“Rosablogger”/”Pinkblogger”??? πŸ€”πŸ‘‘πŸ˜Š

Hi 🌞 So nice to see you 😊I hope all is fine with you 🌞

Have you sometimes like “taste” a word when you heard it ? Some words have a postivie “taste” and other a bit more negative “taste”. Some words have no “taste” at all, they are just words. And others words create a kind of imagination in your head. Like for example “sun”, “summer” or “holiday”.

I think about lazy days at the beach, or travels and trips together with my children filled up with different kind of “adventure” , when I hear or think about this words. But other maybe think or get an other imagination from this words.

So its not sure we all will get the same “taste” or imagination, or even “understanding” about the same words sometimes. And other times we will have just the same understanding for a word. Just keep that in mind when you read this post,- this is my subject “taste” and imagination of a word I have “tasted” a bit on the last days πŸ˜‰ 😊.

Done in one playsuits-free style

I have heard the word “#rosablogger” (or maybe its called “pinkblogger in english? πŸ€”) now and then, but I have not used so much energy on it…until the last few days 😊. So I have “taste” a bit on this word,- rosablogger. What is a rosablogger?

“#Rosa” or “#pink” is for me a #colour,- and of course when I hear or read this word I think about the colour “rosa”/”pink”, and its create a kind of imagination of babygirls in my mind. Maybe because I did dress up my sweet baby-daughter in pink when she was a baby? 😊

And blogging is for me to write, online, a kind of a “online diary” about your life, interest, hobbies and so on, different “events” in your life. More or less just different things that are importen for you. Its a word and “term” that was created in 1997. A “type and term” for writing different kinds of textes,- online,- normally written by one or just some few people together. Just a short definition or explanation of the word “blogging” 😊.


And I also do think about one of my best friends, Natasja, when I think about the colour “pink”. She loves, and I really mean loves the colour “pink”. If she wish something to her birthday or for Christmas or anything like that,- she wanted to have the gift in the colour “pink ” 😊. Pink is not any kind of definitions of or for my friend at all- she just like the colour 😊.

Outside in our patio we have a bottle with pink lights and a painting (made by me) in pink colours, and also a pink plat to some of my plants. And I have 3 pink candles in my bedroom – for “romantic” evenings….. I think πŸ˜…….I dont remeber why I did put them there- its a long time ago πŸ˜….

The word “pink” also create the imagination of something sweet, and “not to much going on in the mind”- something a bit “simple” ,- when I hear the word “pink”. (its not sure its correct- this is my personal “taste” of the word). Sweet and simple. I actually dont know why I get this imagination,- but I do.

Yoins day,up to 80% off

(maybe its with a good help from different types of media, as well as social media, and of course the bloggers textes as well in Norway ? πŸ€” ).

Well,- am I a “rosablogger”/”pinkblogger” ?

Hmmm? πŸ€” I do like, no- thats not correct!, – I love to write,- is correct,- but Im not the biggest fan of the colour “pink” 😊. So,- am I a “rosablogger” then? Blogging is, like I did mention, to write,- in a very seriously short definition 😊.

Pink it’s a nice colour- but it’s not one of my favourite- colours. I actually went through all our stuff in our home just to find out if we did have anything pink in our home – and its not very much pink around here 😊.

My pink document-map to have my spanish paper in, a pink “mousepad” and my paracetamol have a pink boks. A pink balloon- to get the dogs stops barking, a pink boks with a pink massage- things to my neck, my pink hair-straightener, and Emma’s pink curl-thing and 2 of Emma’s perfume with pink colour on the bottle 😊.

We do have a couple of more pink-coloured things in our home,- but I really do need to look around to find them. So my conclusion so fare is,- no,- Im not a “#rosablogger” because I dont like the colour #pink/#rosa so much, and we dont have very much pink stuff in our home πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜…. It was a very easy conclusion to find πŸ˜‚. Im just kidding with you 😊.

I actually did a tiny research on the word “rosablogger”. A bit boring research, to be honest, its a bit boring word that have got a bit to much attention then it actually “deserves” in Norway. But thats my personal opinion 😊. I did read a lots of “bla-bla-bla” when I did a research on the word.

The word “rosablogger” is used a lot in Norway (and Scandinavia) and it was “created” in Norway in 2009, as a kind of “expression” for a kind/type of “stereo-types” of bloggers.

Mostly this “rosablogger” is, or was, #blog’s written by young, sweet girls and young, sweet women that write about theier life, school or job, friends and of course a lots about fashoin, make-up, clothes and different kinds of “interior” in theier room, home or life. And its sells!

