Just dropping by today😘😊

Hi,- so nice to see you 😊

Im just dropping by today,- I m a tiny bit tired to be honest- but in a good way 😊. So fare so good,- the happiness over this new job I m going to “feel very good” on hopefully in the beginning of October,- I dont take the chance to feel on “happiness” before 😊 ,- at the moment I just allow my self to feel a lots on the feeling “relief” 😊 πŸ’›.

It has been a lots of impressions the last two days. Of course,- its different new things to learn, new experience, things to “sort out”, and at the moment they all are like “flying around” in my head πŸ˜…. But it seems to be a great place to work- this new working-place for me, nice people, good working- areas,- but a tiny bit long days….9 hours from 8 to 17 πŸ˜ŠπŸ’»….but I think its worth it,- people / my new colleagues, in general, seems very happy here. Its a good atmosphere. And its tasty breakfast and warm, tasty lunch, and even a snacks or two in the afternoon. Im not going to stay hungry here,- thats for sure πŸ˜….

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Yesterday we “newbies”,- because its me and 3 young men, thats are new in the company at the moment, did see a funny and educational “fish-vidoe”. I did like it,- it made me think, smile and also wanted to share it with you😊. Its just a “short-cut” I have here,- we “newbies” did see around 20 min.of it … but this young ones didnt like it so much as I did. Maybe its the age and life-experience? 😊 Thats why I did see it a bit differently then them?

I hope you take a bit of your time to see this : FISH! Trailer

Its more trailers on YouTube,- I just did find one that “take it all in a general” summary 😊.

“Long story- short version” – its about our attitude. In life, in work, to other people- to “our customers”. Many of us meet “costumer” in one or an other way in our work-situations….and we meet people in our life,- and we have choices to choose between- how to meet “the customers” , the work, the life, the different challenges 😊.

Its not easy to always choose to “be happy”- I really know that-I can “write under on that one” πŸ˜…- but it makes lots of things a bit easier to try to be, or even just create a imagenation of happiness- and have a good and positive attitude 😊.

Im, like I told you in an other post , going to work with customer service now, in a bit different way then I m use too – and I hope I will be able to meet the customers with a kind of the same “happiness and good attitude” that the guys from the fish-marked in Seattle have 😊.

By the way,- I think I need to send this link to the Internett- and mobile-company Orange 🍊 – they have i bit to learn from this,- a bit much to learn, actually πŸ˜₯.

And I actually used a bit of “the attitude ” from the Fish- vidoe , with out think about it, when I did create my own “research ” on the “costumers” in my “social-worker” job πŸ˜…. Just to make my days easier actually 😊…..not the “costumers” days- to be honest. I any way did make theier days easier, so I have no bad feelings for that one 😊.

It will be some busy days the next days. Tomorrow after work I actually need to go to Orange and “shake” them a bit πŸ˜₯,- and also check up other companies like Movestar, Jazztell or Mazmovile and some more. We need to have a functional internett,- thats for sure 😊. Maybe I will be “off- line” a couple of days when I changing to an other company- I dont hope so,- but here in Spain- you never know πŸ˜….

On Thursday I need to go to Malaga and get a new “criminale record” , and on Friday after work its time to pick up Emma at the airport. She had a short trip to Norway this week 😊.

My plan is,- and normally I m good to follow my plans – unfortunately there are outside events that make my plans change and not myself,- to post every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday…so just keep reading “my blog ” – I will be here 😊…..but this week I will probably not follow my posting- plan πŸ˜…….thanks to Orange 🍊 πŸ˜” πŸ˜₯ πŸ“ž. But I will try to do my best 😘.

So,- today,- just a tiny “dropping by ” with a little bit of “this and that” 😊.

A tiny bit tired me today 😊….and a very relifed me as well- so fare- so good πŸ’›

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