….a bit primitive…πŸ˜¨πŸ•·…

Dear Diary πŸ˜¨πŸ˜…

When I meet a cockroach I actually act and behave as primitive as the insect itself is, perhaps even more primitive 😨. I dont “howls and screams”, but I jump,- very fast, very high, very impulsive to an other place fare away from the cockroach,- and it goes so fast that people around me, my friends Im with, dont even recognize that I m gone and maybe find me on three or four tables from the table we was at,- or many many meter away. At the same time is feels like all the color in my face is gone and my blood freezes to ice. I have probably a very “funny” and scary facial expressions at the same time too- I dont know why – but I feel like everything is frozen inside me when I see a cockroach.

I probably look like this, maybe even “worse” πŸ˜…

I cant help it. It is something with this primitive “bugs” I cant stand 😨. And to be honest its not very much to look at rather,- not very sweet and charming 🀀. And that sounds they make, its the sound I normally hear firts, before I see the cockroach walking “in the street” or where ever its walking. Its just ….”iiikkkk”….🀀….and they smell- awfull! πŸ˜₯

Up to 50%, summer vacation

Yesterday when I did park our car in the carport it was a dead cockroach on the floor. I know it was dead, it was a bit “squeezed”, but still I felt like I was freezing to ice, and for some reason I also did look after his friends,- a “soldier-troop” with cockroach walking around, angry, and wanted to pick up theier dead and “squeezed” friend.

Lucky for me,- they didnt came,- but I remember a “funny” story that happen 4 years ago. A friend of me was visiting me here in Spain, and in the evening we went out for some food. When we was waiting for the food, I did heard this “clikk-clakk-clikk-cloak” -sound, and looked down….and there is was…..this not very charming cockroach walking around πŸ˜₯. (it was just this one, no friends, but anyway🀀).

And yes I did jump, several tables from our table, over to some other guestes, and just did stand on the chair- a bit paralysed 🀀…and a bit freezen cold ( in the summerheat of 30 degrees πŸ˜…).


The restaurant-owner came, and he just “squeezed” it with his feet (he had shoes on πŸ˜…), did find some paper and removed the “body”. I went over to my friend again, and of course she was laughing- a lot- it was “just” a “bug”…in my mind a bit big bug,-but okay….

I need to edmite that I was looking for his “soldier-” friends. I was not to much worried, because I knew ,in case they came, it was not me they was looking for this time,- but the restaurant- owner….that killed theier friend πŸ˜….

I m polite,- so even I didnt wanted to eat there, we had already ordered the food…..before this visit from the cockroach 🀀…..so I did stay, but probably eat to fast and did drink my wine to fast too πŸ˜…. The last one was probably good, it made me in a better mood, and also a bit more relaxed 😊.

Sommer kjoler

I havent been eating at this place after this “cockroach- event”,- even I know its not the restaurants mistakes. This is just the way it is in Spain. We can meet on a cockroach or ten just because of the climate here.

Any way,- on the way back home I did find out that I should pick some few “off-plant”- plant to bring home and plant in our patio. So we did. Did take some plants “here and there” with us.

This is one of the plants we did take,- and its still growing a lot and fast…and its a very nice plant 😊…..and sometimes remind me about when me or my friend maybe did carry home a cockroach πŸ€€πŸ˜….

Well back home I did orginazied the plants in glasses with water, and we sat down for some snacks and a good talk. Well,- my friend did still laugh a bit when she remembered my “jumping” and my standing on a chair….with some other guestes tableπŸ˜….

And then….this sound come again….”clikk-clakk-clikk-cloak”…🀀……in my patio 😨. And, of course, there, on the floor, a cockroach come walking. I did jump, I did take a large spray box with insecticide, and sprayed it empty on the cockroach. (I can be a bit “brave” πŸ˜‰-and yes! I have a bottle of insectcide “everywhere” in my home- and guess why??? πŸ˜‰). Everything went fast this time too. But this time I did “handle” the situation on my own. Probably because of the wine πŸ˜…πŸ·.

A “reconstruction” from 4 years ago- but this is in our car-park from yesterday).

The cockroach did die, it was stiff as a stone and could not move, certainly because of all the spray. We did find a transparent plastic-glass and put over it,- in case, it wanted to walk a way. We did created it like a transparent plastic-chest for him (and found out that he was a bit like Michael Jackson- in his glass-chest, -” treated” like some one famous 😊). And yes, we did wait a bit for his “soldier-friends” to come. I didnt sleep very much that night, but no “friends” did show up 😌. Lucky me πŸ˜….

Yoins Plus-Size Fashion

And the cockroach was probably with us home, hanging around on some of the plants we did bring with us🀀we dont know if it was my plants or hers,- and its not importen.

I also need to edmite that I m a bit “bad mammi” sometimes πŸ˜”. When my teenagers room look like….yeah…whatever I can call it 😳,- I actually tell them (now its just Emma, but I did the same with Fabian) that they will get cockroach i theier room if they dont clean up 😏πŸ˜₯. It does help a bit, for a short time πŸ˜….

I know cockroach it not “dangerous “,- But they can bring with both infection and various allergies….and an awfull smell. And its “something” with this “bugs” I just cant stand- even famous pharaohs of ancient Egypt were buried with cockroaches that would bring them happiness “on the other side”. In Egypt, these “creatures” were seen as “lucky- bugs” 🀀….I still dont like them, – they are not sweet or charming at all….and they brings me a very primitive behavior 🀀😨.

Lucky for me,- and probably lucky for the cockroachs πŸ˜… ,- I havent met to msny if them during the 6 years I have been living in Spain- maybe 5 or 10….so its not to bad at all 😊🌼.

Trying to smile after a “cold-in-my- soul and my- body”meeting with a cockroach 😊…..like you see- all my colour is gone πŸ˜…πŸ˜Š.

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