But is it actually so much different from other bloggers? Except from “rosa” ? πŸ€” 😊 It is actually just more or less a kind of “definition” for a type of blogg or blogging in Norway that have got a negative tablet.

This is just taken in general,- Im not going to use a lots of time and energy to “digg”, or research or write to deep about the word “rosablogger”.

A bit more pink stuff in our home with the colour pink ,- and thats more or less what I did find πŸ˜…

A rosablogger does a kind of “reflection” over their young lifes and their different kinds of “challenges” in their life,- small one, or big one, what clothes to put on, what lip-stick to use, ect., and then with a tiny “touch” of different personal opinions,- that many time can “switch with the wind” 🌬. Short explained.

And maybe here is a tiny bit of the different, – between to be called a “blogger” and a “rosablogger”,- that things, opinion and direction can change fast- like the wind πŸ˜‰ ? On the other hand,- we all do change our opinion about different things in life,- now and then 😊.

Its not to much different from any other blogging actually,- except from the “media-focus” it has got in Norway and Scandinavia and the colour it has got – pink 😊,- and then in a negative direction.

The negatives with the “rosablogger” is the influencer they CAN have (and unfortunately some has have that) on many young and “easy-going souls”. But on the other hand,- thats the way it is,- life in general. We all are “influenced” in one or another way 😊. Special and maybe even more now at days when we have so many different media channels and social media channels and marketing that influences us. And also a blogger with out “pink” in front can be a influencer on theier readers.

Its “influences” here and there and everywhere, in different areas and arenas in life,- if we take a good look around us 😊. Some influences are good , some are not to good at all.

The most important is to be a positive influence to and for your readers, I think,- but that is and can be a question of definition “what is a positive influence” ?

This is my impression, together with the research I did– its mostly young girls and young women that are “rosablogger” in Norway,- with not to much life-experience -yet!!!- because they are young 😊. Thats it 😊. They write about different things in life theier life that are importen for them, and they can be a influencer or have an influenced effects on theier readers,- like more or less everyone that write something online or in different media- channels 😊.

And then its different kinds if “smachy” photos on theier bloggs/ posts. Its nice photo of the blogger in different possisions, postures and with different kinds of clothes or shoes or make-up and ect 😊 😍…..and not always with to much text, just a lots of smashing photos 😊. But thats rather not to much different from other bloggers, without any colour in front πŸ˜‰- and we all know that smashing photos sells 😊.

They , the norwegian “rosablogger ” have a lots of followers, but also a good number of followers sells 😊.

Like I did mention,- for me this word, not the colour, just the word “pink/rosa” create a kind of imagination of something sweet, but “not to much going on in the mind”. But thats it, also after my research.

I also did got an impression that to be called a “rosablogger” can be a bit “touchy”. I did it myself, but just for some seconds, the first time I did hear me, myself, my blog together with the word “rosablogger”. Thats why I have done a tiny research on the word, as well as “tasted” it a bit during the last days 😊.

Why I did get “touchy “? I actually dont know why. Probably because the word have got so much negative attention in Norway during the different types of media-channels and social media,- and I was “influenced” 😊.

My opinion and impression after my research, are, in very general, that a “rosablogger” is a blogger that have got the colour rosa. Its different and various textes there in that “area” as well as in other blogs that have no colour “infront ” 😊.

But,- still my conclusion about my blogging is,- NO! ,- Im still not a “rosablogger” ,- Im just a blogger 😊 I do like to write, but I dont like the colour pink to much, I dont have a lots of pink things in my home, and Im not young, I m not blogging in Norway,- Im a #norwegian thats #blogs in #Spain, and lives and work in Spain 😊. And “rosablogger” is a norwegian word create in Norway with not to much positive tablet.

And the word “rosablogger” didnt affect me to much when I actually did read and learn more about the word. It was a word I didnt feel very familiar with,- probably because I havent use it very much, and probably because I havent use a lots of my time and energy on the word before,- just use a bit time now on the research during the last days 😊. I dont feel I have any “connection” with the word.

Its just a word for me with out to much “meaning”,- actually less now when I have read a bit about it 😊. But I m glad I did the research – because then I did learn something new 😊. Im not a rosablogger, and a rosablogger is more or less just a blogger like all bloggers are ,- but with a nice colour in front😊.

“Rosablogger ” is just a norwegian definition and expression for a type of blogging or like its so popular to call it now at days ” a influencer ” 😊. Long “story” – a bit short told πŸ˜‰ 😊.

Me in the more or less the only “pink” dress/ clothes I have- so still not so “rosa / pink” 😊 πŸ˜‰ πŸ’›

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