Working for living, or living for working? πŸ€”

Hi😊 So nice to see you,- I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

Some is working for living, and some is living for working,- and some actually does a tiny combination of boths “categories”….and its different ways to do this as well😊. Its job and it’s the time of from work. Both brings different kinds of “livings in life”- a lifestyle in a way.

At the moment I do more of one the “categories” so I can be able to move over to the other one 😊. But its hard work to reach goals,- its absolutely not a holiday,- thats for sure. And to be honest,- Im a bit glad we are not going to have holiday-guestes before in a couple of weeks now. I haven’t had the clue how to dispose my time with guestes at the moment πŸ˜….

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Its not very much left of the day when I m back home after work in the afternoons. But,- I have some goals I really want to reach, and then its just to work for them. If I manage to reach them,- I truly don’t know,- but one thing is for sure,- I will never reach them if I dont try 😊….and hopefully be able to living for working 😊. And I want to have a “living and life ” too beside work.

So,- how to dispose the hours thats left in the evenings? To create a bit “living” ? πŸ€”πŸ˜Š One other thing that’s for sure,- I want to use that time on “things” thats importen for me, and thats gives me “value” in my life. And ….ai….I also need to use some of this time to do necessary things like cleaning the house, shop some food, wash clothes and stuff like that too πŸ˜…….(and pick up my teenage daughter now and then). Like it or not,- but its a bit important that as well. That once together is a bit “working for living” 😊.

And I m getting older, thats also for sure πŸ˜…. (its a “lots” “for sure” today πŸ˜…). I really need an half to an hour on the sofa when I m back home from work. Im actually “dead meat” when the workingday is finish 😴. But it helps with a tiny “time-out”, and belive it or not,- it helps to do some “work-out”,- even it can take a bit time to get the and find the motivation to do it πŸ˜€. But Monday Blue- work out did suit me good in the pool- so I m going to try do continue with that 😊.

I didnt think that “work-out” shold be so importen for me as it has become. But I want to priority some time for “my body” during the week. Special when I feel the good effects it also have for my mind, not just for the body. So I m “working-out” for a good and healthy living πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜Š.

Then its friends and family, some “goal- working” and some time to just enjoy the life- like be at the beach or stay with the pool, paint or knitting, or just do nothing at all 😊. Its also a part of my “living”,- and something I want to have as a priority in my life. Because things like thats its “working for my mind” 😊.

So,- then its try to do my best to orginazie my time when Im not at work as best as I can. But orginazie the time as living for working, or working for living? πŸ˜‰ its a nice combination,- even most of my time at the moment goes to “working for living ” to get “the living” 😊. And I m not alone to have it like this.

I have been bit a more conscious the lasts weeks about both the expression “living for working, or working for living” ,- and how I m going to use my time. Whats worth and not worth to use the time on.

The “road” Im walking at in my “job-life” at the moment is a necessary road to walk for me. This is not a “living” and “lifestyle” I want to have,- but its necessary to do it for try to get there I want 😊. Complicated? No,- not so much,- just a bit work, and a bit hard 😊.

Have you ever thought about the different between “working for living, and living for working” ? And do you working for living, or living for working?

Now I need to do “working for a living” before I can, hopefully, do “living for working” 😍. Thats the way it is sometimes 😊….and in between Im just living 😊.

An other tiny little thing that has “dropped” in to my mind is “what’s a “normal life”?

I did read one of my Facebook- friends status some days ago,- and this FB- friend did “wish for a normal life”. But what is a “normal life”?

Is it “working for living” or “living for working”? Or is it something else? This “normal life”? 😊 Well,- thats a “deeper” thought for an other day 😊.

Im fine with my busy days at the moment. Im fine with have a “lifestyle” as “working for living”, at the same time as I m looking forward to do “living” πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŠπŸ’›

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