A visit at the Fantastic Sky Bar β›…πŸŒž

Dear Diary 😊

I should have been together with and meet up with a “single-meet-up” – group at the Sky Bar in Fuengerola yesterday evening. And actually I should went there alone, so I could try to “exercise” a bit to “take my self out” πŸ˜… ,- but I m not quite there yet 😊. So lucky for me a friend could join me yesterday 😊.

We did have some snacks and wine in my home before we went to Sky Bar. The wine did have a sweet colour, and nice “bobbles”, but the taste was a bit “relaxing” ,- if I could use that kind of an expression for a wine πŸ˜….

An relaxing atmosphere before visiting Sky Bar 😊

We did went to Sky Bar, but I didnt meet up and “mingled” with the “single-meet-up” group 😊. Its like Im in a way “finish” for a while with “dating” or “looking for a date/ boyfriend” at the moment. I dont know why, but it doesn’t tempt me at the moment ,- so insted we did find a nice and a bit more quit place in the bar with fantastic view over the ocean.

Sky Bar is a place I absolutely recommend to visit if you are in the Fuengerola-area. Its a fantastic bar with marvellous view and an relaxing, cozy and intime atmosphere.

Sky Bar in Fuengerola πŸ’›

It was my first time at Sky Bar yesterday,- but I m absolutely going to visit this bar again, maybe alone one day (for “exercising” to “take my self out” πŸ˜‰) , but also with friends here in Spain as well as with friends and family that are visiting me here in Spain 😊. I did really like this place 😊.

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Insted of joining the group,- my friend and me enjoyed the view, we did listen to good live music, did drink tasty and colorfull drinks, chat up and had a really good time. I actually enjoyed this time with my friend much more that I think I had enjoyed “minling” around in the group 😊.

Colorfull and tasty drinks, and a lovely view at Sky Bar in Fuengerola 🍹

I’m not sure why I m so “finish” with “dating” and this “boy-friend-hunting” πŸ˜… ,- but its feels a bit “empty” this online- dating, meeting up,- and use my time on what? Something thats not goes any where? πŸ˜…

Maybe its my age? Or maybe I just want to focus on my dreams and goals now? Use my energy to reach my goals first of all? Take a bit care of just me and my self a bit? Before I m using my time and energy on a man, a relationship? 😊 I dont know why its like that,- and its not importen at the moment rather 😊.

After the visit at Sky Bar we went for a nice walk in Fuengerola centre,- and did meet a group of norwegian tourists. Fun people from the South of Norway. They have an apartment in Fuengerola, and visiting the area several times during the year. We had a lots of laughing and funny conversations with them 😁. My friend have already planned a barbecue- party together with them when they are back in Spain in September πŸ˜….

Its actually not very often we, me and my friend, do this, spend an evening “out in town” togheter- and it was a great evening that we probably going to again an other time 😊.

I even got a red rose from a young, nice and funny man from this norwegian tourists- group,- he was “only” 31 years old 😊. Imagen that- I felt a bit flattered, its not often a young man give me a red rose😊.

Me- dressed up for the evening, and I m enjoying the beautiful view at Sky Bar, and the nice rose I did get πŸ˜ŠπŸ’›

We did have a lovely evening out yesterday. A evening with an relaxing start, a marvellous view, lots of laughter and funny conversations, tastefully and colorfull drinks, and even meet some new and nice people 😊.

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