My “goodies” is not for “everyone “πŸ˜‰

Dear Diary 🌞

Some weeks ago some friends of me “put me up” on a “blind-date” with a Finnish man. I was not very motivated to do this, but I know my friend just did it to be nice,- and they want me to meet a nice man 😊.

So I did went to this “lunch-meeting”.I actually dont like to use the word “date” at the first meeting with a relative strange man. For me it is a first meeting for see if it can be “dating” after the first meeting, and to see if there are any kind of attracting, or can be any kind of attracting 😊.

The first meeting πŸ₯—πŸ₯ƒ

We did text a bit, me and this Finnish man before our first meeting,- and he seems okay. He was working 50% in Spain and 50% in Finland.We did find a day, time and place to meet at a cozy outside restaurant in the Pueblo🌞.He still did seems okay, normal,- if it is something that are normal?

I did very early recorded that his hands searched for mine over the table,- so I held my hands under the table as much as possible,- between eating and drinking πŸ˜…. It was not easy, but I didnt want him to take my hands!

And…..even before the conversation has started he said “Im looking for a wife”.Wow!wow!wow! Easy man! I was just second from running, but I m polite,- so I did stay,- and before I had the chance to respond on his comment he just conntinue to tell me about his big house in Finland that he could sell and move to Spain. Wow (again- what kind of man was this?πŸ€”). It seem that he had “planned” “everything”,- and it was obviously that I was a part of his plans,- but he did forgot a tiny little thing,- Im avable to make my own plans in my own life- and he was not included in themπŸ˜‰,- and I didn’t want share my “goodies” with him rather,- thats for sure! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜…

I didn’t like the way he was looking at me rather,- he did look like a hungry wolf,- so I was very happy when he needed to use the sunglasses because of the sun 🌞😎.

“The eyes is the mirror to the soul”- and I think its a lot in that expression 😊. But I didnt like to look into his eyes. I didnt like what I did see.

I did explain to him very nice (probably to niceπŸ€”) that I was not looking for a husband, and I was not looking for someone to live together with- Im already living together with a my daughter,- a teenagerπŸ˜…( and that is in a way enough at the moment). A boyfriend could be nice,- but then I should at least have some romantic and intime feelings for the man,- something I didnt had for this Finnish man- at all!

I tried to turn the conversation to safe subjects as movies, music, travelling and things like that. And the lunch went more or less in normal manners.

I dont need many minutes to know if I m going to get some romantic feelings, or want to share my “goodies” with a man, or want to see him again- use my time on and together with him….again …on a real date.

So I knew very early,- nothing of this was going to happen with him. He was nothing for me. He didnt gave me any “good feelings” or “wishes” to use more time together with him.

Maybe it is my age,- Im older, wiser, have more experiences. I know what and with whom I want or don’t want to use my time with and on. And what I want to share and not share.

When I m on a first “meeting” like this I normally make plans with one of my children, so I have an excuse to “leave the table”. And this day I should pick up Emma at the train-station,- so when the time was there I needed to leave.

He wanted to follow me to my car. The streets i the Pueblo is a bit narrow here and there, and in one if this places he just turned me around, and I did see this hungry wolf again with weet lips and a to much ready “kissing- mounth” coming against me…..I did try to go back, but bumped into a tree🌳,- so his lips did kiss me😲.

I didnt like that at all! But I m polite, and didnt create any scene, and my car was not so fare away ratherπŸš—. Then he said “I just wanted to see if you was that kind of woman that kiss on the first date”. I told him Im not that kind of woman ( or,- it depends on the man Im meetingπŸ˜‰- but I didnt told him that πŸ˜…). I told him I didnt like that he did kiss me,- and that this was not a “date” for me, but a first meeting to see if it could continue with “dates”,- but it cant!

The hungry kissing wolf 🀀

Still he did walked me to my car,- and Oh my!,- when I was unlocking my car the same happen again,- the hungry wolf is coming too close to me with his weet lips with a kiss on ….again….,- a kiss I really didn’t wanted to feel again😲.

