Family and friends “around the table” πŸ’›

Dear Diary 🌼

Its so good to have nice and relaxing evenings with good friends and family. This week my children has friends over from Norway,- so this Friday we did barbecue. It was a nice way to end a busy week, and to start a nice weekend 😊.

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We was 7 persons “around the table” this Friday ,- sometime we are more, sometimes less. This Friday 6 of us was from the same city in Norway, a town on the West Coast of Norway,- and then sweet Millie from Sweden 😊.

Often its a mix from different places in Norway as well as different places in Europe,- and its colorfull evenings with a lots of good conversation and laughing 😊.

Its great to have guestes, I like that,- to try my best to create a relaxing atmosphere where everyone feel welcome, and want to come back πŸ’› – at least I hope so 😁.

Normally I serving the food like a kind of buffet so my guestes just can “pick and mix” the food they want , eat as long as they want, as much as they can manage, and take a “eating-break” in between 😊. Sometimes they even take a “trip” to the pool in between the food 😊.

Its nice, I like it this way 😊.

Barbecue this Friday 😊

Its easy to made barbecue for several people and guestes,- but its also other easy dishes I made when we have guestes over. Dishes thats tast good, are easy for me to made (its not always easy to make food for 10-14 people in hot summer days πŸ˜‰) and also easy to serveing like a buffet 😊. Sometimes my guestes gets taco in the soft Summer-evenings or tapas of different kinds 😊. Easy to make, easy to serve, easy to eat and enjoy, and its also so tasty 😊.

Our Friday-barbecue table togheter with family and friends😊

You know,- when I m making the food more or less like an buffet my guestes also get exercised in between the eating, because they need to move to get more food πŸ˜…just kidding. We just not have a big house to “put” “everyone” and also cover the table with “everything” on the table too 😊 ,- but its still “room” for everyone πŸ’› ,- and then its better and more practical for both me and our guestes to have a kind of a buffet for the food then 😊.

Its also create a relaxing atmosphere, and thats importen for me,- special since we have different kind of guests at the same time sometime. A tiny mix of culture and colours πŸ’›πŸŽ‰.

And for me it also has become a kind of “lifestyle” to serving food like this when we have guestes over. Its so much easier to enjoy the soft Summer-evenings together with friends and family, with good food, a lots of good conversation and laughing 😁,- and it doesn’t feel so “ceremoniusly”- I like it that way 😊. And I dont need to “run” to the kitchen all the time and check up the food,- I can spend time with my family, friends and guests 😊.

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If course we cover the tables more “ceremoniusly” in more “ceremoniusly” settings- but the life in general is not very “ceremoniusly”,- so why create a to much “ceremoniusly” atmosphere? ,- when I can create a relaxing and joyful atmosphere insted 😊.

I like this kind of “lifestyle” “around the table”- around our table πŸ’›,- with good food, long and colorfull conversation and a lots of laughter.

The “chef” and the cook 😁 in my relaxing atmosphere in our home in Spain 🌞.

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