Easter Celebration in Spain🌻

Dear Diary 🌻

The Easter Celebration in Spain is very different from what Im used to in Norway. I have read about the celebration, see photos and also watch it on TV,- but never “in live”. So first time I did see the Spanish Easter Celebration I was very suprised- it was and is so very, very different from the Norwegian Easter.

From Semana Santa in Spain

The Norwegian Easter is with Kvikk Lunch ( a kind of norwegian chocolate), and we eat Easter lamb on Easter night, sample easter-eggs, small, yellow chickens and yellow flowers,( daffodils) , cacao, snow, mountains, skiing, vacation -cabines,- or just a holiday to a country in South of Europe. The Easter in Norway is more like a vacation then a holiday. The norwegian church is open and its different religious services during the Easter for they who wants to go in the church. , – but there are changes in the society. There is now both cross-migration (and pilgrimage)

“Everything” is yellow (just kidding- buti t is a lots of yellow in the Easter in Norway) That’s it- more or less 😊🐥🐣☀️

I think that one of the reasons the Christian Easter Celebration is like it is in Norway is because of the The Norse religion and mythology were very strong in Norway. It was not so easy to “Christian” Norway in the beginning of the year 1000,- it was actually a big challenge.

(I have studie different world religions and Spirituality for 3 years. It is a subject that fascinate me,- but we can maybe be take those lessons another time😄)

Any way,- In a religious perspective, the Christian Easter is about Jesus and the crucifixion, and the resurrection.

The Christian Easter and the crucifixion and resurrection

In Spain the Easter is the most religious celebration during the year- and its big and fabulous 💛

I m not going give a big “lecture” about the Spanish Easter- but a bit general information- because the Easter Celebration can be a bit different from town to town- where the town give the celebration theier “own touch”.

Semana Santa- the Holy week

In Spain there are a lots of parades and processions during the Easter.

And its marvellous to just see in, be a spectator to the whole “event”.

The parades and processions are magnificent. Its candles, flowers, colors, incense and special costumes with some very special hats. Brotherhood is very importen in Spain,- and every brotherhood have theier own custom i different colors and decorations that they use during the parades and processions.

The hats is high, and just with two holes to the eyes. They are called Capirote, – and have been used in many generations. They use the hats for cover the face, because its shameful to brag and highlight theier participation- spesial in this rituals.

The special religious hat

The Easter Celebration is about “remedying” from last years sins. And of course about Jesus Christ and the crucifixion.

They carry heavy scared figures, walk barefoot, have heavy chains and links around ankles, carry heavy and large fleets with sacred figures and carry heavy wooden crosses. All to “pay” for the last year of sins.

All is about passion, at the same time deep sorrow and also great joy.

The music is heavy drumming and sad horn music.

The parades and processions last for hours. And after,- late, late in the evenings,- when they are finish with the parades and processions they have big family- and friends party. Its food and drinks to the early morning hours…..before next parades starts.

Its a nice celebration with a serious undertone at the same time. The atmosphere is good.

The Semana Santa

And,- candies, sweets, chocolate and cakes are very importen 🍬🍭🍥and its very importen to share this things- if not- they will not get through The Pearlgate and into heaven.

And- yes- its also a lots of eggs and beans- as an symbol of fertility.

Its very special event and celebration, and it is special to attend it. A cultural, traditional, historical and religious experience worth seeing in Spain.

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