just put them on the balcony? Thats it! To theier “defens” -, they take the dogs inside during the night,- but what about the hours from 07.00 to 22.00????? 7 days a week??? When they are outside???

Its a problem for all the others around that need to hear all that barking all day long, from morning to the evening. And its actually not good for the dogs rather🙄

So what to do? What to do?

I need to edmit I have “turned” my head and brain around to find a solution for “how to stop all this barking, since the owner dont care”! Complains from other neighbours have not helped at all! It seems that this two small dogs are “the bosses in the street”,- and we cant actually have it this way any more!! I want to enjoy the Spring and Summer outside our patio without listen to “non-stop” barking☀️🙄

Zorro, my son Johan ‘ s dog😊

I have try to take photos of my neighbours dogs, but for some reasons the hide when they see me😅…..they proberly know I m not theier “biggest” fan in the world, and I m not sure what kind of dogs it is,- I m not the best “dog- knower” in the world rather 😂

Johan’s dog, Zorro,- is a sharming little dog, and he are not a barker rather 💛🐶 I like him😊

Solutions for stopp the barking!

I need to edmit I have been thinking about throw chocolate or monthballs on my neighbours balcony,- but that can kill the dogs, and thats not my point! My point is to stop all this disturbing barking, not be naughty and nasty with the dogs ( and maybe the owners, it can be they like theier dogs🤔). I just want them to “shut up”!!! Dont disrup any more!!!

I can spray water in the dogs face, but its a challange to climp up and down to my neighbours balcony during the day 😅.

Chocolate, monthballs, balloons 🎈

The solution was to slap a balloon everytime my neighbours dogs started barking,- and it did help💛😊😁a tiny “ballon- bang” stopped it all🎈😊

I did make my own balloons “warehous”🤣….so I was prepared for every little bark!🎈🐶 and,- that has been with seriously good effect 😁. It didn’t take many days before all the barking was gone, and now we can enjoy the Spring and Summer in “peace” without a lots of barking all day long ☀️

“Childish”? Probably,- but it did help 😊🎈and thats the most importen thing for me,- and no dogs didnt get hurt rather🐶 also an important thing😊

Balloons- ready for “work” 🎈😊

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