A break in the heart ❣

Hi 😊Its always so nice to see you here 💛 Thank you for dropping by 💛

Im a bit “heartbroken” at the moment,- because Fabian and Millie did choose to end theier #relationship some weeks ago 😔.

Its actually more then “some” weeks ago they made this “provision” together and break up,- but I havent been ready to write about it. Its like a tiny break in my heart too. I do really like Millie,- and in a strange way its like “loose” a family member 😔.

She has been a part of the family for closely 2 years,- not very long,- but still,- she was a great part of the family 💛.

Im not sure if the break-up is “forever” or if they will find back to each other.

Of course I hope they will find out of this,- but thats because I do like Millie so much,- and in so many ways she had a positive influence at Fabian. At the same time,- if they feel the relationship between them didnt “work out” the way they wanted,- they need to find out of this on theier own.

I was just “standing” on the “outside” , and did see theier relations from the outside, – and then its so “easy” to think “all and everything” is fine.

Have you ever been there? Where you think someone have it so great in theier life,- but maybe its not so great at all?

But in my eyes they, Fabian and Millie, was so great and good together,- but it was the way I did see them.

They are still friends and meet up now and then,- and I m happy for that 😊 ,- at the same time I m not sure how “healthy” it is,- for one of them or both of them. But thats not for me to “judge”. Its theier life and theier choices. The best I can do is to just be here for my Fabian,- and also my Millie,- if she needs me.

Its strange,- but I miss her. I miss to borrow her my car, I miss to txt her, I miss to see her, talk with her and smile and laugh togheter with them both , spend time with them, our “game-evenings” and some other things 💛. And,- no,- I can’t do it,- not anything of it at the moment,- it will not do anyone any good, and it will not give anyone anything good.

So its just to miss her, and to send her a lots of good thoughts 💛, hope she is in some or another way doing good,- and hopefully I see her again one day 😊.

Fabian is “just” 21 years old, and Millie is some years older then him. They have at the moment a tiny bit different expectations to each other and also to a and the relationship. In a way,- they are in different “levels” in the life at the moment.

And then it is the unconditional love,- for the one you love 💛. Its not easy,- even love and unconditional love should be so easy ❣

My first painting I did paint after we did move to Spain in 2013. And its about love,- love to your self. And thats importen if you want to meet and feel the love in a relationship too 💛.

I did meet Millie’s parents in February this year, when they was visiting Millie and Fabian. And they are also good, good people. Her mammi and me did also have a bit contact now and then after theier visit here in Spain. A bit chatting to “keep in touch”.

Some people you just “get the connection” with,- and it was like that with both Millie and her parents.

But thas the way life is. This is actually a part of the life, and a part of having young adult children that lives theier own life. At the same time I m still a big part of theier young adult life,- in good and not to good days.

They let me in into theier life,- and they let me meet theier “love once” , let me get to know them, be a tiny part of theier “young adult” life. And at the same time they also let me into theier heart as well as theier pain. And as a mammi,- I just want to “remove” all the pain,- but thats not alwasy so easy to do.

I m very greatful for be a part of my young adult children and theier life 💛.

And I m very grateful for meeting, and get to know both Millie and her parents too 💛. Lovely people all 3 of them.

And it is a part of the life to get some “breaks” in the heart now and then. Its not good, its not funny,- its “just” to learn to “deal” with it ,- even thats not always easy to do 💛.

Love is ❣but sometimes its necessary to put the love on a tiny “time-out” ❣….and maybe find the unconditional love in it all ❣

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