Everything will be okay…. πŸ’›

Hi,- so nice to see you πŸ’›

Today it was my students last day before summerholiday. It feels a bit sad that I m not going to see them for over 2 months, they are a part of my weekly rutines 😊- but at the same time it will be a bit fine to have my living-room as a living- room for a while,- and not a nice combination of a class-room and living-room.

I teach spanish people in norwegian every Wednesday,- and also some afernoons during the week. I even have some spanish teenagers and help them out with theier english homework.

Up to 50%, summer vacation

Its a bit funny to be in Spain and teach spanish people in norwegian,- and it also give me the opportunity to “squeeze” in a spanish word now and then for my self to learn. But my students are so, so much better than me in norwegian then I m in spanish. (at the moment- I’m getting more and more motivated to learn spanish better). I admire theier motivation 😍.

Yoins day,up to 80% off

My students are great, and they are doing great in the language- subject as well ,- and I m a bit proud that they have chosen me to be theier teacher.

Hopefully they will still remember some norwegian frases, words and sentence after 2 months of holiday. Normally they do. I have actually done this, teach spanish people in norwegian for soon 5 years now here in Spain πŸ˜ŠπŸ“š. I have a collaboration with a language school in Madrid too,- so my students can take A1 and B2- examens (Bergens-testen) if they want to. Something I actually recommend them to do,- but its theier choice. They studing norwegian of different reasons. I like this job- my teaching- job,- and I m very happy for my teaching-education. I can use it in different areas and situations, and in different places in the world.

Last day of teaching before Summerholiday,- and I did get a tastful cava from one of my students today πŸ₯‚

Kind of Magic πŸžπŸ’πŸ’„

This is a page I hope you check out. You find it on Instagram as well as on Facebook- and the name is “Kind of Magic “. Its different and nice things for young and adult women- lovely things.

I did get this earrjngs from an other student today- I really love this πŸ’› and there is a lots of other nice things too. Check it out and see by your self – it is a kind of magic over the different products 🎁

5-days Insta- challenge 😊

Im still “hangs on” to this 5-days Insta-challenge,- but it is mostly for people that have a kind of product to sell. And I m not quite there, I could try to sell my paintings,- but I think I leave that one for an other day 🎨😊. But I m actually learning something any way,- something about “being online” as well as something about my self. So it is okay.

Today the “task” was about “key-message” to use on Instagram as well as for your company- to get in “touch” with your “clients and customer” . That one was not a easy one for me πŸ˜…,- since my “product” is my blog,- and I m still “tumbling” a bit around in this “topic-jungle” ,- something I actually think I need to just “drop down”, and stop doing.

Because when all comes to an end- it seems that “every blogger” has “them self” as an topic to the end. Its just in a way “hidden” behind something else. Like a business or make-up-product, being a mammi for babies or small children, different kind of food or diets, fashion- style, or any kind of work-out in different areas, or snakes or what ever theier interested is. The focus can be any kind of illness, or hobby or interest or a kind of lifestyle the blogger have. And thats fine- thats the way it just is 😊.

So when I turn this “blogging-world” “up-side-down” – to the end, all in general is about the bloggers life.

I do understand the “concept of finding a topic” ,- but I also do understand that I just leave it like this for a while πŸ˜…….so I can find the way and my way out of this “topic- jungle” 🌴🌳🌾.

Its always a solution, just not always easy to see ut or find it 😊.

Its always a solution- a way out- its not just always easy to see it and find it 😊

My topic is at the moment “norwegian , mature woman living in Spain- trying to find my/her own lifestyle and why to live and way to living now when the children are moving out” πŸ‘’πŸ‘‘πŸ‘ πŸ‘žπŸ‘Ÿ.

Im not alone in this situation any way- its many “out there”, woman as well as men, that are going to try to find out how to “live theier own lifes when theres no children to take care of any more”. And also on top of that, normally this “funny” menopause is coming to in the same periode ss the children is moving out, you are trying to find a new “lifestyle ” or “way to living”- mostly for women,- but yepp- men get a tiny “touch” of it too πŸ˜…πŸ˜Š.

I have exposed my self a lot this last 2 months,- and more is “on the way” and its more “to go for” as well 😊.

My “mantra” and “key-message ” to my self ( and to my children ) during the years has been and still is:

Everything will be okay, in on or an other way “.

So I choose to belive- that closely, no matter what situation Im in in my life- there will be a solution and all will be fine πŸ’›.

Me looking for solutions and believes that everything will be okay- in one or another way πŸ’›

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