Niche,Topic, Genre!

Dear Diary!

I did changed “your” name last week. It was not easy to find a name that “describe” “me” and “my blogg”. But with a bit of help from Natasja and Emma the solution was “My Bumpy Shining Life”. Maybe I change name later, when the “bumps” are a bit less and smaller?🙂….and things in life has taken an different turn????

My Bumpy Shining Life!

Its the “perfect ” niche, topic, genre and name for me at the moment! My life has been bumpy for so many years, and it seems that the “bumps” still are coming and create different challenges in life. My life has not been more “bumpy” then for many other people,- but I can more or less just focus on my on “bumps” and try to do something with them..and the life is not a competition about “best” bumps in life…..and maybe someone can learn a couple of things from me “bumps”? You never know…..

I hope the “bumps” will be less now,- but Im not sure how I can get them smaller and less?🤔… seems that the “bumps” just popping -up when evere they want- even when Im trying to make “plans” to avoid them. Im really, really tired of all the bumps….😴…but how to get rid of them?

When that is said,- my life has been with a lots of shining too☀️ I have so many things in my life to be grateful for,- also the “bumps”. The “bumps” has teach me a lots of things about my self, about the life and also about other people. ( but I neex a break from this kind of “teaching” now).

I have 3 gorgeous children💙💙❤ (the loves in my life). We have a home, we have the most necessary,- like food, clothes, shoes ect. We have a lots of great memories together, and we can still create many, many great memories together.

I love the “shining” in my life💛and that is something I really, really looking forward to get more of😍. A lits of shining without bumps!!!

So “bumps and shining” is my life, and has been my life for many,many years. Now I wish more shining and less bumps- and wishes can come through 💖

So my “niche, tema, topic, genre” is to try to make the “bumps” in life shining💛☀️…..its not always easy….but Im trying.

One of my paintings,- with “bumps/stones” and shining,- and its no life with out a heart💛

A blogg is a “kind” of a “book”📖

Its very popular now at days to write bloggs,- and it is a kind of and a combination between writing an online diary and a book with different temas, topics, niches and genre. The different is,- a blogg is “very ” online and “everyone ” can read it- if you want them to. And this kind of books has a much bigger influences on people than a “normal” book. The new chapters is also very fresh and new, “updatec” with the “latest” of any kind of tema and topics.

Like books also bloggs are in different tema, topics, niches and genre. Some write about food, other about work out, some write about babies, other about make- up, hair or the latest and newest in fashions, or hobbies, travels, holidays and work. Its informations, tips and tricks. Its color up or color down. Its true or fiction. Its “everything” and people write about “everything “, as eell as the readers read about “everything”.

Blogging is books, but with a much, much bigger influences on the reader in some or another way than “normal” books,- and so much more positive and negative then a book.

Books vs bloggs- very similar at the same time so different

Topic, niche, tema, genre

I have been reading some bloggs and also tips and tricks “how to be a good blogger”. I think a good blogger is someone that have many followers, readers and likes,- and also can “live ” by blogging. Earn money on theier “topic, niche, genre, tema” they write about.

On of the tips is “find your niche, your topic”…..and then give “advice ” to the reader….- this is VERY easy explained!

I have thinking about my “niche, topic, genre, tema” in my blogg…but my blogg is my diary,- my life, and all the good, nice, fun things in life, and some not to good, not to fun- but its still “the life”.

Cant an ordinary “bumpyshininglife” be a topic?

I can write about make- up. It will be a short and fun “session ” because me and make- up have a very simple, good and relaxed relationship 💄💍,- but still I know it will be a post or two about this 😊

I can write about my work,- but at the moment its not to much to write about😔….hopefully it will be more soon💛

I can write about health, work out, food- in my way and with my experience. 🍝🤸‍♀️And I m going to do that as well 😊

I can write about Tinder, online dating and dating💜,- but I hope that “part” of me life will be over soon 🙄

I can write about “to be a foreigner in Spain”- and that is also something I m going to write about……culture, my experience, my life as an foreigner ect ect.🇪🇸….here it is a bit to “take from” 😊

I can write about my hobbies 🎨🖼,- and I can write about “my life” , different experience, my thoughts about differents things in life,- and I m also going to do that.

Fashion and style, well,- it will be fun to take you in to my wardrobe,- when I m ready for that 😅👗👠show you my “fashion and style”- and I m going to do that as well😊

So,- no matter how much I turn my head and brain”up-side-down” to find “my niche”- my topic is at the moment “my life- with bumps and shining “😊☀️…with a bit of work out, food and health, and also some make-up and fashion, and i bit more😊 That’s my “topic” at the moment- my life- and what’s in it💖

That’s the way it is, so easy and so difficult,- so lets see where it takes me, my life, “my different topic” ,- lets just see where the “road goes “💛….with out to many worries, thoughts and plans that can failed out💛

Life is “a little bit of this and that” and so much more- life is a kind of “topic”💜

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