Some small tips and tricks from the natures “pharmacy”🌿☘🌱

Dear Diary πŸ€

I have allready told you about some small bodycare-tricks you can use different vegetables and plants from the nature to.

Today I will just take a shortly little summary about what I do use in my daily or weekly rutines when it comes to use vegetables, fruits and plants ,’ as “food” and “health-care”, and a bit other thingsπŸ’›πŸ˜Š. Maybe you can use some of them too?😊

Lavender- beautiful colors and a lovely smell πŸ₯€


Lavender is a beautiful flower, plant and spice.

When my children was babies I did gave them a bath every evening with a couple of drops with lavender oil. After the bath I did gave them a massage with the lavender oil, and also had a drop or two on theier pillow. All this so they could and should be sleeping good during all the night. And they did. I havent had many nights with sleepless babies. πŸ’›

Of course its different reasons why a baby cry, also during the nights. But lavender can be a tips to give your baby a good night sleep.

Its also good for adults to use lavender oil before going to bed, or just have some drops of the lavender oil in the pillow to get a good night sleep.

Alovera and coconut oil 🌰🌱

I have allready told you about some tips and tricks for using both alovera and coconut oil.

Alovera is good for your skin as a “cleaner”, and also if you are sun-bruned, or as an treatment for your hair.

You can also use alovera on your teeth. The water from the alovera-plant you can use as mount-water, and also brush your teeth with the meat from the alovera-leaf. It can protect from infections, and it can also give your teeth a whiter shine.

Aloveraplant and coconut oil 🌰🌱

Coconut oil is also useful in different ways. You can also use this as an hair-treatment, as an bodyoil after an shower and also as sun-protection with factor 30.

If you are on a kind of diet- for losing weight- you can take a tiny spoon of coconut oil in between the meals insted of some cookies or chocolate. But be careful- the oil can be “funny” and you can loose to much weight to fast- and thats not good for your body.

You can also make food with the coconut oil, and use it in food.

And did you know coconut oil also can make your teeth whiter.

But,- when you brush your teeth with the oil don’t spit out the oil in the sink!!! The oil can clogged your pipes in the sink. Coconut oil is oil when its between 24-26 degrees. Under this degrees its a fast mas.

I use a bowl to spit in and empty it in the toilet after finish brushing my teeth.

Gingertea with honey and lemon πŸ‹πŸ

Ginger, honey, lemon (and blueberry, banana and carrot)🍌πŸ₯•πŸ‹

Gingertea with honey and lemon is good for the stomach, and it also help the liver to get rid of toxcins. Its also good for cold-infections.

I make a bottle of the tea so I have for some days, put it in the cooler, and mix the lemon and honey in the tea before I drink it in the morningπŸ‹

In the mornings before my work out I drink a glass of gingertea and eat a carrot (- just started with that one, just to see if it will help for the sun-eczema next summer). I have also a banana becasue its a lots of calsium and vitamin B. And I eat 10 blueberries,- because they have a lots of antioxidants 😊

(I eat breakfast after my work- out, but I will come back to that in an other post 😊).

Lemon, cinnamon, tiger balm and potato-flor πŸ‹πŸ₯”

Lemon is also good to keep the mosquitoes away. I normally cut a lemon in parts, but it in a glass of water, put the glass in the fridge. When its frozen I take it out and put it where I dont want to have any mosquitoes. The lemon smell is stronger, and I also can use it several times. I just put it in the fridge again and use it again.

At the moment I use Cinnamon to keep small ants away from the kitchen. For some reason this small ants don’t like cinnamon, but they like everything with just a tiny tast of sweet or sugar πŸ™„.

I use whole cinnamon bites and put it “here and there” in the kitchen. Its a bit decorated and it also keep this small, small ants away.

Potato-flor I did use thise more when my children was babies. If theier butt was sore I did have some potato-flor on theier butt,- and the sore went very fast away. I use it now on my self if I have an tiny infection in my skin,- and the infection get bettet very fast.

Tiger balm- I was in a car accident many years ago. And did got some damages in my neck and back, and also some nerves in my forehead and right eye- sometimes this damages can became a bit painful, but I cant use pain-medicines “all the time” ,- so then I use some tiger balm on the areas where the pain is,- and it helps very much 😊.

I use this two books to find different tips and tricks for different advice for health care from the natures “pharmacy “😊

Do you have any tips and tricks you use from the natures “pharmacy”?😊

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