Mixed feelings πŸ’›πŸ˜Š

Hi,- so nice to see you 😊

Today its my last workingday in my homeoffice for a while,- and I have a bit mixed feelings about it. I dont know long its going to be like this,- for one month, 3 months, a year? I have no idea,- but its necessary to do a change in my working- situation at the moment.

I really enjoyed to work from home, and in 2018 all went so well that I didnt even though about or did imagen that my work-situation was going to change…..and not so fast. But the first part of 2019, and I mean the first 6 months in this year, has been really thought and challenged. And at the moment its to hard and stressfull to try to continue. The joy is in a mysterious way still there, and at the same time its not- its difficult to explain.

I know Im going to miss to be home and work, miss my “office-corner”, miss the “freedom” I had last year. At the same time, Im actually not going to miss the work Im doing from my home at the moment,- andhave done the last 6 months. And at the moment there is no “freedom” in my situation.

I m also very grateful for this online “social-worker” job. I dont know what I should done without it at the same time as I didnt enjoy it. It has any way “support” us,- more or less…

So yes its mixed feelings- to leave my working-place at home, but at the moment not the work.

Mixed feelings to day,- but very relieved and happy that I have an other job to go to tomorrow πŸ’›.

Its a new daily- life that starts tomorrow,- and it will be so good in so many ways. I know it will be long days,- work between 8- 9 hours 5 days a week. And the job is a bit different from “me” as a person and what Im used to, during my whole life in work,- but at the moment thats a good thing- a new learning- process…..also about my self 😊.

I did have a good working- rutine in 2018. I did like the working- rutines I did create- it gave me freedom as well.

This year I have been more or less “stand-by” as “social-worker”. Its work and money to earn when I get text from the ” headquarters” thats is queues on the lines. Then its just to “log-in”, jump to work, and work as much as possible. But its difficult to plan my working-day and also my time “off” is difficult to plan when its liks this.

Well,- enough about that one,- its my last day to day to be working “stand-by” for a while, and working from my home 😊.

My homeoffice, my working-corner,- its has been a good place to work- and I will be back- just dont know when yet 😊

But 6 months with a minimum of income that we hardly did survey on, and even sometimes lower that that. It has been hard and stressfull. Its has been days like J.K. Rowling said “to be as poor as possible without being homeless”.

Im at the same time very lucky. I have some great, good friends πŸ’› that have helped us out from “the worst days”. The difficult situation,- but I cant have it like this anymore.

It has been a bit difficult to socialization as well. You now you need the 2 euro for food, and cant spend them or coca cola or a glass of wine or even water ,- so you stay home. To chatte for hours takes also a lots of energy,- and in a strange, virtual way I have a feeling of being “socialization” all day. And yes, I have been a tiny bit depressed (actually a bit more then tiny, – lower down than I want to think about).

So No!!! Now I really need to have a regular income, a regular working- time, start to socialization as well with my friends ,- and…..still work for my “dream-job” in my “dream-office” to get to my “dream-life-living-situation”. How long it will take,- I dont know at the moment 😊.

Its not a “dream-job” I going to tomorrow,- but I m not in a “dream-situation” rather 😊. Im going to work with customer service-a bit different from what I m use to,- but it will be fine, so,so fine πŸ˜ŠπŸ’›. Im very grateful for this job and this opportunity πŸ’›. And do you know what,- I can actually take the weekends off now. I cant hardly remeber last time when I did have the weekends of 😊.

Its going to be great for a while,- this new working- situations. Im really looking forward to this changes in my life πŸ’› 😊 😍.

A bit mixed feelings today,- but its going to be so good with some changes now 😊 πŸ’› 😍.

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