A bit focus on my paintings ? πŸŽ¨πŸ–Ό

Hi ❣So nice to see you😊I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

Two months ago I was in a “5-day Insta challenge”. And now I have said yes to be in a new one for the up-coming week 😊. Why? Because I actually did learn something new about my self, about blogging and about writing, as well as about the online social- media world 😊. And also about expose my self.

Last time when I was in the “5-days Insta-challenge” I did focus on my blog,- this time I think I will try to put some of the focus at my paintings too. I have no idea what the daily “challenges” will be,- but “hey!” thats a part of the fun,- isn’t? 😊

And its not totally truth that I have no idea,- I have got an email with some key words and small clues 😊.

I don’t have any “#business- plan” when it comes to my paitings. I just paint,- its my “time-out” and “#relaxing-space” 🎨. And it wouldn’t be “the worst” thing in my life to get some new ideas, and maybe an opportunity to learn to create a business-plan with and for my paintings ? 😊. Maybe some one else will have the dane joy from my paitings that I have when I create them? 😊

One thing is for sure,- if I dont try, I dont learn anything or get any new ideas 😊. So its just to see what tomorrows and the up-coming week “challenges” will be 😊.

A tiny #opportunity to earn a bit income from my paitings would be nice,- but I m realistic as well, and I know that there are so many good painter and drawers out there “in the world ” that are so much, much better then me. But at the same time;- we all like different things in life,- so maybe some one would like my paitings too? 😊

Today I have been “running” around in our #home to take some #photos of my #paintings. That was not easy to do,- because the light and #colours at my paintings didn’t get the same light and colours at the photos.

I just try to be a bit “in front” for the up-coming week, and then some photos is good to have,- but its not sure I can or will be using them all. Time will show 😊.

My plan is to try to link my paintings with “today’s Insta challenge” ,- e.i. the new “challenge” I will get every day for the up-coming week from Monday to Friday,- and also, hopefully, be able to link in a couple of my own stuff too πŸ˜‰. Like “daily” happenings, or what’s on my mind, or something else. In other words,- do my “normal” blogging together with the “5-days Insta-challenge” 😊.

I dont know to much about the up-coming week and what it will bring me, expect from what time I do start at work, and that my car hopefully is in “function” πŸ˜….

Maybe I will show you some painting I have showed you before, or maybe I will show you someone new,- or maybe something else 😊. The focus will not be just on my paitings thats for sure,- because that can be it a bit boring 😊.

I will also try to get an email connected to my blog next week,- but that one I cant promise. What I can say is that there will come an email adress connected to my blog,- and I hope I manage to do that next week. If not it will be soon 😊. In case you want to contact me for any reason its good to have an email adress avable for you 😊 ,- and I actually hope I will hear from you when I have my email ” up and running ” πŸ’› 😊.

Thing just take a bit time some times 😊. Im working on it, and Im in “progress” in my own way πŸ‘ 😊.

So,- I m a tiny bit curious and a tiny bit excited when it comes to my blogging the next days and the “5-days Insta-challenge ” 😊. Maybe something excited can happen? Maybe I learn something new, also about myself? Expose my self a bit more? 😊 It is actually just one way to find out and thats to try πŸ˜ŠπŸ’›.

I wish you a great day and a good start for the up-coming week πŸ’›.

I like to paitn outside in my patio ,- with colours, pallet and just be creative 🎨….but sometimes, in the #summertime, it can be a bit to warm,- then I have a “painting-space” inside 😊.

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