An evening with a clairvoyance 🌠

Dear Diary!

Some weeks ago I was together with Natasja on an evening “event” with a clairvoyance🔮. I do belive its more “between heaven and earth”, and “this” had also facinerende me for many years. (In my “way” I belive in the “spiritual” – but Im not going to have a “lesson” about that “……😊). But I was i bit courius on this “event” for this evening.

I didnt know what to expect for the evening,- so I went there with an “open mind”.

The “session” was at an bar in a little town called La Cala, and the “mission” for the evening was to “get in touch” with deceased, close family or friends to some of the guestes at the bar.⚱ The atmosphere in the bar was “strange”, not scary or spooky, just “strange”. It was a lots of candles “everywhere”, and it was around 20-30 people at the bar. I only knew Natasja, all the rest was not familiar for me. The clairvoyance was a nice lady in her middle age ( that means she was at least 10-15 years older than me….😅…I m a bit middleage too…😅).

She is a International Medium and Healer🔮, and she also do spirituel ceremonies like weddings and baby naming.

It was actually a very nice, cosy and “relaxed” atmosphere at the bar,- I think thats the best way to explain it- because the atmosphere was also, like I told you, “strange”. You could in a way “feel” the “exitment” among the guestes.

Some “details” from “the event”

An/a clairvoyance 🔮⏳

An/a clairvoyance is a person who can “see” the past, the “present” and the future, and also have “contact ” with souls that has “left this world”, but “lives on the other side”. An/ a clairvoyance can “see” things that are fare away, they have “contact” with “things” that are “hidden” for our five “normal” senses like sight, hearing, smell, taste and emotions……I have some thoughts about this “emotions and feelings ” as an it in a way are a personally relation, at the same time its also scientifically proven in the brain with different technique and technical equipment that there are emotional reaction that can be proven in the brain.( tgat ess a very li g sentence 😅) Enough about that😅 Feelings, emotions and thoughts can be a bit “tricky”😊

Some people belives in clairvoyance other don’t, some belives in science and things that are scientifically proven (I do that as well together with the spiritual part), and some belive in different religion, and some are in theierown way “open minded”.

Any way ,- this evenings “event” was about “getting in touch” with some deceased to the guestes at the bar, get some “advices ” or importen messeges from close relation (dead souls) in one or anothet way. The clairvoyance couldn’t get in “touch” with deceased to all the guestes at the bar, but many. ( she didnt have thectime to get in “touch” with everyone ).

“Souls in touch”

The clairvoyance “event”

I did had mixed “feelings” about “if and who ” of mine “deceased”/ close relations I wanted to get in “touch” with, or,- more correct,- that maybe “got in touch” with me…..or even if I wanted some of them to “get in touch” with me at all 🤔.

The clairvoyance did get in a “touch” with a lots of “souls”, and different people at the bar got differents advice and messeges. Some became very happy, other started crying, some was very suprised, some seems to be relifed, and the once that didn’t “belive” at all, was also a bit suprised over “the setting” and also the advice they got.

The session last for atound 60- 90 minutes, but the clairvoyance didnt have time to all the guestes deceased souls.

No one deceased from Natasja did get in “touch” for with example her.😔

And I did feel a bit disappointed when the session was going to an end and no one of mine deceased familiy or friends had been in “touch” with me….😔

Coca cola for me this the evening- I wanted to be sure to get “everything thing” with me

And then it was me……

Supriserly and for some reason my grandmam suddenly got in “touch” with me….my mammis mammi… of the person I havent even think about had something “to tell” me. She was not one if my deceased familiy or friends I did had in mind.

My grandmammi was a christian beliver, and the way I did know her, she didn’t belive in “nonsense” like this. And I have never an imagenation that she was going to “come back” to give some “advice” to me. No bad feelings for my grandmammi, we had a good realtions, it was not close, but it was not distended rather.

I was also suprised because my grandmammi didnt spoke english, she didnt understood english or any other languages- only norwegian. So- how could the clairvoyance and grandmammi “talk ” to eathother? The clairvoyance did speak english. I don’t think she could speak norwegian…..or do “they” have a totally different kind of languages “over there”? “On the other side”?

The clairvoyance did ask me some “confirm”- questions,- just for checking it was me, my grandmammi and a connection “between” us. She asked things like “did your granddad did eat bread with butter and a lots of sugar on for breakfast? ( yes he did). “Did your granddad remove his marriage- ring and put it in his hand when he had his siesta?” (yes, he did). She also told me how “my” bedroom in my grandparents house was? ( how could she knew that?)

After some questions the “advice”and messege from my grandmammi came to me- but to be honset- I still ,actullay, dont know what she ment.

My grandmammi told me that is was good I didnt got the job last monthz the job I “lost ” after just a month 😔. She told me my “mission” was my “work with words” – “I neede to start to use my words more effectively- get them out, it will be helpfull for many people”. And thats it- suddenly she was gone….and , unfortunately, this was not a “session” for questions…..unfortunately for me….

AND : hey!!! grandmam! we needed that salary!!! seriously!!! and- what did you actually mean????about words, work, helpfull??? What do you mean I mm going to do????

Im still a bit confused.

But,- last week I did write about bicycling, and maybe my texts are helpfull for someone? I also did write about chains for cars, and some really, really old casinogames in Asia. And,- yes I did some chatte- work….and I did have two students – teacing in norwegian- in other words -I did write and worked about different kind of things and words last week…..snd hopefully they will or can help someone….???

But was it this my grandmammi ment?

I should really wish she had been a bit (much) more concrete, told me a bit more and more specific. The textes Im writing in and working at the moment give us food for a couple of weeks in May…..I actually need more work….😅

Should I contact this clairvoyance and see if she can get in “touch” with my grandmammi again? So I can ask some questions this time…..about what she ment in this workcase and my worksituation? So she can be very specific about what she ment! And- also maybe ask a couple of questions about my “lovelife” when I had her “on the line”?😅📞

Well- Im not sure what Im gonig to. I have meet clairvoyance that had been very correct in different things in my life, but I have also meet clairvoyance that did take so very, very wrong about things in my life- and in a way “destroy ” a lots of things for me in my life- at the same time- maybe I did destroy them my self,- because I did “belive” her????? So to be honest I m actually a bit sceptical, but at the same time I m a bit courius – but if I do this- contact a clairvoyance – I promise to tell you…..and then we take it from there……if I do it….

This will any way- if I go or not go to a clairvoyance in the future- not be my last post about this kind of “subject/tema/topic”.

……and a tiny little comments on the sidelines- ancient Egyptians belived in a world “on the other side”. The vikings in Scandinavia too…..and the Easter celebrations is about Jesus Christ and the emphasis on the Christian faith and resurrection……I just mention it….when it comes to “belives ” and a life after the dead….😊😉….

Some of mine “things” – based on some spiritual “belives “😉

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