Some busy “business”days 😊

Dear Diary 😊

The last days has been a bit busy with work, planning, spend time with family and holiday-guestes,- and also to get my blogg a bit better 😊. Well at least in different technical terms πŸ˜…,- when it comes to content thats an other issue 😊.

Im a “newbie” in the blogging-world,- and its different things and terms to learn,- special if I want to reach my goals when ut comes to blogging- and that have it as my job. If I will be able to manage that I dont know at the moment ,- but if I dont try,- I will never find out 😊.

Its about subjects and terms, topic and photo, content, to get followers, likes, shares and so on. I have readers to my blogg- from several of different places around the world- so thats at least good 😊,- but its necessary with a bit more then “just” many readers of my blogg πŸ“šπŸ˜Š.

Me- running from “business” to “business” this week -and a bit tired,- but its also very fun 😊

Im not quite an professional “IT-guy”,- so things takes a bit time 😊. I should really wish I had some one that could do different “up-grading” in the different technical terms at my blogg, and the IT-support for me πŸ˜…. But I m not quite there at the moment where I can hire my own IT-teamπŸ˜…. So I actually need to do a couple of things on my own,- not just write and find some photos to my posts 😊. Maybe my blogv became a bit better, or maybe I just created a mess πŸ˜…. Well;- its just to try it and see whats happen and how its will work out 😊. Any way,- even if “thing takes time” and goes a bit “slow” Im learning something new everyday in and on this “online” world and also about IT in this area.

At the same time I feel a bit like a “business”- woman,- trying to build up “something”,- something thats just mine, my own working-place, my own “arena”, my “product”😍. Its not easy,-and it takes time, and a bit patience,- and I also need to find my terms to do this. But so fare, so good- I m actually a bit satisfied so fare 😊. I have just been “online” in the online- world for just 2 months. And I actually have readers (not many followers yet-working on that one- and its a different between this readers/followers πŸ˜‰) many different places in the world. And I havent “showed off” on “Paradise Hotel” or “Ex-sex on the beach” ,- or what ever this reality-series are called πŸ˜…. BTW- this different series is not “reality”πŸ˜…,- its not at all “the real deal” of what “the life” actually is- so why call it a “reality-series? πŸ€”πŸ˜‹ (thats something I can write about one day as well πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š).

Hopefully it will be easier for my readers now to also start following me/ my blogg, to like my post, even to share them if they want πŸ˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ’›

In between my own “IT-support help/ work” for my blogg, I also need to earn a bit money,- and I still work as an online “social-worker”. To just “spice” that kind of work up a bit and make it a bit more fun for my self to do it ,- I have created it as an “research”-object on my opposite sex πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈπŸ•΄,- in the age between 40 to 75. Its both funny, interesting and its make my working-day a bit more exiting 😁.

20% off no min spend for shoes and bags

I find out a lots of interesting “things” about my opposite sex πŸ˜…….and theier two heads-function and connections,- or maybe not-connections???? πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„ Its any way a bit fascinating in different subject, terms and topic how the “two-headed”- functions is working in different areas 😊.

So I have created my own research-work as well this week,- and feel a bit like a “business”- woman in that case too 😊

My research-work,- suddenly my online “social-worker”- job became a bit fun 😁

I like to have my life a bit orginasied and stable in some areas in my life. And I think it will give me a bit less “ice-cubs” in my stomach if I have a couple of things a bit more organised and stabile,- like more stable working-hours and mors stable income,- so I have also been “running” from interview to interview this week as well 😊. To work online as “social-worker” is not stable or very well organised working- hours or stable and organised income. I think if I can get an other job,- with a bit more stable working-hours and a bit more regular and stable income it will also be a bit easier for me to reach my goal when it comes to the goal I have with my blogg 😊. So I have also been like a “business”- woman,- running from interview to interview this week 😊.

Me as a “fancy” “business”- woman in different areas this week 😁😊

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