Selfcare- facecare😊

Dear Diary 😊

My face need a bit “care” too. The Marine Collagen ( does a good job “from the inside” of my body,- but its also importen to take care at the “outside” too😊

Once or twice a week is good for the skin to use a good face mask that gives the skin more moisture.

As older I get a bit more moisture my skin needs,- so I can keep my “nice and fine lines” in “shape”, and soft,- so they dont get to deep to fast 🙄😅😊.

I do like to stay in the sun, and get some nice and fresh color in my face,- at the same time its importen to be careful with the sun 🌞and I use factor 30 in my face-cream during the Spring, Sumner and Autum😊

A nice sunhat can also take a bit care of my face and protect it a bit for the sun🌞👒

Homemade moisturise mask 🥑

Im making my own face- mask for my skin, to give my face some extra moisture during the winter as well as the summer.

In my age I should be using it once or twice a week,- but normally I do it more or less every 😊

Ps- its not easy to take photos by my own, and with face mask- just saying it- its not the most “flattering” photos of me😅….but okay- thats the way it is 😊🥑

In my homemade face-mask I mix one advocate, a small spoon with honnie, and one or two drops of olive oil ( or coconut oil).

I make a nice cream, clean my face with water, and take the advocato all over my face, also my over my throat- many forget this- but is is a part of your face,- and the skin needs to be taken care of also there😊🥑

Then I put sliced cucumber over my eyes,- and leave it there for 10- 15 minutes. A good relaxing “timeout”😊

Advocate, some honnie, almonds- my nice face- mask cream- and….me😅

Sometimes I cut up almonds and mix it in to the advocates mask and create a scrub/ peeling.

A scrub or peeling remove dead skin cells and makes space for new, fresh skin cells.

You can also mix coconut oil and cutted almonds together,- and use it as a scrub.

After the 15 minutes with the face mask/cream with advocates , wash your face with water- and use a good day-or nigth cream and a good eye- cream.

Your skin will feel so fresh and soft😊

I also use alovera as face- cleaning.

You just take the meat in the leaf from the alovera and lubricate it on your face. Then wash it away with water and use a good face cream after 😊

Aloveraplant, me- cleaning my face with alovera leaf, me with advocate cream and cucumber on my eyes- feeling “nice”😅 (Nopes- but are going to be nice😉)

I do not always make my advocate face-mask,- I also buy face-masks and face-scrubs/ peeling in the store. Its a lots of great products to choose from😊

Im an middleage, young woman- and just trying to keep my face a bit in “shape”- and so fare,- more or less so good😊

Its importen to use good face-and skincare products,- at least a good facecream,- and also “now and then” try to give a extra treatment for your skin- like face-masks and scrub/ peeling😊

As older you get as more “treatment” your skin need – to keep up “the good shape”😊

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