Texting….or not texting…?…πŸ€”

Dear Diary 😊

In todays society its many men and women that “meet” each other during online-dating, and the contact starts with chatting and texting. Sometimes the contact also stops very fast after some texting,- and you normally “know” it will not be any “meeting” between you two,- men/women-women/men. But sometimes the chat continue to the first meeting, and maybe more, you are actually starting dating, flirting, its growing up an interest between you two 😍. And suddenly the texting stops, the chatting stops….from the woman or the man.

Because in this “case” there aren’t to many difference between a woman and a man.

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Women in general are more “active” to send textes, wait for an answer, checking the phone…often, and also get a bit “down” because there arent coming any textes back….or less textes, and maybe a bit “different” textes then before. The interest seems to be gone from the other part.

If he or she dont text you back, he or she are probably not to much “up in to you”,- in the way you wished. And there are normally not to much different between a woman or a man here- in this “case”. If a woman arent to much interessed in a man there will come less textes, or maybe no textes back at all. And its the same “scenario” in the opposite direction.

Thats the way it is, – and , yes, it can be a bit “hurtful”,- of course,- but normally not to much to do, then except the “fact” that the interest is gone 🌼.

Its actually not very complicated 😊. He/she is probably not very interested in you.

I have been waiting for textes, answare from men I was interested in,-but if he(/she) dont text you back,- put on a smile in your beautiful face and just continue- he/she is probably not worth waiting for any way 😊

Of course it can be other different reason why he/ she is not texting you back. He/ she can be busy at work, on a travel or busy with work-out/ hobbies/ intereses. He/ she can be busy with children/family or friends. Something bad can had happen in his/hers life that may be the reason why he/she dont text you, or he/she is not a very big “chatter”….or he/she trying to be a bit “costly”- even its not actually working- to be to “costly”.

An other “scenario” (often typical for women πŸ˜‰- but also men) is texting him/her , and he/she text you back- answare you, but do never take any iniativ to text you/ send you the first text- do you think he/she is very “in to you”? Probably not.

One thing to keep a bit in mind is,- a man “feel” he know a woman after some “few” (it can be 10-20 textes…or more) textes, but a woman get an impression of a man after some “few” textes- an impression to want to meet him, or not want to meet him. Of course- no rules with out an exceptions!!! Always!

I m actually not a big “chatter” (Im chatting so much in my job any way- just kidding πŸ˜…),- but I dont like to have a long conversation by chatting,- not even with my children or friends- I like to talk, or video-chat, or just “meet up”. But of course I m texting😊 And I m not an exception when it comes to “waiting” and texting- waiting for an answer, a kind of response from the text I did send a man I was interested in. And wait, and wait- but no point in that any more 😊.

If he text me back he is sincere interested in me, if I dont hear to much, its nothing to wait for. He is actually not interested ,- if he dont contact me- he is actually not very interested in my- easy, that’s it 😊.

Waiting and waiting,- testing- is my phone in function? My iPad? My lap-top? Can he reach me? πŸ€”πŸ˜Œ

Sometimes a man can text you back after months with “silence”- and tell you “I have been thinking so much about you. How are you? I miss you….bla-bla-bla”.

There can be a possibility that he actually do miss you, and its true he have been thinking a lot of you,- but there can also be a possibility that you are number 10 in line- he havent “got” anything for a while, – it can be a date, flirt or it can be sex. So he contact you because he hope there could be a tiny little hope for some “goodies”- sharing- and maybe thats it. That’s all he want- have a bit sex.

Well,- then it is up to you what you want to do. How to “handle” the situation,- one thing is for sure,- one way to his / a mans “feelings” and heart can (I dont write it does-it can!!!) goes through his “banana”🍌(Im trying to be “nice” in my way to explain πŸ˜…). Any way- its not a secret- often a man’s feelings ( for a woman ) starts in the “banana- area” πŸ˜‰. So its just up to you- you can be “hurt” again- from the same man. “Used” for his “pleasures”,- but you can be “lucky” and get some “pleasure” out of the “scenario ” too πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š.

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I have 3-4 example from my life, just during the last 4- 6 months about texting and men showing me interested.

Jeff was 2 weeks in Spain in January, he did texted me the last day before he should travel back to USA,- wanted to meet me – for sex. I didnt go. And I havent got to much textes from him after. Normally I have texted him, and he have answered me,- but he has not contact me very much. Maybe I hear from him again when he is back in Spain, maybe not. It I hear from him its probably because he want to have some “fun”, and I also may be number 10 in line he is contacting. An other thing,- I have actually lost my internet for him now.

Rafael did ask me some months ago if I could clean his house. At that time I didnt have any possibility abd time for doing that, but suddenly my “life” did changed and I was able to clean his house. Then he didnt need it,- and I found out it was because he got a girlfriend. Not to clean his house, he actually did clean it in his own 😊. But the question was not just to “clean” his house,- I did understand that after. To bad for me πŸ˜…….I m still a bit interested in Rafael πŸ˜‰.

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Bernardo did blocked me on his phone, but just a couple of weeks ago he contact me again. All this “miss you, thinking of you- bla-bla”. I found out that he havent had any dates since we did dating- and so he did probably think it was a kind of hope to get “something” with me. I have lost my interest for him as well.

A danish man I did meet texted me yesterday, he was on Bali at the moment, but are coming back to Spain in July. I did meet him in December 2018. He told me some months ago he had a girlfriend,- well I think thats relationship is over now. Why should he text me and informed me about when he was back in Spain? He was in Spain in April as well, with his girlfriend. Im not going to meet him rather. He is not interested in me, if so was the case,- he havent had a girlfriend in between,- I at least think so.

This is just some “few” examples from men texting me….I can give you more; also from female as well as male friends in this “texting-dating-interested “- scenario. But I dont think its necessary 😊

I m not to much different,- if I m not interested Im not texting, maybe I m polite and answare, but I dont take contact. The different is,- I losing interested if I dont hear to much from a man I was interested in. And if I m not interested I also tell this to the man. And if a man text me back after months with “silence”,- I dont have the same interested any more for him.

If I m interested in a man I m texting with I always try to send the “last ” text- even it is a smiley face 😊. Then its up to him to contact me again.

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I dont think it is any “recipe ” in this “texting/ not texting -interested/ not interested ” scenario (no rules with out an exception-you know),- but in general- if he or she dont text you back after a while- there normally arent any interested 😊.

Im much more relaxed when it comes to texting/dating/interested- not textin/ not interested then I was before,- if he is interested in my I will hear from him- if not I dont hear from him. And of course I “show” some interested in case- but I m not using all my energy in textes/ not textes any more. But yes,- I have used a lots of energy in this “texting-scenario” earlier 😊.

But of course it can be other reasons why he/ she dont text you- life is, life happen πŸ’›.

Im much more relaxed to dating and – the textes- “scenario ” now then I has been,- if he dont text me back, he is probably not very interested in me 🐼/em>?

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