Uber to work and a bit plumbing at home πŸ˜Š

Hi❣ Its always nice to see you 😊I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

It has been a week and weekend with “a little bit of this and a little bit of that” 😊. Not totally the week or weekend I did have in mind 7 days ago πŸ˜…. But isn’t like that sometimes?

The week at work went all in all okay. I have decided to stay there for a while, and hopefully it is me and myself thst will decide when I want to finish there, and not to opposite. But I have also decided to ask a little bit around this translator and writer job that is available. Its not sure they want me as an writer, translator and employers anyway. So its not sure I even will get the job, even with 15 years experience from writing and freelance- work πŸ˜‰ 😊. But its nothing wrong to ask a bit about the job anyway 😊.

And,- to be honest,- the feeling of be available to pay all the bills and know its still money left for food and things like that untill the next paymentdag, was pretty good and a very relieved feeling when the salary dropped into my account on Friday 😊. So I m going to stay a bit longer 😊, and maybe just try to take some writing task in the evenings and weekends insted. Its not sure I will manage it,- its a limit for how much I m avable to “squeeze” into the hours thats left after work 😊. I also have my “work-out” to take care of, and I still do my “research” a bit,- and the hours in the afternoons go very fast until its “bedtime”.

This weekend I needed to be a bit car-fixer and a plumber in my home as well πŸ˜….

My car is not exactly the newest version, but for me,- it is a car that normally brings me from A to B. Except from this Friday morning at 06.15 πŸ˜…. No battery- function πŸ˜”. And I dont like to be to late at work. ( I did knew the battery was starting to be a bit “slow down”,- and the plan was to change it next week….)


Of course when I did try and try and try to start my car, it also did moved slowly out from the car-port and did stand in the middle of the “road”, blocking for all my sleeping neighbours cars and their possibility to drive to work when they slowly was waking up. We live in a very nice and cozy spanish neighbourhood,- where we are the “forenger” 😊. And mostly of my neighbours starts at work a bit later then me.

Its a bit difficult to show you some photos from this tiny “morning- event”. But with Emma inside the car, so she could pull up the hand-break, I actually did manage to puch my car back into the car-port, and even over a tiny little steps. So there was free passage for my neighbours when they was going to their jobs. I have no idea why they have made steps in the garage, a kind of dump I need to drive over for parking – but they have πŸ€”.

I need to edmite that I was a bit proud then,- my morning- exercise was to push over 500 kilos in a distance on 3- 4 metersπŸ‘. And then it was to find a Uber-taxi and go to work. I was just 3 minutes to late to work, but, yes, a bit more minutes stressfull πŸ˜….

A fancy Uber, new battery for my car and me and my “fancy” car. The photo is not taken from my car- port Friday-morning,- I did have to much in my mind to think about you and taking and sharing photos with you from the “Friday mornig-exercises” …..😊…..sorry about that!

I manage to change the battery to my car yesterday 😊. So that one is fixed now,- and its working 😊. And I can drive to my job at 06.30 in Monday πŸ˜…. No Uber 😊.

Friday- evening I did meet an acquaintance for a glass of wine. So I didnt need my car then. Drink and drive is not a good mix!

Me (after 9 hours at work πŸ˜‹….so yes a bit tired) and Emma on the way home from my work, with the train, Friday afternoon 😊. A bit longer “travel” back home that we did had in mind, but a bit cheaper than Uber πŸ˜….

“Emma” still wants to be called “Emma” in my blog, and that’s fine for me,- but now and then she actually want to be a bit more part of my blog. Its was her suggestion to take a photo from our “train-trip” home. The conditions was just she wanted to choose photo and that I did edited the picture a bit. She have approved the photo 😊.

By the way,- #Uber taxi is something I really can recommend to use when or if you need a taxi. Perfect solution, perfect service, perfect price (but still train is a bit cheaper 😊 ) ! I just dont understand why they cant use Uber i Norway πŸ€”,- but I haven’t use a lots of energy to find out why Uber is not allowed in Norway rather. Its probably a “good” reason πŸ˜… πŸ˜‰. Its “normally” is πŸ˜‰.

And then it was the plumbing. The sink at the kitchen and the sink in my bathroom was both “stucked” so I needed to do some plumbing. Not the most funny job in the world to do,- butvits a bit necessary,- and soon it comes new holiday-guestes to visit,- and then it’s good that things working the way they should. And of course also when we dont have guestes 😊.

Its just the weekends I Γ§an do “work” like this at the moment. Im still a bit tired after work, and do things in “turtle-speed” during the afternoons 🐒 πŸ˜…. And 2 “stucked” sinks take a bit more time to fix then with using my afternoon “turtle-speed “.

I didn’t take any photo,- I think you know how nasty a stucked sink can be πŸ˜…. Its not exactly a nice “photo-shoot”…..so I did drop that photo-shoot this time,- but its not sure I will do it next time πŸ˜„. But now its done,- the sinks is fixed for a while, and hopefully the water will flow well into the sink and not float around with all kinds of “nasty stuff”.

Its sometime when “things and stuffs” like this happen I do get a tiny little wish to not be “single” πŸ˜„. It has been nice to have “someone” that could “help out” a bit ( now and) then 😊. But anyway,- I normally do manage to fix mostly “things and stuffs ” on my own,- and if I dont do, I have some really good and great friends around me that help me 😊 πŸ’›.

I hope you are as lucky as Im,- and have some great and good friends in your life for good and fun times, as well as for necessary help and support in different areas in life πŸ’› ❣

Me and my “fancy” Kia-car 😊 (this photo is not taken by Emma, but she is normally my “photographer”,- its actually Millie that is the photographer here 😊) .

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