So I jumped into my car, waved, smiled and did drive away- Phu!😊

Of course he did text me,- and told me he wanted to meet me “again and again and again”. I did write back, told him that that was not going to happen. I was not going to get any kind of romantic feelings for him. He did text back with,- “are you sure? Cant you give it a try? Are you afraid of love . You have the wrong feelings for love… ect.ect”. 😩Not my kind of man,- and I m not afraid of love, or to falling in love,- just afraid of doing it with the wrong man,- one more time 🀀,- so I m a bit careful with my heart and with whom I share my “goodies” with πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š.

Kiss a frog and get a prince πŸ˜‰πŸΈπŸ‘‘

I have kissed some stupid frogs in my life, but also some very sweet frogs,- unfortunately no one has became to “my prince” yet πŸ˜…. So I probably need to kiss a couple of frogs more ,- but I think I need to wait a bit. As long as I need to earn most of the money as an ” online social-worker”,- frogs is not the most “tempting” “subject” for me at the moment. There is a lots of “frogs” online that really like to share theier “goodies”- actually a bit to much πŸ™„….and I don’t get the best impression of men when I do this kind of work.

Some men are like this Finnish man,- but still different. But all is about “candies “, “goodies ” and so on….πŸ™„….I will tell you more an other day 😊

A very very sweet frog I can give a kiss on day 😘

PS- this is not all men,- I know its a lots of nice and good behaviour men out there πŸ’› I have just been a bit unlucky with my meetings of some men 😊……it’s seems that they think I want to share my “goodies” with them with out feeling any kind if attraction πŸ™„

(something went wrong with my text today – sorry πŸ˜”)

In the meantime , when I m waiting for my sweet “frog- prince”,- I have been thinking a bit on Rafael,- if I should start sharing some “goodies” with him again? But at the same time,- I dont want to hurt him…..because,- for some reason I still don’t understand,- Im thinking about Jeff. At the same time I know if I see him, Jeff, -again, he actually need to work a bit before he will get any “goodies” from me. And I m not sure if Jeff is worth sharing “goodies” with,- or my sweet “frog-prince” ( I dont think he is).

To meet some “new frogs ” at the moment is “of the table”,- even there are some sweet one out there 🐸😊. So the “solution” for sharing some “goodies” is….not to big at the moment πŸ˜….

Men- how do you “work”? 😊

Men and women are different,- no doubt about that 😊at the same time we are a bit similar in many ways and situations.

There are “takers”, “givers” , “the needy one” and “sharers” and “carers”,- both men and women.

What I have a tiny challenge to get is,- when or what is it that makes a man “fall in love”? Where does this “fall in love – part” start for a man? Is it “sharing goodies” and then the feelings is maybe are coming? Or is it something else?

Don’t a man need to feel any kind of attracting to share his “goodies “? As long as he can share the “goodies” is it just good enough?

I need to feel some attraction before I can share my “goodies”,- thats for sure 😊

Me,- and I m create that way that I need to feel some kind of attraction before sharing “goodies “….

At the moment I have an impression that a man’s “feelings ” starts in his “goodies ” area πŸ˜‰πŸ˜…,- but I can be wrong 😊.

And it seems that some men are a bit confused about what is polite behavier and what is a flirting behavier.

I have also been thinking about the fact that many men have daughters,- they are fathers,- but do they really want theier daughter to meet a men that behave like them self ? πŸ€” The behavior that some men have towards women?

Well, well,- just some thoughts about this “dating”, “frogs”, flirting, “sharing goodies” , attraction and the way some men act towards women. Like this Finnish man,- this was a behaviour I didnt like. Not attractive at all!

So lets see what’s the Summer brings,- maybe I meet and kiss a sweet frog?🐸 and maybe I share my “goodies” with some one thats worth sharing with? πŸ˜‰ How knows? 😊

Me,- and I m just sharing “goodies” with someone who is worth sharing “goodies” with 😊


….. and remember,- sharing “goodies ” does not necessary mean caring 😊

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