A 5-days Insta-challeng πŸ’›

Dear Diary 😊

My plan was to attend a 30-days “challenge” about how to do blogging. To learn more about blogging/ influences. But I needed to change my domene and so on,- and I have already done a bit of work on this/ my domene, and are still under “training”,- and to be honest,- I dont have “resources” to start “all over again” ,- in between work and trying to “built” up my blogg, and the daily life too 😊.

So insted I “hung me on” a 5 days Insta-challenge with Gry Sinding insted. Its not about blogging, but about learning to get Insta-followers, likes and comments. And in a way,- for me,- it also can “connect” new readers and followers to my blogg- hopefully 😊. Im already using Insta to “show off” my blogg anyway 😊.

So here I m at day 1,- and today its about “me”.

This is me,- and my name is Laila 😊….and I m a very “newbie” in the online world,- blogging-world 😊.

Im a Norwegian, mature woman thats lives and work in Spain. I have been in Spain for soon 6 years now. That was actually not the plan. The plan was 10 months,- but life has sometimes its own way to make some changes.

Im a mammi for 3 young adult children, two has moved out, and the youngest and last one will probably “be on her on” in a bit as well.

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I have “suddenly” discovered” that its time to “learn to live my own life”- but I m not quite sure how I do that πŸ˜…. So Im in away under “practice” in different areas in my life now. Briefly summed up,- learning to take a bit more care of myself, think a bit more about myself and a bit more focus on myself. Very “self- focused” πŸ˜‰. But I have discovered that this is actually something Im not very good at,- Im much better to be a mammi,- and maybe….if its has been time….a bit”me”…..

My “dream” is to work as an blogger, and hopefully get more time to paint as well🎨.

I have “always” like to write, and I like to take photos and put them together “in my own way”. Im a creative “soul” , and like to paint and knitting as well. But when it comes to blogging in seems that to find a “topic” is the “thing” to get followers,- and I do understand the “concept” of this.

But at the same time, for me,- its seems that “the funnel” starts in the opposite direction,- with the bottom first- a single topic first (as make-up, fashion, work-out, babies, family, food, business ect.) and then the bloggers after a while “write in the vom” about “everything” as well as theier topic.

Ps- I m a “newbie”- I have just done this online blogging for 2 months ,- and this is my impression of the blogging- world 😊…..its not sure its correct- I have no possibility for reading “all” blogs and posts thats are online.

I feel Im starting with the top of the funnel,- the opposite direction- the big one. I have not a “special and specific ” topic at the moment. Im trying to find it,- but for me, it seems, its works better to start with a “bit of this and that” in my daily life and my life in general. Then I m using the funnel, and hopefully I will find a bit more concrete topic after a while. This is “my way” to start this “journey” 😊.

I see whats will come out of the funnel,- little by little, step by step.

And so fare I m happy with what I have managed- even its s bit (much) more to do before I will reach my goals in the “blogging-world ” 😊.

Im a bit here in the “topic”- area in the blogging-world. My “stuff” are at the moment on the topp of the funnel…..in a bit of a mess….before it goes through the funnel and becomes a bit more “clean” topic 😊

I have been reading a lot about blogging, as well as different kinds of blogger and blogs. Its many good advice and tips- and I need to try to but them together to something thats fits best for me, and something I can use 😊.

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Well,- that was a bit about my “goal” with this 5-days Insta- challenge- that is my blogg and to get more readers, followers and likes 😊……Im still working on this “sharing- button” in my blogg πŸ™„…..so of course I want ti have “sharing” as well.

I have choose to write in english because I have “readers” in different areas in the world.

Im a happy person, kind and caring. Pretty much happy with my appearance and my age put together. I can be funny, and I m honest, open-minded and try to not be judgmental (need to edmite that is not always easy). Im a hard-working woman, and work as best I can to reach my goals. Im a open person, but still a bit “careful” in my posts.

I can be to nice, and to patient. I can give people to many chances to correct theier “mistakes”. I dont get angry very easy- but when I get angry its like a “bomb with out a “drawers”” thats explode.

I like to find solutions and not problems,- its not always easy- but then I have my own “mantra” – “it will be okay” 😊.

Do you want to get to know me, and my life here in Spain a bit better? Then follow me, read my blog, like ny blog – and hopefully this “sharing- button” will soon be “back in business” again as well 😊

Me- I really like to dress-up in nice dresses and clothes,- but I also enjoy my “sweatpants” 😊.

Wish you all a great day 🌞

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