The “famous” “time-clip “…. πŸ–πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜Š

Hi 😊 So nice to see you,- I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

The weekends is at the moment a bit like “taking care of-” time. Time to do some of the things I didnt have time to do during the week. Some need to do and some want to do 😊.

Its not just “parents of young children” that have this the “famous” “time-clip”,- …and another thing,- are there actually a “time-clip”? 😊

When my children was children,- I actually didnt think so much about this “famous” “time-clip”. And to be honest,- I dont like the word very much rather. We all have the same 24 hours,- but we all dont have the same “stuff” to fill it up with 😊. Thats a big different!!! Some “stuff” is “need to do-stuff ” and other is “want to-stuff”. (…and then we have this I think I need to do πŸ˜‰ ).

Some have more “need to do” “stuff” than others, and others has the possibility to put much more “want to do” in this 24 hours. At the moment I need to use this 9- 10 hours 5 days a week at work for getting a living. Its necessary for my living and to “get what I want”,- but its actually not something I want to use so much time on.

At the same time as I want to be able to pay my bills, eat, have a home and so on 😊. So,- thats the way its is,- I need to do something for getting something else I want to have 😊.

At the same time I have some choices to do to when it comes to how I want to spend my time of from work ,- and make some different priority and choices whats most importen for me,- some for example do the clothes- washing or spending time at the beach 😊. In different ways both is need to do and want to do for me. I both need to have clean clothes and I want to have clean clothes , and I need and want to relax a bit as well at the beach 😊.

It was very busy days, weeks, months and years when my children was children ,- and thats it! It was busy! It was not a “time-clip “,- (and of course it was a joyful time πŸ’›).

But it was not a “time-clib” for me more than it was for others. I just needed to orginazied it and priority it as best I could for all 4 of us. And that ment for me,- with a ” much touch” of “need to do” , and a bit less “touch” of “want to do “. At the same time,- I wanted my children to have a good childhood as possible,- and I wanted to be a good mammi as possible 😊. Then it was not so much time to “just me”,- but it was a choice made by me 😊. It was still not a “time-clip”, it was choices and priorities.

Its seems that this “expression” “time-clip” has became more “popular” during the last years,- at least in Norway. I have not knowledge enought to know how it is in Spain or any other countries 😊.

I think the “time-clip” its a bit about orginazie your days and priorities, and this “want-to-do” and “need-to-do” 😊.

But I know thats not done in a sek., and I know it take a bit time to orginazie the days and weeks as good as possible.

I m still working with orginazie my days so I can get them in the way I need and want to have them 😊. And I know it will take a bit of time before my days and weeks are more or less orginazied in a way I will feel more comfortable with that they are at the moment. Because Im not to comfortable with how Im using my time now when Im not at work πŸ˜”. But I m on ” the case” πŸ˜….

I need to be at my job 9 hours 5 days a week, and that means Im away from home more or less 10 hours, and I need to find out how I want to orginazie the time in between work.

This is the same as for mostly of us actually need to do 😊. Im not an exception in this “area” in life πŸ˜……..but not “everyone ” are at work 9-10 hours 5 days a week,- some are less then this, and some are actually much more than this.

I need to work, so I get a living,- and at the moment is about to find rutines thats works for me in the life-situation Im in at the moment. And that means to find out what I want to do, and how to use my time in the best way for me when I not at work 😊. But it takes a bit time to find it out, a bit “trying and doing”,- and a bit mis-planning in between πŸ˜…. But its still not a “time-clip” for me,- its about try to make good plans that works good for me in the life-situation Im in 😊.

I want to spend some hours at the beach during the weekends,- so I try my best to priority that 😊

So ,- maybe the “time-clip” is a bit about what to “squeeze ” in the “want to do”- things ? 😊. Its a bit about tiny choices and a bit about how to get it orginazied, and the priority ? 😊.

Im not there yet at all πŸ˜…,- I have not get “all this need to do and want to do ” “put-together ” very well, and not very well orginazied rather πŸ˜… ( but Im in progress πŸ˜‰ ) ,- so I m using the weekends to “squeeze” in “need to do” and “want to do” at the moment ,- and making plans 😊.

But I prefer to use the weekends to just do a lots of want to do and not very much need to do. So I m working really hard with that one 😊.

We all have got the same 24 hours during a day,- and most of us need to work some hours during this 24 hours to get a living too. And its not easy to orginazie the “need to do” and “want to do “. But is it a “time-clip” ? When all comes to an end?

Is there actually a “time-clip” ,- or is it more about different life-situations, different livings and how we orginazie and priority our “need to do-time” and “want to do-time”, and about our different choices in life ?

And yes of course,- the days just dont have enough time to “fill it up with everything you want to do” ,- thats the way it is, thats life 🌞.

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And do you know what,- I did ” write myself away” today in this post πŸ˜…. Its was not supposed to be about the “time-clip” at all,- but “taking-care-of…..” πŸ˜….

Well,- thats me sometomes,- in “a tiny nutshell”. I was “carried away” a bit about this “time-clip” because I was thinking about some of my friends in Norway that always talking and a bit complaining about theier “time-clip” , a “time-clip” thats actually are a choice in the life- situation they are living in 😊. Like my “time-clip” is for me now πŸ˜‰.

I actually dont even “belive” to much in the word “time-clip” – I belive in “need to do”, “want to do” and how to get it all good orginazied insted πŸ˜…,- so next time, – it will be “taking-care-of…..” 😊 ….

……. and some of the “subject” in “taking care of….” is about Emma. Because I think she did misunderstood me when I did ask her about “taking care of….” a young, sweet, swedish man at her age, that I m working together with,- and he is “new in town” πŸ˜‰.

See you soon 😊,- and take care πŸ’›

I have yo laugh a bit of myself πŸ˜……..sometimes I just “carried away ” ,- its a bit me in “my nut-shell” now and then πŸ˜….

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