The charming teenager age πŸ˜‰πŸ˜…

Dear Diary 😊

Some days ago I did told you about my “charming age”,- the “sweet 40’s”πŸ˜‰ with different changes like new lines in my face, fluffy hair, bodyskin with some strange “shrunks” “here and there”, the eggfactory is slowly closing down and ect.,- as well as the mind and thought has changed a bit during the last 10-15 years- and I’m happy for that😊

Its an expression that says “Every age has its own charm”,- and thats so true 😊 I think many use this expression normally when they have babies and children, but it is actually a bit charm with every age and life- stages in life,- like this charming teenage age I have around in my home at the moment with Emma,- and also have been through with both of my sons.

Emma enjoying the sun on our balconyπŸ’›β˜€οΈ- but she will probably forget her Sun cream here, the towel and maybe a couple of other things tooπŸ˜‰πŸ˜… (Im just kidding- she is just “growing up“)

Emma is now in this charming teenager age,- but I need to edmite that I not always thinks it is like a very “charming” age πŸ˜…. Its some different challenges to be a teenage mammiπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰.

But before I continue,- I have promise to not “put to much” of my children and theier life “online”,- and when I do,- I tell them, and I do ask them if it is okay for them if I write about “my subject”, and I do also let them see my planned photos for my post. I did this to Emma as well for this post ,- and she deleted some of my planned photos,- and did let me keep “the best one”πŸ˜‰πŸ˜…….say no more,- but I know I m not the only mammi or pappi that have a teenages-room that look like this:

A tiny little “inspiration” to other parents that are not just yet come to the charming teenager age πŸ˜‰

Im not sure if my sons was “better” or “worse” than Emma. What I know and remeber is that is was a bit work, some challenges and a “touch of patience” and also a “basket” of worries.

My “job” as a teenage-mam is to raise them, teach them, learn them, help them, be there for them, to learn them respect and except for other people and life-situations,- and to love them with all of my heart ❀

My “job” as a teenage-mam is also to go on “hunt” after different kitchen-stuff like glasses, plates, forks, spoons, and knifes. Be worried for them and be a taxi- driver 😊.

It can be a challenge “job” with this different worries. Worries about something can happen to them when they are “out with friends” on late evenings and nights. Worries for them drinking to much alcohol or maybe even try drugs of any kind. Its worries about “good/bad”- friends. Theier studies, theier school, education- theier future.

But things happen ( with or with out alcohol or drugs),- so its just try to do the best of it – and have some ice-cubs in the stomachπŸ’› Enma and me at the hospital last summer when she broke her ancel.

But,- its a tiny bit of challenges on the “homebase” as well πŸ˜…. Not just worries when my teenager is “outdoors”.

On a mystery way the kitchen can be slowly empty for plates, glasses and things like that. So in case it goes totally empty one day I have hidden away some glasses and plates just for me πŸ˜‰. Then Emma need to take the dish-wash that stands on her roomπŸ˜‰,- because she will be emtpy of clean stuff too πŸ˜‰.

I have tryed to facilitated her closet, organize it so it should be very easy for her to find her clothes, and put the clean clothes in. But for some reason I dont understand, it seems that for her the floor is the best functionality closet πŸ‘€πŸ™„. She have an organizing skills that I really dont understand πŸ€”. But for some reason she is avable to find clean clothes on the floor thats look like a caos for me.

Lucky for me,- she had her own bathroomπŸ˜…. But still there are make-up, hair-stuff an other things that disappear from my bathroom πŸ˜‰. But at least,- my bsthroom is not fulled up with her mess 😊.

With black-white colour I “tone” down a bit of the mess in Emmas room 😊.

My role as Emmas mam/ teenager- mam is also to try to teach her how to make food,- other food than a pizza maragarita πŸ•, also clean up, and wash her own clothes,- and about money and economi. πŸ’±. When thats said,- Emma is actually very good with money, economi and save money. She is an hard- working soul on this area.

The food,- well slowly its getting better. But I think the “challenge” here in the kitchen is not to learn to make different kinds of food- its to clean up the kitchen after πŸ˜…. Thsts way pizza margarita ( from the store) is easy to make πŸ•πŸ˜‰.

Then its the clothes- I m not using her clothes so I think she should wash her clothes herself. Therefor I have put up a “how to wash your clothes” on the washing machine- then she cant say she cant use it πŸ˜‰.

The washing-mashine,- and my pretty daugther with a gold mask.

One thing is for sure,- Emma is much, much better then me in the subject “face-care”, and make- up 😊. And,- now I can borrow a bit fancy clothes from her, but for some reason,- its not much she wants to borrow from me πŸ˜….

Im also a taxi- driver,- special in the night-time 😴. But its because I want to know she comes home safe. We have, or probably I have, made a “rule” that when she is out with friends during the nigth she needs to send me a “thumb-up”,- so I know all is fine with her. As well as text me or call any time, if she needs me, or if she sleeps over with friends. And if I have plans to drink some wine one evening with my friends, when she is out with her friends, she knows this in front. But still,- she will be able to reach me,- I cant just be a taxi- driver that evening 😊.

No children is born with an “instructions”,- but like I see it is my “job” to love my children with all of my heart ❀, as well as teach them different usefully things- like washing clothes, make food, clean up, behave, take care- how to handle life and the different challenges as well as happiness and joyπŸ’›

No child is born with “buttons” rather, (even it seems some parents think so), like different buttons that I just can push on,- and “vips” there they where able to for example walk or brush theirr teeths on they own. Like a wash- clothes- button or read- button, or clean-up- button, behave-good-button, be-respectfully- button and so on, this and more things are stuff my children need to learn- by me and by the life…..and hopefully be other people they are sourended by.

But if I could,- I have protected my children from everything thats is hurtful and painful in life,- but I cant πŸ˜”.

All in all,- when I see my sons,- age 25 and 21,- they have learn a couple of things by me,- I didnt think that was possibly when they did live home and was through this charming teenager age 😊.

And,- Emma is not the worst teenager to live with,- even her brain is totally on holiday sometimes, and she has a very different way to organize her clothes πŸ˜…. And she could be better in the kitchen, as well as clean up her bathroom, and maybe not put all her shoes on the floor, but on the shoes-shelf instead πŸ˜‰.

All in all I feel I have in so many ways been lucky with all my 3 teenagers,- step by stepπŸ’›. It has not been easy, its has been many long and lonesome nigths with worries, even some tears. It has been thought and hard, but also a lots of love, joy and happiness πŸŒΈπŸ’›But in one way or another way, me and my sons manage to “survive” the teenager age,- and I think me and Emma will too πŸ’›

One thing is for sure,- during all the different charming age my children has been through and are going to go through,- I will always love them with all of my heart❀,- even in that periods I dont think theier age is very charming at all πŸ˜…, because and yes,- there are days and weeks I dont think the teenager age is very charming, its a bit though. (as well as other ages and life-stages also can be a bit un-charming in periods…..all over the line from the nearly beginning of life to the end πŸ’› ).

But that’s the way it is,- normally we, parents, do “survive” the teenager age,- even there are days I think I cant manage 😊. Thats life, that’s a part of beeing a mammi, as well as a teenager-mammi ❀

A happy teenage-mammi,- but with some thought teenager-days too πŸ’›

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