Motivation, inspiration, education πŸ˜ŠπŸ“šπŸ’›

Dear Diary πŸ’›

Its different things that gives motivation and inspiration to get a job, do a work and also get an education of any kind. We have all different goals in life, and its also different kinds of happiness. What makes me happy is not sure makes some one else happy 😊.

For some is the money and the (high) salary that is the inspiration to do a good job. For others it is a goal to work for specific companies, and they work hard to reach that. Others can have goal to get a kind of tittle,- and its a lots of tittles to choose between. For some is it the interese for a specific subjects that give the motivation and inspiration to get a education and a job,- and for some the goal is to have a job,-just to have a job,- it doesnt matter what it is,- as long as it pays the bills and give the person a good life. And the definition for a good life is also different from person to person.

Everything is a question of destion in life, and we all defined it differently whats importen for each and every one of us. And we have all different knowledge and interes.

The definition for a good life is like the colourful clouds- different from person to person.

We all have different kind of motivations and inspiration thats, hopefully, bring us to our different goals in life,-as well as in work- situations, when it comes to education as well as life in general. But that doesnt mean that one thing is better than an other, one education is better than an other, or one job is better than an other job. More “decent” than an other job.

Rabatt pΓ₯ Bilder

I dont have any interesting for working with cars for example,-I just like to drive my car….from A to B,- thats it,- but I m really happy some one else has and can help me with my car when something goes wrong😊.

Im not a good seller rather, but its good there are people that can handle sales, good sales. I dont like hights, so to have a job high, high up wouldn’t work out for me,πŸ˜… but its great that other can do any kind of work in the high. I cant imagen me working on a platform for example,- its fare, fare away from land, its high and its deep, dark ocean around. But its good other can do that kind of work.

Its actually so great that we all have different intereses, different goals, like different things, different knowledge, and different kind of motivation and inspiration to get to our goals.

What I dont like to much is this word “a decent job”. And that many define a persons job as the person he or she is.

My children’s motivation and inspiration to education/ to work

Johan,- my oldest son, want to earn money, as much money as possible. Thats one of his goals in his working- situation. Money is his motivation and inspiration to. And he is working a lot to reach it. He dont care to much about more education at the moment, just work, work, work. But this dont defined him as a good or bad person, decent or not decent work. But,- as his mammi Im a bit worried,- because I dont think his working-situations is to healthy to long. But he is 25 years old and need to find this “way in life ” on his own,- without me “nagging” to much πŸ˜‰( my excuse is,- I m just his mammi 😊).

Fabian, he has been happy in his work for over the last 2 years now. The job has given him new motivation and inspiration, and the opportunity to live in his own apartment (together with Millie), spend money on travelling and be with friends. Just enjoying his life. The job has given him also a motivation to now want try other and new jobs. 3 years ago it was not like this at all, he didnt think he was able to do “anything” at all, there was not any kind of motivation for anything. But just the feeling to master a job, that someone did belive in him has given him a lots of guts and motivation. And he is doing good in his job too😊. He is still not there where he want to continue any kind of education,- but it is fine. He is just 21, and he is happy with his work and life- situation. And if he want to take a job on a cruise- ship,- why not? Go for it,- my goldheartπŸ’›πŸ…

Emma needed a break from the studies now. She is not finish, but there are at the moment no motivation to continue,- and when its not any kind of motivation to continue the education how will her exams- results be? She has got a job now, she is happy, she is young, only 18, and I also see that the motivation to continue with the studies is starting growing again, little by little, very slowly- but they are there😊. She wants to learn more, but she needed a break now – what is also fine.

All 3 have “decent” jobs 😊, all 3 are in different ways happy in theier lifeπŸ’›.

Let the motivation and inspiration grows,- even its not easy always- try to be inspired πŸ’›

I know some will not be agree with me, and mean that I should probably press all my 3 children to get more education, to continue studies. But I know my children, and I also know they need to find the motivation and inspiration to continue- if they want to continue. At the moment they feel great because they do it well in theier jobs,- and are happy in theier life.

And its not always easy to find the motivation and inspiration. It can be a “big deep dig” sometimes to find it.

My children are all young, its still a lots of opportunities “out there” for them 😊. And,- I did started my 7 years teacher- education when I was 29 years old, singlemammi with 3 children and 2 jobs – so they have seen that it is possible to get an education when you are an adult as well. You dont need to take all education before you are 26 πŸ˜‰. But, yes, I hope one day they will continue and take a bit more education because I know it can even give them more opportunities and choices 😊.


My motivation – inspiration

I was not very different from my children when I was 18- 21 years old. (Johan was birth just a couple of months after my 21 years day).

I did work on a hospital in Norway as assistent nurse, and was happy with that. Didnt think to much on the future or my dream- job,- I just lived my life in a way. But when I became a mammi and also probably older I wanted a bit “more”. One of the reason was my child and children. I wanted to give them holidays, be able to pay the ballett- training, football- training, clothes, shoes, go bowling with them, take them to the cinema and so on- things cost money- thats the way it is.

I wanted to give them a life they did deserved, and good memories,- (yes, many memories is free- but its still not the best memory if there are no money to buy necessary shoes for the nice trip/walk …).…and then I also needed to work, and get works that “payed off”,- so it was possible….to buy shoes or give them a nice holiday 😊. My children was and did became my motivation and inspiration πŸ’›.

Now,- its more or less meπŸ˜…,- and some days I need to “dig deep” inside my self to find the motivation to do my work, earn the money. Its not always easy- but its still there , the motivation – its just different from before,- to for example start thinking about saving money for a travel just for me. I actually want to save money for a 2 weeks cruise- trip to Caribbean with my 3 children 😊,- and not just me. It feels so so strange to start focus on me, my self, my own life in a way. Very, very strange.

Or work for a home just for me, electricity just for me, be able to choose clothes to me,- and dont think “I need to wait, Fabian need new football-shoes” or “Emma need a new bag to her school” or “Johan need new trousers”. It is strange,- its very strange to turn the motivation and inspiration for earning money, do a job, do my work,- for just my self.

Anyway,- my motivation and inspiration is still my children, and this cruise- trip,- and also actually learn to focus on my self, my own trips and travellers, and other things I probably need ss well ss need to do in my life….. like for example buy some new summerdresses πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰πŸ’›…..or take my self out for dinner…..but this something I need to learn to do,- to focus and priorities my self in different levels in life πŸ’›πŸ˜Š….and find the motivation and inspiration to do it πŸ˜‰πŸ’ž.

Me- looking after and for the motivation and inspiration to be just me, start to just take care of myself πŸ’›

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