Challenges 😊

Hi,- nice to see you 😊

Today (well when this is posted it will be yesterday) is the 5.and last day of the 5-days Insta-challenge,- and it has been nice – and busy- to follow it and be a part of it. I have learn a couple of things “on the road”,- also that I m not going to be a part of any kind of challenge like this for a while. It was to early in my “blogging- process” to be a part of this 😊. But it was a good challenge,- just not the correct “timing” for me and my “product” at the moment 😊. But I did learn a bit about what kind of posts “sells” on Instagram,- and I did get some new followers at Instagram during this 5 days as well😊.

Maybe,- and probably it will be other challenges I will be a part of later.

Today’s “keyword” was “involvement/ engagement “,- and I think I need to find my way to engage my readers before I do to much of this. My goal with my blog so fare was to get started- for real.

I did start for over a year ago- but didn’t publish anything like a kind of “marketed” for my blog before for 2 months ago. Then I in a way “moved ” online and started sharing my post on Instagram and Facebook. My goals was at that time ( 2 months ago ) to get use to “publish” posts, get 1000 readers/ visitors to my blog and also get some affilte. Not to get followers or use to much focus on that at the moment.

Today I have post 31 posts (32 with this one) online during this 2 months (its more to read- but its in a way my “exercises”), I have today had 1030 readers/ visitors, and its not so “scary” any more to posts 😊. I haven’t had any sales on my affilate so fare,- but that’s the way it is. All in all I m happy,- I did reach my goals for my first months in the “online-blogging-world ” πŸ’›. And I have some new ones forthe next 3 months 😊.

I have deleted a lots of post since I started in February 2018 πŸ˜…. Its a process- and I still in it and still very, very “fresh” and new in the “game”,- and it takes time to build up something/ anything new 😊.

Its like to paitn a painting- to create a blog- its a process of colours and subject before its finish πŸ€Ό/em>σΊ€Š

A challenge

A challenge can be so many different things, but are normally “split” in to parts- good, funny and postive, – like this 5-days Insta-challenge, or a bit more “hard to handle”.

In June I have had a “big” challenge with my internett- connecting 😀. Its disconnected “all the time”. Im losing working-hours, and work. And have also have had problems to up-date my homepage- my blog. I needed to priority work when I was connected online,’ and also try to do the best of it with this 5-days Insta-challenge.

Today the internet connection had been so much better,- I have been able to work 😊. But this evening it started again 😀. I have contacted the company,- but things can go very slooooooow here in Spain. The expression “maΓ±ana- maΓ±ana”- its there for a reason πŸ€€πŸ™„.

Norway is “light-years” infront when it comes to internet and also a bit others technical support and technical things.

I remember when we did moved to Spain,- and in our first apartment we just did have connection to internet one place- very close to the window and balcony in my bedroom. And it was just possible for two units to be online at the same time. Fabian and Emma used the “internett- corner ” in the afternoons and evenings,- and I did use it in the night πŸ˜…. So if I think about this- my internett- connecting now is “good”,- but it has been much, much better during the last few years….than this month πŸ˜”. I dont know whats wrong- the costumer-service and technical-support tell my different things every time πŸ˜”πŸ€€πŸ™„.

The “internet-corner ” in the first apartment we did live in here in Spain πŸ˜…

Challenges can also be “a challenge” to handle. I know,- I have been through a couple of them,- and normally I do learn something from a challenge- even it can be a hard way to learn, and not always easy to see “the lesson” at once.

All hΓ₯rfarger -40%

We all also handle challenges differently, and learn and get different “experiences” from the same challenge- and challenges in life.

This is a subject I will be more in “touch with ” later in my blog- because sometimes its just good to know that some one else has been through, the same “challenges in life” ,- even we did and do handle them differently and got different “lessons” as well 😊. It becomes a kind of comfort to know you are not alone πŸ’›. And it can be easier to put together the “broken pieces” in life to just know that other had been through the same- and did manage to handle the situation and challenge πŸ’›. Its sometimes just good to know -in one or another way- you are not “alone” to go through and handle “difficult challenges”.

Yoins ColorMix

Oops- my chair did break- its actually my first time in life I manage to break a chair πŸ˜……..and its was a “challenge” to get up again- then it was good to have Emma there to help me a bit 😊

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