Ready for a new week? πŸ˜Š

Hi 😊 So nice to see you,- I hope you did enjoy your weekend 🌞

I did,- but oh my! The weekends goes so fast 😊. But I think I m more ready for a new #week with new and fun challenges now then I have been the last weeks 😊. Its busy to start in a new job, new tasks, new rutines and new people,- but slowly things getting “better”. Im not the biggest fan of Mondays and Tuesdays,- I think its because the weekend is just over and it feels soooo long to next weekend. But its just to try to do the best of it 😊.

Im a patient person when ut comes to other people,- like my children, friends , (yes- men too πŸ˜…- I need to stop be patient at that area, I know πŸ˜…) and I m also patient when it comes to “costumers” , – costumers like my students, patients in the homenursery and customer in general. But I m not very patient with my self- also something I need to work with, to put on my “to-do-list” 😊.


So I have been a bit not to much patient with my self in this new job, and my new “lifestyle”, snd tge new rutines. I want to learn “everything” at once, and I want to have it all in good rutines at once,- both at work and home 😊. I like to have it a bit orginazied, and for every week its gets better,- but for me,- to slowly πŸ˜….

So this Friday-evening I actually did orginazied everything I have learned so fare at my new job 😊. Orginazied so its easy for me to remeber it, learn it, find the information I need, and be effective in my job. Its not “all and everyone’s ” thats use theier Friday- evening on that,- but it is a bit “me” to do things like that. Then I know my days will or can be a bit better, a bit more effective and I m also closer to work with other goals in my life 😊.

My orginazied map,- ready for use at work for the up-coming week 😊.

By my own choice I have asked to start my workingday at 07.00 in the morning, insted of 08 00 . Do you think I m a bit crazy now ? 😁 It means “wake-up call” at 05.30/ 05.45 😊.

Its actually just 30 minutes less “morning-sleeping” for me,- but one hour earlier home.

One of the reason is the morning-traffic here in the area. An other reason is that my afternoons was a bit better and a bit “longer” the days I did start working at 07.00 in the morning and are finish at 16.00 last week 😊.

The days actually did feel a bit “shorter” at work,- but its still 9 hours 😊. So at the moment I prefer to do this. Its also a lots of traffic around 17.00 on my way home,- the siesta is over at that time. Now I m not coming in the siesta- traffic rather ,- I m one hour before 😊.

This Saturday I went to my “secret beach” alone, and a bit early. I actually did eat my breakfast at the beach. I just wanted and needed to be alone. It was nothing wrong,- its just nice to be alone now and then,- get a really good “time-out” from “everything”. And it was lovely and #relaxing, and a bit refreshing too 😊.

In the evening my nephew and some of his friends visit us. It was so lovely to see him again 😍. He is on holiday in the area with some friends,- and he did choose to use some of his holiday- tine with his “old aunt” πŸ’›. He is around the same age as Emma and Fabian,- so of course they was here too. And I did invited Adam too,- this Swedish young man Im working with.

So,- a great Saturday too 😊. With lovely, young people,- some cards-games on the tabel, and a bit evening #swimming in the pool for the young once πŸ€½β€β™‚οΈ.

I have some nieces and nephews in Norway, but I dont meet them very much. Its a bit distance between the West Coast of Norway and the South of Spain 😊. But there is Snap-chat (and also other social media) to keep in contact,- and both my nephews, nieces and sisters are sending a lots of great “Snaps” too me,- so I “feel” Im a tiny part of theier lifes 😊. Im happy and grateful for that πŸ’›.

Its a lots of positive things and effects with social media,- like keep in touch with your “close one” when the distance is to long to just “meet up” on the door now and then 😊.

A nice and quiet morning at my secret beach 😍 ,- and a lovely afternoon with my family 😍…..the young once are playing in the pool πŸ€½β€β™‚οΈ.

Normally I dont like to go to the beach on Sundays in July and August. But today we did,- just because of “company” Adam a bit. I think he is finding his “space and place” here in Spain now. He is a very nice young man and its so easy to be nice to him, and help him out a bit 😊.

Its not always easy to be nice to other people, some people can be a bit “grumpy” and difficult to “please”,- but I try my very best. I think thats the best 😊,- at least just try 😊.

When we come home from the beach there was a big bag of fresh #vegetables on our gate 😊. We have some really good and nice #neighbours,- I do really like to live here ,- and hope I can do it for a while 😊.

So,- yes,- it has been a very nice #weekend with some organising, some family-time, some #relaxing- time,- and a nice and fresh suprice from our neighbours 😊.

I wish you a good start on the week and a great day 😊🌞

“See” you soon 😊

Fresh vegetables for the up-coming week 😊

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