Of course ….. πŸ˜…πŸ˜Š

Hi❣ So nice to see you,- like it always is 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

“Of course” now when I have got a “decent” job (= I m not sure what “decent” job is,- but I have “touch” the tema before and I will probably be “touch” it again 😊) there are a lots of taskes to do as freelance writer πŸ˜…. And it doesnt “stop” there.

Oh my!….its also more shifts in the #homenursery for me to take/ get,- and “just in case” I have got some reading-job- offer and today a translator- and writer -job became avble on a office close by where we live as well.

Of course πŸ˜„

Im not sure what to do ?πŸ€”.

Clearance Event

What I did like with working as an freelance -writer was the “#freedom” to #work when and where I wanted, as much as I wanted, and on top of that I also was able to take some extra shifts in the homenursery and to teach my private #students 😊. I was able to create my own working- schedule that did “fits me”, create the “#lifestyle” I actually want to have ,- but just only for a while πŸ˜”.

The reading- job is also a job I can do from my home. Its to read in different #norwegian textes. I have read a lots “out loud” before as well, like fairytales, stories and from different book to both my children and my stundets. So I know I can do a good job there. And its possibility to do from my home, from my little sweet office-“spot” in our living-room 😊.

And this #translator and #writer #job,- oh! Its seems so great, but at the moment its not possible to do it from my home, yet,- but it can be a possibility after a while.

I was in a way “my own boss ” as long as there was enough work to do and to live for as a freelance writer, together with some shift in the homenursery, and some private students.

When I do write “to live” for I mean I did earn enough to pay all the bills, have “food on the table”, and have a tiny bit of euros left as well πŸ’±. Not much, but still 1 euro left is better then be in – 10 euro πŸ˜‹.

But that was last year, in 2018. The first part of 2019 has been so very fare away from my working- situation the year before. And that was not good at all.

I m not to interested in the homenursery shifts at the moment,- even I do like to work with people.

My students are on summerholiday now,- so thats not a issue to teach atvthe moment,- and I know,- in the bit to hard way, that freenlance- taskes can very fast be empty as well, and be empty for a long while. And…..I dont want to “support” Emma and my self with the chatte- job one more time if I dont need to.

I really dont want to be at the same economic “possision” I did have the first part of this year. That was not to fun at all πŸ˜›. But at the same time,- this is what I really want to work with, what I want to do, – to write and work from my home,- and its also one of the reason why I did started to #blog more seriously. Because I like to write, and with no writing-task ss freelancer I did “create” my own writing-“job” with the blogging, – its not any salary to earn in blogging yet,- but at least I can write 😊.

I did, and I do, really like to work from my home…..when it did give me a income.

I also need to edmite that this translator and writer job is very tempting as well. Very,- but I dont know the salary, working-hours and if its with or with out a working-contract. Its easy to find out,- its just to take a call or send an email to ask. But what if I get more tempted then πŸ˜… ? Well,- its not even sure I will get the job if I do send in my CV 😊.

At the same time,- its not quite “me” to be inside a office and do what I m doing now for 9 hours 5 days a week. I havent told you yet what my work is,- but it will come,- just not today and in this post 😊. Its a story for another day 😊 🎧. But the job is stable and it pays the bills. But does it makes me happy? …..unfortunately not….but postive focus helps 😊 ,- and the job at least makes me relieved from some worries 😊.

Free shiping over 69$

I also still have a responsibility and a dependents for Emma. Its not just me.

So what to do, what to do? πŸ€”

Do you have any suggestions?

And ,- what do you actually think I m going to do? 😊

Im in the “thinking- box” today 😊

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