“Taking care of….just some “small need to” and “want to- stuff” πŸ˜Š

Hi 😊 So nice to see you,- I hope all is fine with you 😊

To “take care of….” has different meanings in different situations and in different areas in life. And I m using the weekends now at days to take a bit care of things I didn’t have time to do during the week.

Im also a “take care of”- person,- a bit “yes- person” ,- and I need to be a bit more “no”- person so I m able to take a bit more care about myself too,- and not “always” “please” ” everyone” else 😊.

I like to have things in my life a bit orginazied,- then its easier to handle unexpected situations,- for me. Its not sure this is the same for anyone else. So Im working with making good plans at the moment,- so I can “squeeze” in a lots of “want-to-do” in my life ,- and also do and “handle” unexpected things and situations in my life 😊……(maybe a boyfriend one place there in the future ? πŸ˜…….well we see 😊 )

The “time-clip”

The “time-clip” is an #expression or word thats used by a lots of people in Norway. I dont know if its used so much in other countries. But the “time-clip” is more or less about how to use your time and on what. I want to explain the word “time-clip” for you ,- it is in away a kind of a lifestyle,- and I don’t mean to be critical now,- its just an “explanation” 😊.

Many #norwegian like “to have” ,- not all norwegian, but many. And in this “to have” it is family, children, sometimes a lots of children like a mix with “my children, yours children and our child or children” .

And they like to have a house, or an apartment, maybe a dog or a cat too, and probably 2 cars, a cabin on the mountain or with the ocean, or even i a other country. “Just in case” maybe a boat too,- and yes,- its costs “to have” this things,- so its necessary to have a job. And a job take a bit time too 😊.

A holiday-trip to other countries once or twice during the year is also a nice “touch ” in the life,- and we really like to refurbish and to decorate our home,- over and over again.

Maybe that is a bit understandable since we use a lots of time inside in our home and cabins,- we want to have it “cozy” 😊. We norwegian loves “cozy”- I m not an exception in that area,- I really love to have it #cozy around me,- but it’s many way to make it cozy 😊. Its not always necessarily to paint everything inside the home, or redecorate every second year πŸ˜‰. A couple of candles can make it very cozy too 😊. Or just some fresh flowers on the table. Its not always “the big touches” that makes is cozy and create a cozy atmosphere.

And of course all this “to have” take a lots of time. But its not a “time-clip”,- because its #choices “to have” this things in life 😊. So thats why I m not the biggest fan of the word “time-clip”,- because a lots of this “time-clip” norwegian people have is created by theier own “need and want to have”- choices 😊. So if you feel you have a “time-clip” ,- why do you have “time-clip”? Is it because of the “want to have”? Or is it something else?

Taking care of….”- some of my choices πŸ˜…

In the weekends I like to “take care of” my tan πŸ˜…,- and actually just relax a bit in the sun,- and spend some hours at the beach on the Saturdays, and some hours with the pool on Sundays.

The beaches is filled up on the Sundays here in Spain,- so this nice effect of relaxing to be at the beach is gone 🌞. And its a choice made by me, for me,- to use this time at the beach or with the pool in the weekends 😊.

I like to do “work-out” as well,- but here I need to do some #changes. Its a choice made by me that I dont want to wake up at 05.00 in the mornings to “work-out”,- at least not yet,- but maybe that will change?

In the meantime I need to find other solutions for my “work-out” . My “plan” was actually to “squeeze” (psst- yes,- I do like this word- squeeze πŸ˜…) exercises on the beach this Saturday with some beach-ball-games,- but it was to windy. I could take a swim, but I don’t like to swim to much in the sea,- I feel safer when I swim in the pool πŸŠβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜Š. But okay,- I will “survive ” with 3-4 days with “work-out” during the week until I have some better rutines, and found some better daily and weekly rutines then I have at the moment 😊.

The green flag was waving in the wind,- so our ball- game was laying nicely in the sand 😊 Me and Emma at the beach on Saturday,- and also a sweet, young swedish man at Emmas age was together with us 😊.

Together with me also a young Swedish man did started at my job. He is very “new in town” so I have helped him out with a couple of things,- and I did ask Emma to take a bit care of him as well.

If this has been ny child I had been very happy if someone did took a bit care of my child until my child felt “comfortable ” ” in town”. Its not easy to be “new in town”, and on top of that, in a new country too 😊.

So Emma did take him to her Vollyball-exercises on Thursday, and they went out with some of her friends on Friday for playing billiards.

On Saturday he did join us to the beach,- and later on Emma and him did meet up for “do the Saturday-evening”. To have a bit party and fun 😊

So,- so fare she has absolutely take good care of him ,- but I think she did misunderstood me a bit some where here ,- in the “taking care of”- process πŸ˜……. but okay,- thats life,- maybe he actually needed a good night song last night? What do I know ? πŸ˜‰

Anyway,-” to take care of” is, like I did mention in the start of this (to long πŸ˜… ) post different kinds of things in life,- and its also made by choices- whats importen for each and every one. Things that are importen for me to take care of, create priorities for in my life is not sure is importen for others.

So this weekend I have take a bit care of my self, a bit care of some one else child, and my own child,- and in between some cleaning up, create the up-coming weeks dinner meny, washed some clothes and aslo done some necessary paper- work as well,- paperwork thats a necessarypart of to reach my goals 😊. So,- it has been a very nice weekend with some “need to do” and some “want to do”,- and I m a step closer then last week with my “want to do”- plans 😊.

So,- until next time ,- take good care of your self and the once around you πŸ’›.

On Sundays I m enjoying some quality time at the pool 😊 πŸŠβ€β™€οΈ ,- and did some swimming as well ,- just for taking care of my health- both mentally and physically 😊.

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