Selfcare- bodycare🌞

Dear Diary 🌞

I have a bit more time to use on bodycare now because my “3 babyducks” 🦆🦆🦆 are growing up, and two of them have allready moved out.

I did try my very best to use some time to bodycare when my children were young, but as a singlemammi that was not always very easy 😅

Bodycare is different areas like food, work out, and also like use various wellness products,- like footcare, removing “winterfur on the legs” (read-waxing legs)😅, or just a lovely foambath in the bathtub🛀.

It was not very easy to take a lovely foambath when the children was young,- it was easier to take a short, nice and refreshing shower 🚿. Im still not good to put my self in a warm foambath yet, even I have more time to do it now,- and I also know its very relaxing for both the body and the soul. I have something to work with there😊- to take nice, relaxing foambath 🛀💛.

But,- I m very good to take refreshing showers with nice bodyscrub/ peeling and a fragrant shower gel😊

And use soft, nice and a good bodylotion after.

Bodyscrub, nice shower gel and soft bodylotion 💛

Sometimes I do a bit of various wellness “things” before an refreshing shower,- just to take a bit care of my self- selfcare😍

And….now its also time to “remove” the “winterfur” on my legs ,-and that just for me😉. The Spring is here, the Summer is just around the corner 🌞. Its time to enjoy the sun a bit more (without the wind blowing in my hair on my legs 😉😅).

A bit waxing here, and a bit cream there 😊

I prefer to use wax at my legs and my bikiniline,- and its not very painful. I feel the hair is growing slower back, and when they do, they are a bit softer then after if I have been shaved my legs ect.

Under my arms I use cream. It is a bit boring to stand there, with my arms “sky high” for 5 minutes😋,- but okay,- thats the way it is. Its a good time for a bit reflections,- or just take a good look at my face in the mirror after new, nice lines😉.

Im using the cream for the same reason I use the wax at my legs,- but waxing under my arms is actually a bit painful🙄. Any way its not so many 5 minutes I need to stand like this during a week😊

Sometimes when Im in a hurry I use to shave my legs,- but normally not.

This works good for me,- but its not sure it works for “everyone” else😊.

Me,- feeling very brave to show you this….waxing and creaming – and a big pic of an orchid to “cover” the “process “😅

A bit hand- and footcare

I use an very easy hand-scrub now and then, just to make my hands soft and nice 😊

I chop up some almonds and mix then with some honey,- then I use this mix to scrub my hand for some minutes and wash it all of with water💧,- and,- vips,- my hand is so soft 😊.

To “spice” up my hands a bit I use nail-polish. I prefer light and neutral colors. Its feels more like “me”. Its lots of nice colors to choose between,- and I have also tried other colours- but always ends with light colors😅.

For my birthday this year, my sister in the middle, gave me a “footcare-gift”💛. I have birthday in January,- but decided to use this gift when the Spring was coming😊. To “prepared ” my feet for the Summer 🌞.

In the gift it was a couple of plastic socks. In the plastic socks it was a kind of gel. It felt nice, soft, and a bit cold on my feets,- and it did smell very fresh. I needed to have this socks on for one hour- and then wash the gel of with water. ( it was not very easy to walk with this socks😅). Then dry my feet, and use a nice footcream, that also was a part of the gift😊

So now my feet is nice and soft, ready for the sandals-, beach- and summerseson 🌞👡,- special with a tiny “touch” if nail-polish on my toe- nails too😊

Foot-care and hand-care 💛

Normally I use footbath. A bowl with nice, warm water, sal and soap. Scrub my feet, put them in the water again for a while, dry my feet and use a nice foot cream😊….but not this time😊

Nearly ready for the Summerseson🌞

Then I m nearly ready for the Summerseson. Its not always very much selfcare that is necessary to feel comfortable 💛. But before the Summerseson,- its time for a good and relaxing “time-out ” in my bed with a comfy pyjamas on and a good book 📚……and my necessary!!! reading-glasses 🤓. Yup,- I need glasses now when Im reading 😊. Its a “tiny touch” if getting older 😅

Me, my book- and my glasses😊🤓

Im getting older, that’s just the fact! 😊( and also braver ,- actually 😉at least sometimes), and thats is also one of the subject in my blog 😊- “getting older”.

I like to use the word “middle age young woman” 😊. I prefer to use young,- it feels a bit better. Its not that I m not accept the fact that I m getting older,- but it is okay to be older in “my way”😊 and try also to do it in “my speed “- at least as good as possible😅. And selfcare is one of several ways to do it, and to use Marine Collagen faily, an other way 😊….pluss a couple of other things 😊

I m getting older, but I still want look good, feel good and take as good care of my self as possible 😊. And try to do the best of it ❤ (the age, me, the life❤)

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