What is decent job !??!?? πŸ€”πŸ˜Š (Does a job define a person?)

Dear Diary 😊

(I have so much to write about in thise “subject- its a “big” and importen subject for me😊- so I “give” you a “part” today,- and will continue more an other day 😊- but just remember- to read in my “dairy” means it will comes up a bit subject meanings- not always objective 😊).

Now at days its the big, serious examens- periode in Spain, as well as in Norway and many other countries in the world πŸ“πŸ“š, and its a big, big press on our young and hopefull souls. The focus is the grades, to get good grades on the examens. But what is a good grade? Is it just the number or letter you get on your exams-paper? Or is it also what a students actually has been learning during the process? Not just in the study- subject, but about him/ her self? The person behind all the books?

Studies, books, teaching, learning πŸ“πŸ“šπŸ˜Š

It is the grades that are the most important,- and does the grades “defined” the students/ persons “value” ?

In one way,- this is a necessary “system” to have, this examens and grades, but in an other way,- it dont defined a person, just that this person (hopefully) can a lots of facts about the subject what the exam and studies was about.

Maybe this student just study the subject and got this good grades so the parents, the family, people “close to” should be proud of him/ her?πŸ€” or was the studies a choice made by him/ her self?

What is a “decent” job? And does a job tells you about the person and the differnet “values” in this persons life?

What is a “decent” job?

Did the student take this education to “please” others? Will it make him/ her happy? Will the educatin in one or another way definde what kind of person this is ? And will he/ she get a “decent” job? And what is a “decent” job? Is it the tittle you get? The salary you get? The name of the company you are going to work for or working for?

Or,- is a “decent” job a job that pays the bills and on its own way give you a kind of happiness in life? A kind of motivation to continue the work you are doing.

Happiness is different from person to person. Motivation is different from person to person.

Happiness and motivation is different from person to person πŸ’›πŸ“πŸ’±

It seems that for many (parents as well …..) that a “decent” job is a) the “nice” and “fancy” tittle you get, b) the “high” salary you get, c) the name of the company you are working for, d) the education you have…. and many, to many, are to good to “look down” on people that don’t are in even one of this 4 “categories” ,- but they actually still have a decent job πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š. And they also forget the person behind the work as well. The human that do a great job in the dishwasher or serving you a nice and tasty coffee at the cafe.

What about the cleaning- personal in a hotel? If they havent changed the bed, clean the room after the guestes before you,- would you have the room? Slept in the bed? Probably not. But the job they are doing is still decent. And what does the job they are doing tells you about the person behind?

What about them that take care off all our garbage? What should we do without them? What about the personals in the different stores? Gas-stations? Or them that make the toilet- paper? All different kind of jobs is in one or another way connected to each other, importen parts,- and we need them all. It’s like a gear. We need different work abilities in the community to get the wheels going around. And they are decent! (of course its exceptions- we don’t need “scams” or drug- dealer ect- but I m not going on that road today 😊).

Most of us like to use toilet- paper after a visit on the toilet,- and some one actually need to make this paper. Is that a “decent” job? 😊

In what postive way does different kinds of jobs defined a person? 😊

I did texted a bit with a friend in Norway yesterday, and my friend has started dating a new man. She didnt tell me very much about the man as a person, just his working-tittle and the name of the big and well-known company he is working for (also his age and how many children he have). What does this tells me about him? How he treat her? How he is like a dad? A man? That he is a nice man? What I do think,- is that he probably like to make food and hopefully like his job. And she did probably think that his job was decent since it was important to mention that oneπŸ˜‰. But it didnt tell me so much more about him as a person.

Up to 50%, summer vacation

So it made me thinking even more about “decent” job and whats define a person.

So easy is it to focus at the tittle, the salary, the name of the company. But is this the reason why she is dating him? Because of his work and tittle, the company he is working for? Or is there some other reasons? Does his work and tittle defined him? I don’t know,- she didn’t tell me why she is dating him.

Me and mine

I know education is important,- I have ny self 2 different kind of education and can work in different possisions and areas because of that. But does it defend me as a person? And is it “decent” work I do?

I know education can give my children a bit more possibility for choose between different kind of jobs. “Decent” jobs πŸ˜‰. But theier jobs- tittles or education, salary or name of the companies they are working for does not defined them as persons and good humans, or theier happiness in life. Not all of it, but maybe some.

Its so many different kind of educations with different kind of values in life😊

I want my children to be happy! I want my children to be nice to other people! I want my children to treat other people with respects and accepts! And I want for them to have a job thats give them the life they wish for, because its theier life,- is not my life. And I want them to be proud over them selfs and what they do for a working (as long as it is legal) πŸ’›

I m already very proud of them πŸ’›.

But its not necessary that good grades at school, many years of studies, a fancy tittle or a big salary make my children to be good humans and happy persons……or give them a “decent” job they will be happy in, or make them be proud of them self as humans and persons.

I was not a very “good” student, I didnt get the best grades. But I m a good teacher and I m a good assistent nurse,- but not because of my grades I did got long time ago,- but because of the works after my studies. Some of that work has made me to the person Im today,- as well as beeing a mammi. Im proud of my self and the person Im and so fare, and has become, as well as what LIFE has teach me during the time. Life- experience. Not because of my grades or tittle,- but what I have been learing and who I m today.

But of course Im gratefull for my educations as well. Its a big part of my “learning-in-life-prosess”,- for me. But that doesn’t mean it will be for others.

Im not proud of my online “social-work” job, but at the same time I m proud of it.

The job doesn’t define me as a person at all. At the same time it does- it showes me that I m avable to do things I dont like at all, just to support my family. Its showes me that I do “what ever” I can do to support my children. ( I m going to tell you a bit more about the job in an other post 😊- its “sounds” worse than it is πŸ˜…).

But,- is this online- job a “decent” job? Why? Why not? Who has the reason to jugde that, in case? And why ? Will the “jugdment” tells more about the person thats jugdes me and my work? Or more about me? At least the job pays the bills….😊


I know its people “out there” that will defined “me” as a person in a negative way because of “what” I m working with at the moment to earn the money to the “household”. But that tells properly more about them then it tells about me (and at the moment you still do not know exactly what I m doing as an online “social-worker “- you just have an imagenation,- you just know I dont like the job ). Think a bit about that πŸ˜‰. A woman and mammi does what she needs to do- for her children πŸ’•.(most mammis- not all)

How does my “teacher- tittle”, “assistent-nurse- tittle” and a freelancer- writer define me ? Its define that I probably like to work with people, and that I like to work with words and textes,- but does it defined me as a good human? Respectfully person? Aggressive person? Happy person? Sad person? Needy person? Romantic person? Adventure- person?

Are my works “decent”? And in case,- why? Why not? What is “decent” and whats not “decent”? And why is it like that?

Im going to follow up this “subject”- because its a important subject for me πŸ˜ŠπŸ“πŸ“š….but I cant write it all down in once 😊…..

But I hope the students that take theier examens during the next weeks will be happy in life, feel joy- and not feel or think that the results on theier exams define them as “good or bad/ stupid- not stupid/ with or with out any kind of value” πŸ’›

…..so its just to follow me 😊…..then you will get the “following- up” too πŸ˜‰

Me,- with so many meanings and thoughts about so many different things in life πŸ˜˜πŸ’›β€

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