New opportunities 😊

Hi,- it is so nice to see you 😊

To say I m not a bit nervous today is a lie,- of course I m nervous. Its a new job, a new place, a new office, new people and new working-tasks. And last, but not at least- a new opportunity 😊.

Its also a tiny lie to say I havent done this kind of work, costumer-service, before. The 2. and the 3. year in Spain I did work with customer- service. And it was a stable work ( but teally boring πŸ˜‰ ) for a while, but it became also changes there, and “cutbacks”. So when I did got the opportunity to work for a Scandinavian and UK- company in private homenursery I did “grab” that opportunity with my both hands- and didnt regret that 😊.

Its hard work to work in homenursery, both physical and mental,- but I like to work with people,- and I like to see positive progression in my work, with the patients, and that my job actually make a different for the person- at least most of the times 😊. In homenursery I did nornally work with 2 patients-groups. The one that was going to be better, and also with retraining,- and the one that was on the way to “travel out from” theier lifes πŸ•―.

But the private homenursery has also changed during the last few years here in Spain. Its not to much work there rather at the moment. I think its a mix between generation. One generation is gone, and the other one, the next one is not “come to homenursery”-age yet. People are more healthy, – and for the UK its actually also this Brexit-“agreement” thats one of the facts around the private homenursery.

Its good people are healthy,- actually 😊 ,- but its not very much work for me to do then 😊.

My homenursery- bag that I did bring with me from house to house, from home to home, from patient to patient. I still have it- in case 😊.

During this years in Spain I have actually been teaching all the time. When I did work at costumer-service, I did have students after work, in the afternoons. And when I did started in the homenursery I was also able to have some students at the daytime as well. And here I normally did see a lost of positive progression 😊. My students are great, and really work for learning.

I have also been writing a tiny bit as freelancer now and then for different companies, besides other jobs during many years. When I was living in Norway and now when I have been living in Spain. I have been taken freelance work and writing tasks since probably 2004, or maybe before,- I dont remember 😊. And when I did get the possibility to just work as a freelance writer I did “grab” that opportunity as well,- with both my hands πŸ˜…. And even the last 6 months has been hard I dont regrets it 😊.

So “costumer-service” is actually a tiny question about definition as well. I have been working with “costumer-service” as an assistent nurse, as a teacher and also as a writer 😊. I have been “served” “costumer” different and necessary “services” 😊. And from today its a “new” and other kind of “costumer-service” Im going to work with 🎧 ☎️ πŸ’». (…and yes the chatte- job is also a kind of costumer-service πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜…).

So,- as you might understand,- I m not affraid of taking chances, and I m not afraid of doing a job, and work 😊.

Some will maybe “think” I m stupid that has taken this work- chances and work- opportunities. Well,- I have “always” had some kind of work,- even I need to edmite that the chatting-job, this online “social-worker” job has been the most difficult job I have ever done, mentally.

An other thing,- we are all interchangeable in our job, and no one is actually irreplaceable rather in a job- and work- situation. Just a tiny remebering,- you never known when thing changes in your life.

Any way,- its a new day today, a new week, even a new month and a new half year has also started,- and for me its a new job today and new opportunities 😊. And I m looking forward for this different opportunities Im going to meet.

And at the same time it will be easier for me to work for my “dream-job” besides my ordenary job now. Because its more or less just me “to take care of” home in the afternoons now 😊. For just 3-4 years ago I still took care of my children and follow them up in life. But now,- the boys live on theier own, and Emma lives more or less her own life as well. So I can start to focus on my things now, my interests and my life πŸ’›

This is going to be fun and fineπŸ˜ŠπŸ’›

Wish me luck today,- and for the next days, weeks and moths,- and I wish you all a fantastic day, weeks and months πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

Im a bit nervous today, but I m also very exacting for the next days, weeks, months 😊

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