Water and fire to clean the soul πŸ’§πŸ”₯

Hi 😊,- its always nice to see you 😊

This evening I went to the beach and watch the celebration for San Juan alone,- and it was a new and nice experience. I need to learn to do things like this, and a bit more on my own- its not easy,- but it will be easier for every time 😊. I haven’t been very much “alone”,- I have “always” had a couple of children with me 😊.

If I havent “promise” to write about San Juan I have probably been home,- so to do this blog expose me more then I m actually thinking about- and it so good for me to do this,- do thing alone, to learn be “on my own”- my children get theier own life,- and I need to get my life 😊 πŸ’›.

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The celebration of the Midsummer in Spain is a bit different from what I m use to in Norway. Its a big, big celebration and “fiesta y feria” that last for a week.

Its religious at the same time as it has its own “touch” of the ancient traditions.

But all in all is about to clean the soul with water and fire, and get a new, fresh start πŸ’›. And to get rid of evil spirits too.

The fire for clean and brun away the problems, coins for getting a rich year, and water to wash away the past and the sins.

People go to the beach early in the afternoon, and brings with drinks, food, snacks,- and things they will get rid of. Burn away πŸ”₯ It can be a photo of a ex-boyfriend, letters, school-books or other things that they can through on the bonfire.

Its small and many bonfire “everywhere” ,- that they are going to use for 2 things : burn the past they didnt like, and jump over the bonfire 3 times after 24.00,- or walk over the the glowing embers. This is for clean and brun away the different problems they have had during the last year.

The bonfire on the beach, all the people and the empty sunbeds 🌞

They celebration “a new start, a new beginning”,- and its a bit like a new years eve celebration.

Photo from the fireworks this San Juan- taken from my balcony 😊

Before they jump over the bonfire they walk backwards into the sea. This happen before 24.00. And the reason why they do this is to put away challenges and problems into the ocean, and to clean the soul, and walk back to the beach with a fresh, clean and “washed” soul.

Some take actually this sea-water home in bottles, and “splashes ” it into the different corners in theier home so evil spirits will not visting theier home. πŸ’§

The water is “holy” at this time. πŸ“Ώ

Some also through a couple of coins over theier shoulder and into the sea. For wishes for a rich year. I dont remember if it was the left or right shoulder.

Women that want to be pregnant lay on the seashore, and let 9 waves rinsing over them. This also happen around 24.00.

At 01.00 when all this different “rituals” is over its a marvellous fireworks. To celebrate a new start and beginning.

Not the best “movie”- taken from my balcony. I went home before the fireworks did started,- I was a bit tired β˜„πŸ˜Š

Midsummer/ San Juan is not like what I m used to at all,- and its people “everywhere”. At lots of people, and culture and traditions 😊. Its nice πŸ’›

And of course,- the weather here is very stabil at this time of the season. This evening it was 23 degrees,- and no needs for hat, scarf, or another warm clothes from Norway πŸ˜‰β„πŸŒž.


Im a bit to late with my 21/ 90 plan, because of our “slow-motivation ” internet- connection this month,- so I hope this day can be a “new start” for me then 😊. I have at least did one “new” thing this evening,- been on a big spanish celebration on my own,- even I don’t like places with a lots of, lots of people 😊. One step is one step 😊. And yes,- we did have hotdogs for dinner before Emma went out with her friends 🌭.

In Spain I can celebration Midsummer under the sun and in 23 degrees in the evening πŸŽ‰πŸ’›β˜„…..but with out any flowers under my pillow- I try it next year insted πŸ’›πŸ˜˜.

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