Selfcare- haircare👒

Dear Diary ☀️

Its time for some selfcare, and I m starting on “the top” -with my hair👒☀️It needs a bit “care” now when the summer is “just around the corner” , the sun is getting stronger,its more visits to the beach and ocean, and also swimming in the pool will makes my hair try.

I can use sunhats in the sun, but its a bit difficult to swim with a sunhat😅🏊‍♀️,- and I m not very good to remember put on a sunhat rather,- even I have a couple of them- and they are bought just for one reason- to use in the sun🌞

Some of my hats I didnt feel very comfortable in rather😊. I have also a nice, gren, old caps my dad gave me many years ago. I do remember to put that one on if I m working out in the garden/ patio and the sun- when I m painting or fixing my plants for example 😊

My and Emma did have a very funny photo-session with the sunhats 😅

And to be honest,- I feel very brave when I m “putting” a lots of photos of me , my self and my sunhats now 😋,- on the other hand- I need try to give you a “flattering” pic if ny self before I starting with the “facecare” – because there it will not be many “flattering” photos 😅

My- and a very funny “photo-session ” together with Emma- trying my sunhats 😊

Hairtreatment- homemade 🌱🍃🍀

Often you can have the diffetent ingredients for making a good treatment to your hair – in your home. And its different kinds of good treatments and ingredients you can use.

For my try hair I do mix the meat from a leaf from my alovera plant, togheter with a spoon of coconut oil and a couple of drops of olive oil . (You can also use avocado insted of alovera).

It was Millie- Fabian’s girlfriend, that teach me this mix with alovera😊

My mix- meat from the alovera leaf, coconut oil and a bit olive oil ( and daily use of marine collage- hopefully my hair will get thicker😊)

I mix it together so it gets creamy, a “fluffy” cream, then I massages it good into my hair, special into the ends. If the scalp is try I also massages the “cream” good into my scalp.

Harecare- meat from the alovera leaf, coconut oil and a bit olive oil- mixed together, and massage in to my hair 😊🍃

Then I put a towel around and have it in my hair for at least 15 minutes. Wash out with water, and then a normal wash with shampoo, and sometimes conditioner.

It can be smart to use this once a week if you are very much in the sun. I do this “haircare” around every 10.-12. days-but I should probably done it a bit more😊spesial during the summer☀️And this haircare-can be used by men and women💛

Me again- wiht my hair and “haircare” good hidden in a towel😊


Normally I like to use hairextention because my hair is a bit thin, and I think I have used it for 12- 15 years now. Not continuous, but when I can effort it I go to my hairdresser and get new hairextention. In the beginning- for around 12-15 years ago, I did use “glue- extention”- now I use ceratin- and Im very happy with that😊 Normally I have it in my hair for around 9-11 months. And to be honest,- I m so much better to take care of my hair when I use hairextention 😊.

I feel more comfortable with hairextention,- but normally my children or my friends dont see any different 😅. It doesn’t matter- because as long as I feel well,- thats whats matter for me😊

For me its like an “investment” for feeling well- and I dont have so many “bad hairdays” when I m using hairextention 😊. I cant not always “invest” in hairextention- and then I just try to do the best of it- and try sunhats insted😅👒☀️

Me- again- with hairextention,- not a vey big different- but for me it is😊

I try to take care of my hair- during the summer as well as in the winter.

Some days ago I did cut my hair, I was my “own” hairdresser😅, and cut all the try ends ( I think it was 3-4 cm 🤤😅), and also did put some colour in it. Refreshing it a bit.

When I use the straightener or my curler I use coconut oil in the hair ends. Its just to protect my hair a bit from the heat from my straightnere or curler.

I also have a factor-spray to use in my hair during long summerdays- but, unfortunately, Im a bit “good” to forget to use it😅🙄

Coconut oil for my hair, and factor-spray,- and the colour I normally “refreshing” my hair with😊

Sunhats and a funny photo-session 😅👒
I have some sunhats I can use in the sun, but I did feel more comfortable with them when I was trying them on in the store. When I come home I didnt feel very “smashing” with them at all😅. Thats so typical😋

I have put one sunhat in my beachbag now- so I always have one sunhat with me to the pool or to the beach,- and no longer any excuses for not use a sunhat in the sun at the beach.. Its the sunhat I feel most comfortable in,- but at the same time- its that hat that is oldest and a bit curly and “out if shape”- of course- because I put it into my bag😄.

When me and Emma had our “photo-session” with my sunhats, I did find out that it is actually just one I dont like very much any more- and not all my sunhats- and that is the one with the color ribbons.🙄

Maybe its my age? I m getting older and “new and different” things suit me in an other way, maybe better way then before?🤔😊 It can be a very good reason 😄😊

Anyway- its smart to protect your hair during long sunny summerdays, and a tiny hat can help , and my homemade “haircare”cream👒☀️😊🌱🌱

My with some of my sun/summerhats👒😊☀️(and the one I dont like with ribbons😅)

Ps- I neeeded to put some “flattering” photos of my self here to day,-and give you a bit positive impression of my self 😍😅 because when I m going to take selfcare- and “facecare” – the photos will not be very “flattering “😅🙄……just so you know😊😉

I feel nearly like a lady in this sunhat 😅,- but okay- Im also a lady in a way 😊 (I m a middleage young lady😉💛)

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